It's contagious.
It’s contagious.

UPDATE 6/30/19: One needs a break-out issue to set oneself apart from the crowd handing out trillions for Free Everything. For T-Bone’s pal, it’s Reparations. Again, cost no object and the only qualification: be Black, or at least a little beige.

UPDATE 9/8/18: The most fabulous fabulist in the Senate concocts yet another fiction of faux fearlessness, naturally starring himself. This time he’s not Dudley Do-Right or the phantom T-Bone’s best bud… but hero of yore Spartacus. Cory The Courageous. Booker The Bold. Not so much. What’s next? Churchill? Joan of Arc? Flash Gordon? Spider Man?

UPDATE 3/11/17: Now he calls himself a “purveyor” of the truth”…which couldn’t be further from the truth. But for serial tale tellers and hustlers like Cory, the truth (however false) is whatever gets you ahead.

UPDATE 2/9/17: Another member of the newly formed OutLiars/What Difference Does It Make Senate Club (including WarrenBlumenthal, Hillary so far). Newark’s own Mr. Booker Goes To Washington, roaming ghetto hero and Trump Era Obstructionist Cory was for Betsy DeVos and charter schools before he was against them. Perhaps it’s just wanting to get along. Perhaps it’s all those Teachers Union dollars in his political war chest.

Another “Man of the People” who doesn’t deign to live among the rabble, so for  appearances, he just makes up a bosom buddy relationship with a non-existent down-and-outer named T-Bone. Also, just happens to be around a burning Newark tenement scenario starring him as Dudley Do-Right. His neighbors who’ve never seen him have his number, but apparently the good people of New Jersey like the idea of adding yet another cagey “Populist” maneuverer  to the U.S. Senate’s Hall of Shame. Wouldn’t it be fun to eavesdrop on a confab among fellow Fat Cat EveryDayPeople Pols Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal & Cory?

And where’s that $100 million that the Facebook Zuckerberg threw at Cory to bring Newark’s schools up to par?

There was a moment when Cory was too frank and critical of Those Who Can Do Things For Me. He learned quickly not to do that again. And now he’s a U.S. Senator. It pays to go along to get along.