This from (fashionably Liberal) Tina Brown’s Daily Beast. Even or especially Elite Leftists know they are the company they keep. And these two are just embarrassing.

“In their elitism and sense of entitlement, they represent much of what liberals are supposed to despise. Most in the media and gay community [or anywhere on the contemporary Left] were perfectly willing to ignore this imposture when the couple was throwing their money at the right causes.” Sound familiar? Now when does the Left decide the Clintons are embarrassing?

Foiled again!

Chris Hughes-Sean Eldridge
Sean Eldridge-Chris Hughes

Looking at them deliciously up close here goes to show that gays, like women, like blacks, like any victim Progressive darling-of-the-moment, are only human, no better, no worse than us much-put-upon Privileged, Racist, Rapacious White Men. Except, people are NOT all equal, and these two snarky brats are more unpalatable than most. No style, no class, no restraint. Greed. Power. Money.

The PC Police have informed us that All Bad Things are the exclusive province of Conservatives. In reality, all those unholy enemies of the Left turn out to be projected reflections of their own character flaws. It’s getting a little late for the Left in this country to use dishonest slander as a distraction any more.  Most of us just want to be left alone to work, play, save, enjoy, be good friends and family members. What do the Hope & Changers want? Not a rhetorical question. The answer is Power they can never attain the honest, old-fashioned way. So they must buy it, steal it, extort/blackmail it or seize it by force…or all of the above!

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