Comrade Joe has gone full socialist! What’s another couple of trillions to add to our debt? Is it just a meaningless number or a nightmare kicked like the proverbial can down the road for our children and grandchildren to face? Did Obama ever dream that Sleepy Joe would be the one to carry American Transformation to the finish line?

Meanwhile, the eminently brilliant DOCTOR Jill is out there pandering away to Hispanics and finds herself linguistically challenged by the complex phrase “Si, se puede.” Why do these Leftist women have such shrill, grating voices?  

A man (Donald Trump) makes himself a billionaire and goes into politics. Others (the Clintons, Biden) go into politics and become multi-millionaires. Which one rates our admiration, and which ones are just crooks?  And which one is not mentally fit to go to the corner for donuts, let alone be President of the United States?


When did it all go wrong for Andy? Perhaps the day he was old enough to realize he was always a crude bully. KAMALA

We have to spend the next however-many years discovering firsthand the deadly combination of incompetence and ruthless ambition that lurks just behind that ugly voice and cackle.


JIM KENNEY As first described in 2016, this is just another run-0f-the-mill Democrat, pandering to the hard Left, jumping on the Cancel Culture bandwagon by erasing history. Philadelphia’s no-nonsense Italian community is having none of it. DITTOVILLE.COM

American Spirit MAGA 

The bedrock of our American lives is contained in our founding documents, declaring to the Ages that an unerring Deity has entrusted us with the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These gifts can either be protected for ourselves and the countless individuals yet to live OR squandered in man’s pursuit of power over his fellows. We are witnessing the results of a godless educational system and society taught to reject the idea of one Divine Creator and the aforementioned gifts in favor of an Elite of all-too-human gods forcing their “progressive” rules down our throats. Behold the frailty of man, a foundering America as “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Without God, there is no truth, just a random, chaotic universe with everyone scrambling for power. We must continue to choose our leaders carefully and be wary of those straying from the most basic principle of individual liberty in all matters.

Right now the best prospects are those with the best track records and results, not the best rhetoric. Naturally, those best prospects have targets on their backs and must be able to withstand the unceasing assault that Trump endured. Right now, Ron DeSantis and few other stalwart notables appear to be the best ones to take up MAGA where Trump was forced to leave off. In them, MAGA continues, God willing. CHINA-Told Ya so. Grateful, alert Americans live these days in limbo, realistically fearful of the Communist Chinese threat to our free, prosperous way of life. Orwell’s prophecy of totally controlled, monitored, faceless drones is no dystopian fantasy but the grim reality every day for a billion+ Chinese souls. And with the full cooperation of foolishly naive Americans and their choice of our present leadership, we are making it all too easy for them to import that utopia here. CORONACRAZED 

It wasn’t long after all the CoronaCraziness began a year ago in March, 2020 that millions of Americans realized the politics of “trust the science” was all about “trust OUR scientists” and their thoughtful control mandates. Now, emoting on behalf of all freedom-loving people raised on free speech, free movement & free association, fed-up citizens in restaurants, schools, churches and their own private homes are telling the jackboots:  GET OUT!  This encouraging signs of gumption from the mask-weary citizenry  goes hand-in-hand with the new Vaccine Mania chapter. O Goody! Vaccines! BUT, keep those masks on and WE will make it 5’11” instead of the scientifically calibrated 6’0″ of social distancing with a few inches reduced gratis as of the July 4th barbeque. If you’re good.

From the Pfizer CEO, we are treated to special new load of carefully scripted BS about why he and his family haven’t taken the vaccine while a former Pfizer VP is warning the public to think twice about it. Meanwhile, well-considered reasons to refrain abound. Under the pressure of bad optics, the CEO has reportedly taken the jab.

Millions of us are not keen on this “New Normal” and the sinister spectre of Vaccine Passports, our own happy version of “Show me your papers, Comrade!” On the contrary, we are already fully back to living our respective lives as we please. Don’t like it? Live with it. Some would say, out of the sheer rage at being manipulated and controlled: “F-U %^*&**+()**(&X*!!!!” But, being our mothers’ sons & daughters, we’ll just politely say to the Covid clergy, “Thanks, but at this time, no thanks.” Mask Nation

This is a joke, right? The “smart mask” that tells you when to wash it. And whatever else it cares to monitor for your own good. Never mind the damn things are useless and nothing but the tangible markings of a obedient, submissive populace, like cattle branding.

The Mask says everything there is know about the Left: it’s never about what they say it is . Peddled as “safety” and “decency” it is, in FACT, bad for you. Should we be surprised that pros and cons regarding everything surrounding this CoronaCraziness falls right down along political lines? According to growing reports, the graphene masks are as healthy for the lungs as asbestos. Scared? Cautious? Simple health reasons not to wear the mask or take the vaccine are now multiplying like unchecked cancer cells.…0r to use an unfortunate phrase of the internet age, going viral. ID POLITICS: The Obama Legacy of Permanent Civil War

Obama’s ID Politics Civil War progresses apace on multiple fronts, particularly the race scenario on city streets, subways, anywhere Black assailants are free to assault elderly ladies and slight men with nary a helping hand from passive bystanders.  Or a word of outrage from the MSM addressing the pressing problem of serial criminality among young Black males. But phone cameras are on the job! And from those dependably outraged quarters in the MSM come the encouraging battle cry Asian Lives Matter! Yet a new victim group slogan is born!!

Would this even be news if the battered and bloody victim was White? Or even Black?!

After all, the majority of crimes against Blacks is by other Blacks which runs counter to the whole Whites-Love-Killing-Blacks narrative put forth by the Left best demonstrated by the George Floyd travesty and all those racial fires deliberately set before him beginning with Ferguson. Does the jury in Minneapolis dare exonerate Chauvin based on solid evidence of his innocence and Floyd’s self-administered drug overdose as the sole cause of death? Convict as The Narrative instructs [“White cop wantonly murders innocent Black citizen!!”] or get your city burned down. This blackmail threat of full-scale rioting hangs like a sharpened sword over their heads. And the Obama legacy progresses apace.

IMMIGRATION-No law, no reform

YA’LL COME! Bienvenidos, nuevo Americanos [aka new tax-subsidized Democrat voters]! Apparently, neither national security nor the level of human suffering created  at the border matters to our present administration.  Open Borders is an invitation to our worst enemies and the next 9/11.  Shockingly, this is not  incompetence but The Plan.

Who can forget that Trump’s effective enforcement and long-range plan of LEGAL immigration was branded inhumane? Suddenly, real “Children in Cages” in this golden Biden era has ceased to be an issue now that the compassionate Woke have deliberately created this disaster. Who’s to blame? Trump of course! Count on nothing but lies and obfuscation regarding this particular achievement of The Potemkin/Hologram administration which has no intention of doing anything to protect Americans from the invasion. And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  On the YA’LL COME European front, the Continental Woke find their self-satisfied state of deep denial annoyingly rocked by the reality of hateful hordes of decidedly ungrateful newcomers from abroad. As one Woke acquaintance sneeringly chided me at the mention of such “fantasized” unpleasantness in his native France, “Where did you hear that? Fox News?” LIES OF THE WEEK/MONTH/YEAR/CENTURY/MILLENIUM

As lies infuse everything emanating from the Left, our forgiving natures have to ask: “Are they stupid or liars?  Then again, maybe both. That question applies equally to both the liars and the average Joes & Janes buying into the absurdity of what they’re being told.

The term “gaslighting” is the perfect metaphor for what is taking place by carefully crafted design. And it’s not that we haven’t been adequately warned by courageous whistleblowers, Cassandras and firsthand experience. Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB operative, has described the diabolical mass psychology at work on us, decades ago. Those most in need of paying attention will hear none of it.

Hunter Biden’s fairy tale/fable/fantasy of redemption: One…Big…Fat…LIE. His inspiring tome “Beautiful Things” is plug UGLY, just like the author and his whole, grifting clan, from the Big Guy on down to this dreg of dregs. Sadly for all of us, this shameless gaslighting and obfuscation has major consequences for America. We live in dangerously amoral times, and our chosen leadership reflects that.

America’s Distinguished First Family

More hilarious gaslighting theatre from our Beloved Leaders: Transportation Secretary and Serious Greenie Petey Buttigieg bikes to work (meaning he gets dropped off a few blocks from the office by a pack of burly dudes who have driven him to within several blocks of the office, take the bike out of a gas-guzzling SUV for Sir Nibs and get him all properly decked out in a cute little helmet for the big, low carbon half-mile ride to work.  It’s all theatre, folks. Enjoy the popcorn and show, but don’t forget it’s just make-believe. As the saying goes and reality invariably proves, you can tell if those in power are lying by watching their lips move. What bigger lie and stupider response from the envious exist than the promise that taxing the rich will somehow make YOU richer. Guess what? Surprise!  YOU PAY, NOT THEM! ORWELL and THE GREAT RESET

Cancel Culture

What is Cancel Culture but the suppression of free speech, the cornerstone of political freedom? The seeming insignificance of silly tabloid people like Harry & Meghan takes on real significance when media celebrities like Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne find themselves terminated by their TV employers for criticizing them. If celebrities are vulnerable, what of us anonymous Deplorables? And where are the courageous adults who refuse to allow this? One gutless British headmaster caving to the an angry mob of Woke schoolchildren provides an object lesson of what not to do, for his own sake and for that of young people in desperate need of strong adult leadership.

The Great Reset

The first dose of truth here is that  the virus will pass (and may already have passed) in oblivion despite what power-mad politicians may wish. Daily abuse of the most basic civil liberties brings home how little public health and safety have to do with the desperate perpetuation of lockdowns, masks and social distancing. Witness one outrageous episode of jackboot villainy on the part of Calgary cops against a good man feeding  cold, hungry people on the street. Following the $1200 fine for his street work, he’s visited at his church by more cops and stands up to them, screaming “Nazis are not welcome here!” The man is the focused object and public test case for arbitrary tyranny from local authorities, all for  senseless rules, It can’t happen here, you say?

The Supremes

And to think we thought we had a “conservative” majority on the Court thanks to Trump’s choices.    

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