“Word is out” that Harry and Granny Clampett are one and the same, according to Reliable Sources, Has anyone actually seen Harry and Granny in the same room at the same time?  The burden of proof lies on his broad shoulders.

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, smell-sensitive Man Of The People,  estimated net worth $3-10 million, all from modest  “investments” drawn from a rather modest salary, ideal White House hatchet man/fall guy everyone loathes anyhow. Say anything however outrageous and hope it sticks, Harry.

Undermine the war effort just as things get tough. Help our enemies. Or is Harry rooting for the other side?

Reid is rich on a relatively modest salary.

“Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years.”

According to the buried Reid tablets, this is what a good Mormon looks like. Bad Mormons make money the old-fashioned way and have nice wives and multiple handsome sons.

And what really happened to Harry in Las Vegas with that “exercise machine” with a good repeating hard left that managed to blind his right eye and bust up a whole lotta ribs?


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