FIDEL CASTRO, CHE (and their American fans)

UPDATE 4/17/21: Documentarian Ken Burns has mysteriously overlooked his manly macho man hero Ernest Hemingway’s predilection for mixing daquiris to go, then inviting George Plimpton to join him in some remote spot where his friend Che Guevara directed one of Fidel’s death squads to execute a truckload of counter-revolutionary Cubans.

Ever wonder why you were put off, frankly annoyed reading Hemingway? Despite the skill of crafting lean, concise prose, there is a quality of cold hardness and detachment in that style and content. Now it all fits, knowing of his sick love for the stomach-churning cruelty of bullfighting and, worse, getting his jollies watching Che murder a couple dozen Deplorables between sips of expensive tequila.


UPDATE 4/17/21: Joe has a thing about “big balls.” According to the present occupant of America’s House at 1600 PA Ave  Andy Cuomo has ’em, and he memorably complimented the grieving father of one of the Benghazi victims likewise. The perfect spokesman for the party of Me-Too feminism.

Leader of the Free World.

Meanwhile, #2 Model Son Hunter continues to evoke “Beautiful Things” and point at a cute squirrel scampering by as more appetizing photos and texts emerge from that laptop.


The Fake Indian has emerged from her tepee to whoop! whoop! more of that ever-convincing populist BS, standing up for all of us little Davids against the nasty Big Biz Goliaths.

I’M A VICTIM TOO (IAVT)-Black Chapter

UPDATE 4/17/21: How times have changed. Through the magical logic of Wealthy Wokeness,   filthy rich Blacks Oprah & Meghan are victims and by virtue of their Whiteness, the destitute Joad family would be considered racists.

Since by such logic Blacks cannot be oppressors but only victims, it’s hardly worth a mention when a Pakistani Uber driver is murdered by two Black teens. Hmmm. Where is the new slogan Pakistani Lives Matter?

And curiosity grows about the sudden appeal of Asians as one more exploitable demographic victimized by “White Supremacy.” Rather than claiming falsely that Blacks are singled out by Whites as crime victims, the selectively outraged might ask themselves how and why young Blacks find themselves into heavy criminality in such overwhelming numbers. The other point lost on the Woke is that most victims of such serial criminality are other Blacks.  Kinda gives lie to the idea that the screaming Left (of any color) gives a damn about Blacks or anyone else when it comes to creating chaos and perpetual civil war in service to amassing power.


UPDATE 4/17/21: Bless my heart! How these communists and avatars of domestic terrorism love their capitalist dollars! Proudly self-described “trained Marxist” Patrice Cullors, our very own American Winnie, is catching flak for creating a modest multi-million dollar real estate portfolio in all-White Topanga Canyon and other high-end La-La Land luxury ‘hoods. Kinda awkward optics to be caught grifting a goodly portion of that $90 million windfall that came rolling in last year courtesy of rich, guilty Wokesters buying protection for themselves.

It’s good to be The Queen!


Kamala has a unifying theory that explains why a couple hundred thousand illegal immigrants have suddenly overrun our borders without control and find themselves homeless, hungry, abandoned and, miraculously on track to become tax-subsidized Democrat voters! Why? Climate Change of course!! In between peals of laughter, Kamala has just explained the higher purpose to this theory (now settled science), citing her noble quest for “root causes.” No one in her special circle of “scientists,” advisors and assorted humanitarian altruists has thought to direct her to the  the nearest mirror where she can get all the answers for “root causes” of this cruel disaster underway by studying the ruthlessly exploitive Democrat looking back at her.


UPDATE 4/17/21: It’s the second time in recent weeks that this stopped clock has been right, praising FLA Governor DeSantis for letting children go to school as opposed to those lying politicians stopping all healthy life in the name of “safety.” “Just facts,” he calls them, and we begrudgingly give him credit for the simple act of telling the truth.

A refreshing attack of temporary sanity.


UPDATE 4/17/21: Catholicism’s most prominent servant of God on earth and Marxist Globalism’s mouthpiece in the Vatican has fulfilled his latest task on behalf of his human masters behind the curtain by calling for  “Global Governance” and vaccines for all.

They don’t come any more underhanded or dangerous.


UPDATE 4/17/21: A new, desiccated wrinkle in the soulless hide of RINOdom’s butt, this one from former House Speaker John Boehner. Now busy on the Elite MSM circuit (Sunday Morning, The View) pushing his skeevy memoir “On The House” to  endear himself to all the right people by dissing everything Trump/MAGA, there is more than love and approval from his former political foes he’s after.

Deeply invested in the marijuana industry, there’s serious money to be made if a Democrat administration goes full-Colorado and pushes for national legalization of pot . Once again, one can only marvel and simultaneously shudder at the sheer depravity of political slimes like Boehner raking in money, power and approval he couldn’t possibly earn honorably.

As more is revealed about the progressively distasteful Liz Cheney and her concerted backroom efforts to destroy Trump and his MAGA movement, the limits of treachery and disloyalty push yet farther out into the ether. Competing mostly  with Mitt Romney and no longer with the deceased McCain, Liz tops the current RINO List of Louses.



THE AMERICAN SPIRIT-Fighting Back and Looking Ahead

UPDATE 4/17/21: Churchill’s immortal call to action never dates, and to make the best  use of it can take as many forms as there are individuals. Some ways maybe be less dramatic than others, but every positive action against tyranny begins within each of us, however quiet or seemingly undramatic the resolve. Never give in! Never give up!

Do I/we have the grit and foresight to say GET OUT! as an individual, aa a community, as a city, as a state, as an American as the Poles did in the 1980s with their successful Solidarity movement against the brutal Soviets? Ask the Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski whose extraordinary story begins in Communist Poland and who just routed Covid Nazi cops from his church on Easter.  GET OUT! should be on the lips of millions every day until this madness recedes into oblivion.

Ron DeSantis

As the governor of Florida putting Americans and their liberties before all else during the CoronaCraze, Ron DeSantis stood alone and currently stands alone as the most likely candidate to return us to the MAGA track in 2024. Naturally, he has become a prime target of censorship and political destruction.

RED CHINA-Told ya so.

UPDATE 4/17/21: For anyone skeptical about Chinese plans to dominate America, it would be instructive to know the explicit details of  how busy they’ve been infiltrating every area of our lives as a matter of long-range policy for them.



UPDATE 4/17/21: Brainwashing the very young through agitprop Identity Politics-setting one group against the other,  perpetual victims put upon by perpetual oppressors-is prerequisite for all aspiring dictatorships deliberately making hay out of social disorder and division. Anarchy is the goal.    In such an atmosphere thick with the poisonous fog of chaos and fear, power is amassed.

One conscientious father has withdrawn his daughter from a toney private school in Manhattan, decrying the use of Critical Race Theory beginning in kindergarten which characterizes all Whites as the natural oppressor of all Non-Whites. Throwing this blatant racism back into the faces of the so-called non-racists is not well-received by the administration and those parents in lockstep wit this radical chic new cult of Wokeness.

The notion of hypocrisy doesn’t enter the soft brains of these upper-crust Marxists since they are convinced that their phony outrage at “systemic racism” will somehow immunize them come the revolution when the tumbrils roll by and the guillotines start falling. Talk like the proletariat, live like the aristocracy! If there’s anything systemic, it’s systemic  guilt and ingratitude for the free, prosperous lives they have been handed…and are now psychotically throwing away as penance for their perceived sins.

Furthermore,  how dare one good parent leave the cult and expose them openly for the systemic hate THEY are advocating!  This  nightmarish mind-bending goes hand-in-hand with the trauma inflicted on millions of children by the Leftist teachers unions using Covid lockdown to forbid schools to open at all. These Leftists are staking claim to the lives of the young, if/when/what/how they are to be raised…and swearing vengeance on those parents with the wherewithal and vision to refuse cooperation in this kidnapping of their children.


UPDATE 4/17/21: One particularly ugly aspect of the Covid madness is how easily millions of Americans will give up their most basic liberties at the whim of their politicians. Do these naive masses of Americans realize these politicians do not want this to end?  That this has mostly been a campaign of fear and disinformation to control them? That the new Vaccine Cult phase is just a continuation of this control?

People in the Caribbean awaiting rescue from an erupting volcano have been told they are not allowed on board rescue vessels without vaccination. An 82 year old Scottish grandmother  has been fined for “anti-social” behavior. She asks reasonably, “Why do I need a mask if I’ve been vaccinated?” This simple question posed to Dr. Death himself ,The Fouch, elicits no rational response.

A little skepticism is a dangerous thing these days.


UPDATE 4/14/21: Would it be of interest to those naysaying HCQ that chlorinated swimming pool water kills Covid in seconds? Just sayin’.

American Jews-The Brightest and Dumbest People on Earth

UPDATE 4/14/21: More’s the pity that American Jewry continues to be among the most prominent enablers of this administration’s continuance of the Carter/Obama loathing and subversion of Israel…and, for that matter, of America. Freedom is terrifying for the small soul, a suicidal human flaw that has led to the rise of Leftist tyranny in its most murderous forms (Communism, National Socialism aka Nazism) for the last century right up to the present. And no recitation of the facts seems to wise up those determined to go down the road to serfdom and take the rest of us with them.

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES divided equally between stupid voters and the transparent cipher pictured above. 


UPDATE 4/17/21: The Chauvin-George Floyd Affair is currently The Next One practicing  neither truth, justice,  nor the American way, but mafia mob blackmail: convict…or else.

ORWELLIANA: 2021 America in the Twilight Zone

The flip side of words having meaning is the gutting of words: making the  politically incorrect use of words a punishable offense. In this Orwellian Twilight Zone of America 2021 in which we currently dwell, free speech in on indefinite suspension. Any word, concept, idea, drawing, thought deemed un-PC is instant easy cause for crackdown. You may get fired, canceled, shunned, ignored, roughed-up, maybe killed. Whatever, we’re now all potential criminals and prime suspects on permanent Kafkaesque trial.

More and more, we have to be notified that we are not reading The Onion. Are you sensitive about using the right pronouns to address strangers? If not, call your lawyer and bail bondsman. Did you know fonts that “communicate Asianness” are racist triggers? Read all about it.  According to environmentally correct former South Bend mayor and now the perfectly intersectioned and totally unqualified Cabinet member, racism is “physically built into” our highway system. Read how.

Shopping at Target, you may have been lucky enough to stumble upon a book of “Devotional” writings that read, “Dear God, Please help me to hate White people. Or at least to want to hate them”?  If not, read this.

One must approach such absurdity with some humor, but there’s nothing funny about the One Party totalitarianism that such mind/thought/speech control as this is designed to establish.

Lies Of The Week

UPDATE 4/17/21: What isn’t a lie these days coming from our illegitimately installed leadership? Prominent among the most currently outrageous falsehoods is the claim of racism (what else?!) surrounding Georgia’s requirement for voter ID. The only saving grace in this disturbing trend is that the consistency of such corruption eventually has to backfire on the liars. When even the Washington Post awards the Senile Hologram 4 Pinocchios, one must take heart.  One can’t minimize the damage done in this world by its serial liars, but the truth always outs itself, like the reassuring green grass relentlessly growing through and around the smothering permanence of concrete.

Mask Nation

UPDATE 4/17/21: Ted Cruz has had enough of The Mask and says he will stop wearing The Muzzle in the Senate. We eagerly await the cries of “Murderer!” “Monster!” and the like about to rain down upon him. Good example, Ted. Stop the maskarade and watch millions of people suddenly behave once again like free Americans. Eventually it has to hit home to the brainwashed that the face maskarade is akin to the herd branding of livestock, that they have been the  pawns of behavioral scientists into crowd control, NOT medical scientists into curing the sick and Doing No Harm.

Herd immunity.


New York City, once an American pinnacle of prosperity and power alongside California and Detroit, appears poised to take its place of degraded shame alongside those two ruined remnants of what was once the greatest country in history. After accomplishing Biden’s dream of making America California,   will there be a recognizable trace of our greatness left?


UPDATE 4/15/21; They call them “Dreamers” referring to those wanting a crack at the American Dream. In reality, it’s population/voter replacement, each new illegal  let in and naturalized (and bribed with taxpayer money) negating the vote of a fully legitimate American.

Pictured,  the poetry of the selectively outraged, showboating Liberal/Leftist, her discriminating DIZGUST! entirely dependent upon who’s caging the children and creating a humanitarian crisis. It reads ” The DEVIL loves hearing Scripture used to defend harming BABIES & CHILDREN. He must be very proud..(?)..AG.”

Pictured: big meanie monster DEVIL Trump…who in the real world reduced the flow of illegals over the border to a trickle and was in the process of building The Wall. Meanwhile, the puppeteers pulling the strings of a senile hologram from Delaware have created a humanitarian crisis. No child-loving, incensed scrawls on your $40K SUV rear window for Joe and Kamala?

This growing catastrophe and complete abdication of responsibility by the so-called “leaders” who created the mess underscores the fact that Leftism doesn’t work because Leftists themselves don’t work. They just amass  power and hope to hold on to it. Tackling and completing a real job? Getting beneficial results? Nothing to do with it.


UPDATE 4/17/21: Just remember that the Senile Hologram and his team have nothing but your best interests at heart.

Everybody likes Nice Guy Joe.


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