Add odious Eric Schneiderman, now the  former NY State Attorney General, to the list of one more Leftwing activist SJW serial creep hiding behind the paper-thin mask of Progressive virtue. Remember Harvey’s last desperate plea for mercy assuming, as always, that his PC credentials would balance out and cover for his sins? Now Schneiderman, the  self-appointed Sir Galahad of the noble “Resistance,” finds himself exposed as a sadist with a spicy penchant for antebellum slave/master fantasy involving dark-skinned women. Which includes slapping them around.

Positively Lincolnesque.

The chief law enforcement officer of the State of NY. Friend of the Little Guy. Feminist hero. Climate Change savior. 4-Star General in the War On Trump. Woman beater, sexual pervert.

Irony? Not really. Just another hardened criminal “role-playing” public crusader.

The good news is that there is a comeuppance for that virtue-signaling infestation who find sanctuary in the circled wagons of high level Progressive politics. Occasionally, some things just look bad enough for one of these criminal types that he finds that he suddenly wants to “spend more time with my family.” Interesting that a certain future Presidential candidate and longtime Schneiderman nemesis had the goods on this one years back (2013).

This man still remains seriously underestimated.
The bad news is that there is still plenty of wiggle room for the likes of Mary Jo’s friend Teddy Kennedy, Juanita’s friend Bill Clinton and their would-be imitators. Not to mention their equally rank female counterparts and enablers like Hillary, Nancy, Fauxcahontas, the up-and-coming Kamala.

The future AG of New York State. A girl’s best friend.
Sadly, it’s still apparent that there is no corruption that can’t be overlooked if one is a card-carrying, wildly virtue signaling Democrat.

2 Replies to “Eric Schneiderman, in the great Dem Party tradition of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton…”

  1. Schneiderman’s viciousness is exceeded only by the usual arrogance of Lefty pols.

    And no wonder their arrogance, given the media camouflage that Lefty’s are freely granted. From reports on Ronan Farrow who broke the Schneiderman story:
    “NBC News was embarrassed yet again on Monday night when its former star reporter Ronan Farrow dropped another bombshell published by the prestigious New Yorker magazine instead of the beleaguered Peacock Network, prompting media watchdogs to slam NBC for losing the investigative journalist. NBC News famously passed on Farrow’s reporting that helped expose disgraced Hollywood heavy hitter Harvey Weinstein a sexual predator.”

    “Farrow also pointed to the hypocrisy of Schneiderman’s alleged behavior, given his staunch support of the #MeToo movement and as an advocate against domestic violence.”

    As Fred indicates, virtue signaling seems to be what passes for virtue in those circles.

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