Bill Clinton

November 6, 2012

UPDATE 4/10/16: Some say he’s bad for Hillary. Some of us say he’s just bad. We remain on constant, faithful vigil for the blessed day when the Clintons might go away for good.

The Clinton Era, sadly still (Fall, 2015) with us, refuses to wither away. A new standard for corruption of politics and society in general has been set. Though Hillary is currently the one scrambling for the ultimate power, Bill remains at the center of it, a textbook sociopath touted by his apologists as “such a talent.” Like the word “is,” the word “talent” has to be qualitatively redefined when used as a compliment for this predatory lowlife. All that “talent,” all that presumed promise, all that ongoing chatter about lost opportunities. It’s Monica’s fault! If only the wicked little tramp hadn’t made him do it …

Ah, what might have been…

Actually, this is all there ever was. And continues to be.


The portrait in the attic isn’t nearly so pretty. Note shadow of a blue dress on the mantelpiece.


Still two for the price of one. Such a deal.




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