UPDATE 4/11/21: As first described in 2016, this is just another run-0f-the-mill Democrat, pandering to the hard Left, jumping on the Cancel Culture bandwagon by erasing history. Philadelphia’s no-nonsense Italian community is having none of it.

UPDATE 6/10/18: Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, though a minor blip among public figures, demonstrates once again (see post below from 2016) The Problem shared by political scoundrels worldwide. This week, he is pictured dancing joyfully upon hearing word that Sanctuary City funding will continue pouring into his political machine. He IS Obama, the Clintons, Pelosi, America’s Black Mafia, London’s Sadiq Khan, Hamas’ Abbas, the anointed “leaders” of the permanently poor and helpless. What they all have in common is their personal dependence upon generational poverty, the life’s blood of their own political power and personal wealth. How DO these “public servants” always become so damn rich while their constituents remain so poor?


Third-tier pol, clueless Cleopatra, Queen of DeNial. Philly’s Mayor Jim Kenney takes his place here as the latest and most ridiculous poster boy for elected officials at odds with life-and-death reality. Placidly afloat on his barge, his reliably useless head stuck firmly up where the moon don’t shine, Kenney is Philly’s shameful version of America’s & Europe’s most prominent leaders, repeatedly telling us there’s no Islamic monster in the room. The good news is that The People get it and are crying out for a focused defender in a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz who have no problem identifying The Problem. A good development but the toll getting to the solution will be bloody and prolonged.

On the contrary: he, Barack and the rest don't get it at all.
On the contrary.



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  1. And, as Fred touches on, this problem is replicated in large cities throughout the US and the world. Pray that Trump succeeds here as he has in so many other areas. This is a toughie, but he is starting to pick up support in the black community. So sad people can’t see the problem so obvious, and the left wing fights Trump every inch of the way, but the reality is the left and clowns like Kenney have found the key to keeping black people suppressed and uneducated. And the biggest victims of crime!

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