Kayla Mueller: Useful Idiot…
now dead at the hands of those she championed.

May 21, 2015
Attacking her friends, celebrating her killers.

Attacking her friends, celebrating her killers.

Useful idiot, foolish idealist, expendable fodder, one in a long line of Westerners fascinated by the primitive, now quite useless (aka dead) due to casual dispatch by those murderous Islamic thugs she romanticized and actively supported. Her numbers are legion, one of millions of dutifully guilty, easily manipulated Islamic apologists. Kayla is just the latest Rachel Corrie, Nicholas Berg or James Foley, drawn to causes that ┬ácondemn her friends and celebrate her murderers. And still their parents blame anyone but her Islamic killers. Bush is always a good name to spit out. It’s all our fault. When will they ever learn?


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