Tom Steyer-The Left’s Answer to Richard Mellon Scaife (who?)…

May 30, 2015

UPDATE 11/5/17: Tom throwing millions behind the Impeach Trump movement. Presumably all for the Bring Back Barack (with all those profitable crony connections once available to him).

Not so sporting. It’s ok to have their billionaire Mr. Steyer throwing money down their rat holes, but genuine philanthropists like the Koch Brothers are a no-no. Call yourself Compassionate, ostentatiously bankroll the right causes, throw in a little empty lip service, and you’re A-OK. No matter that all that money actually helps no one, but it does further enrich garden variety operators like Tom Steyer.

Good billionaires give money to "good" causes.

Good billionaires only give money to “good” causes…and drive their competition out of business. Market manipulating Robber Barons are not quaint artifacts of the 19th century.


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