Swearing on a stack of Korans.
Swearing on a stack of Korans.

UPDATE 8/17/18: As in the case with any male named Kennedy, Bill Clinton and countless other Dem prominentos like Keith Ellison, spouting noble Dem/Progressive/Collectivist/ID Politics claptrap is the get-out-of-jail card for beating and otherwise abusing women. “He’s a Democrat, and a leftist, and a Muslim, so the rules don’t apply.” Are there other, stronger words for “hypocrisy” and “double standard?”

No worries. I'm a compassionate, Leftwing, Dem advocate of "women's rights."
No worries. I’m a compassionate, Leftwing, Dem advocate of “women’s rights.”

UPDATE 1/4/18: In case one wonders about the consequence of having a fanatic, elected Muslim Congressman in a prominent leadership position (Vice Deputy Chairman) in the Democratic Party, look at Keith Ellison Tweet celebrating AntiFa and violent overthrow of the government. Isn’t such undisguised sedition and treason illegal? Didn’t that jolly, slap-happy lady in purple above condemn AntiFa violence? All part of Ellison’s long history of sympathy for domestic terrorists and violent rhetoric. Ask any savvy Dem: blatantly fascist “anti-fascism” is a great look for upcoming elections!


UPDATE 12/5/16: A fanatic Muslim and top-tier America/Israel-hater as  head of the DNC? A perfect choice (if you’re a Republican cheering on the demise of the Democratic Party)!

Yet another incontinent hyena running loose at the Congressional picnic and enjoying whatever confusion and disturbance he can create. His insistence upon the use of a Koran for his Congressional swearing in is the standard Muslim way of worldwide subversion these days.

Get yourself repeatedly on the networks with the most viewers, then make yourself as obnoxious as possible.