UPDATE 1/9/21: Hunter Biden, “a very strong last name that really paid off in terms of our lobbying efforts.” Says The Big Guy: “Absolutely not.” Coming from this lifeless, lying dummy, it is absolutely true. And out of curiosity about Mortimer Snerd’s present & future: who’s his Bergen?


Fauci and “The Experts”

UPDATE 1/5/21: It turns out awe-struck Julia Roberts’ “personal hero” is an incompetent hack/quack who happens to have a medical degree and a nose for bureaucratic self-positioning. Never having practiced medicine or attained any training in any specialty, he has been a career Organization Man since the beginning of his professional life. Inexplicably, his every empty utterance is considered  Revealed Scripture, and the country and world burns. This mild-looking nerd is, based on his various pronouncements and their destructive effect, a monster from hell. fauci monster mask


UPDATE 1/6/21: The increasingly remarkable Kaloma Kalypsa now adds 19th century heroine to her unbelievable list of assumed identities that never were. This time, courtesy of the Babylon Bee’s thorough reporting, hepping Deep Souf swaves to fweedom on de undegwound wairwoad.

Undergwround Wailwoad

UPDATE 1/5/21: Kalamity channels tall-tale-telling Hillary and does a direct steal from a 1965 MLK interview in Playboy claiming to have been a precocious little SJW who wanted “fweedom.” Not by chance, it’s the same little girl who was (but wasn’t) forced to ride a segregated school bus in integrated (since 1943) California. Amazingly, this is the very same non-existent brat who has glowing childhood memories of Kwanzaa celebrations.

The danger posed by people in public life like this is based entirely on the serene ease with which they lie. And who does it better and more naturally than Kamala?

kamala liar liar liar pants on fire


Mask Nation

UPDATE 1/5/21: There has never been anything remotely “scientific” about the enforcement of The Big Maskerade, just a visible display of power by the Faucists and the desired response of mass obedience from the masses.

useless masks

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