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UPDATE 3/28/21: Perhaps an Emmy is in order for this high priest of the Cult of Covid for portraying a avuncular role model for brainless movie stars and the like. Pretty good acting job for a seasoned political operative and phony who  long ago sold his soul to the devil. Dr. Fauchstus, I presume?  

UPDATE 3/21/21: A little man in all respects on an oversized pulpit. Despite consistent, considerate reminders from people that he has no say about what American citizens choose to do with their lives in big or small matters, the naked little emperor continues to squeak out his confused, destructive mandates through the  megaphone he’s been handed. Meanwhile, real scientists recognize a world-class Know Nothing when they see one. UPDATE 2/23/21: It never was about your health and wellbeing, isn’t now, never will be. masks

UPDATE 2/1/21: The depth of Deep State depravity goes lower still in revealing Fauci’s parallel history of  feeding AIDS panic ginning up outlandish funding to the detriment of funding for MUCH greater threats to public health. Cancer & heart disease account for more than 50 times the mortality rates of AIDS yet have received a fraction of the federal funding that AIDS has garnered through Fauci’s scare-tactic influence. Follow the money and the latest crisis (Covid) ripe for exploitation in service to mass control by the Globalist Left. We have this paragon of evil banality to thank for making this totalitarian dry run successful beyond the wildest imaginings of America’s most determined enemies.

It should be noted that previously noted criticism of Fauci by Leftist AIDS activist Larry Kramer (see 8/9/20 post below) was just the old story of the impulsive radical element lambasting the calmer, more measured faction for not going to further extremes…. until he actually did go all the way and then some. Their aims and goals of centralized control could not be more  in sync philosophically. Kramer would have no problem with Fauci’s use of his position to paralyze the country to advance the latest Leftist crusade.

Old pals and comrades.
Old pals and comrades.

UPDATE 1/31/21: It appears that the amount of money annually pocketed by federal employees is INDIRECTLY proportional to the value they have to the country and humanity in general. The highest paid federal employee? Glamour puss wrecking ball Tony Fauci, at $417K, surpassing even the salary of one POTUS Donald J. Trump whose $400K totally bypassed his pocket and went directly to private charity. Fauci, worse than worthless, utterly destructive on an unprecedented, worldwide scale. Trump, against all odds his accomplishments benefitting Americans more immediately and directly than any President within memory. In politics and show business (among other overpaid fields), one does not necessarily get what one pays for.


UPDATE 1/5/21: It turns out Julia Roberts’ “personal hero” is an incompetent hack/quack who happens to have a medical degree and a nose for bureaucratic self-positioning. Never having practiced medicine or attained any training in any specialty, he has been a career Organization Man since the beginning of his professional life. Inexplicably, his every empty utterance is considered  Revealed Scripture, and the country and world burns. This mild-looking nerd is, based on his various pronouncements and their destructive effect, a monster from hell. fauci monster maskUPDATE 1/3/21: With further promises of viral mutations and more lockdowns, The Good Doctor Faucist further enhances his already established credentials as the great menace of our times, destroyer of countless lives, corrupt bureaucrat and perverse love object of glamour magazines and brainless Hollywood celebrities.

Mini me

UPDATE 12/22/20: The Colorful Scarf Lady, Deborah Birx, pulls at our heartstrings when caught doing the usual Thanksgiving large family gathering the rest of us like to do…but aren’t allowed to because of nasty scolds like her.  “Not for thee, but yes for me.” Catching flak  for the rank hypocrisy now run amok among the Ruling Class, she cluelessly lodges the old how-dare-you-bring-my-suffering-family-into-this complaint, conveniently forgetting the suffering of countless millions of families she’s caused from her preachy pulpit. For nice effect, she even wears a mask announcing her sudden decision to retire. Good riddance…but too late for the millions of lives laid to waste by her benevolent “expertise.”


UPDATE 12/6/20: Expert of Experts, “Lockdown Louie” Fauci gets invited to continue his ongoing crime against humanity (Fauciism!) in a Biden administration. “…accepted right on the spot!” No surprise considering how fatally effective this little crisis monger has been to the Left.

Are we there yet

UPDATE 11/30/20: FauciCuomoAOC: Time Magazine’s Persons Of The Year. Perhaps, we don’t share the MSM’s premises of what constitutes a good person or a good deed. Just as the definition of “Glamour” got a major makeover a few years back.

Leftists=The Good matter how provably bad they are.
MSMSpeak: Leftists=The Good Guys…no matter how provably bad they are.

UPDATE 10/26/20: Beware “Experts” indeed, especially those allied with a Leftist agenda of mass control. Fauci knew full well about HCQ and approved of it years back. Yet worldwide lockdown and adamant propagandizing against HCQ for common use was “the good doctor’s” prescription for what should have been a manageable epidemic. Think of the lives needlessly shattered and lost, the businesses ruined, the non-Covid patients left untreated, all still in force. Repeating: this is no mistake; this is a crime. Will things change once we are past the election when Trump can exert his full power to fully open the country again?


UPDATE 10/24/20: Will we ever recover from what the “Experts” have done to America and the world in response to CoronaCrazed! hysteria? For those “scientists” too indolent to be bothered and too doctrinaire to be open-minded to real scientific inquiry, lying and/or reliance on useless models is the way. This amounts to Affirmative Action for those hidebound types with an Establishment agenda, giving the touted “experts” the job rather than to those who have done the work and have authentically earned credibility.

UPDATE 9/20/20: When will it become common knowledge that the “experts” have lied to us all, the cure miles worse than the disease?

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 29: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks as National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci listens during a news conference at the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House February 29, 2020 in Washington, DC. Department of Health in Washington State has reported the first death in the U.S. related to the coronavirus. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

UPDATE 8/15/20: The polling results are in, and on the basis of smarts and reliability, it’s Dr. Pepper by a mile.

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Pepper

UPDATE 8/10/20: Zeke Emanuel, aka Dr. Death, now Sleepy Joe’s chosen Expert on Covid,  prescribes American euthanasia in the form of another long, even more Draconian shutdown. As if any rational, freedom-loving person needs it, yet one more reason to vote Trump in November.

UPDATE 8/9/20: The late AIDS activist/writer Larry Kramer has some posthumous disgust for The Good Doctor from decades back in regard to this career bureaucrat’s standing in the way of possible drug cures for   THAT health crisis (“You monster!”). And along precisely the same lines, a Texas physician from  the current front lines championing Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) testily inquires when was the last time HCQ opponent Tony actually treated a patient.

Meanwhile, our wee, unwitting Il Duce looks a tad hypocritical yucking it up in the ballpark while most of the nation is compelled by his directives to mask/social distance/Not Go Out For A Good Time Anywhere. Not so different from Nancy showing off her designer ice cream collection to a nation of the bankrupt unemployed.


UPDATE 7/20/20: The quiet villainy of The Good Doctor creeps eerily, slowly into prominence as he perversely praises New York’s disastrous handling of the virus. Do Cuomo’s off-the-chart death rates (per capita) not register? As of 7/20/20: for New York, 32,570, 1675 per million; for New Jersey, 15,781 deaths, 1777 per million. Next closest per million capita figures: 232(Florida), 195(California), 140(Texas). Is Julia Roberts’ new “personal hero” just another Deep State liar, doing his bit to keep the CoronaCraze DemPanic going thru Election Day?

UPDATE 7/19/20: A distinctly unglamorous high-level bureaucrat is given the whole glam makeover. First, Hollywood intellectual-with-glasses Julia Roberts breathlessly gushes over her newly acquired “personal hero.” Then, a diminutive Cover Boy star is born for a fashion magazine that wouldn’t deign to feature Melania Trump. How better to whitewash the devastating  damage done to millions in the name of “Saving Lives” and “The Science?” And to think it all really started with Hillary losing to Trump. Just the latest in the American Left’s descent into demento-destructo mode.

Fauci in style JULIA-FEATURE UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-on whose sage advice we have needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them? Fauci-says-coronavirus-likely-to-keep-Americans-home-for-several[1]Ferguson

UPDATE 4/12/20: The worm is turning, and fingers are pointing. Will anything have been learned about the folly of relying totally on “experts” instead of simple numbers and common sense?

ORIGINAL POST 4/12/20: It is high time to call out the anointed “Experts” in all fields and ask, “What do you really know?” and “Is it worth knowing?” Granted, one would be wise to respect and utilize genuine expertise from any field, assuming the expert has proven he/she has it. One can’t overstate the value of a good electrician, plumber or car mechanic. Or physician. Sadly, an overabundance of those granted “expert” status in all fields have often proven to be woefully ignorant and mistaken at best, and conniving face-saving frauds at worst.

“Experts” in their chosen fields. Would you take advice from either of these two old pals?

Which brings us to CoronaCrazed America and most of the rest of the world, currently held hostage by a handful of  individuals who have proven once and for all that “experts” are not to be trusted, especially when motivated by politics and power.  The simple recognition by average individuals that tens of thousands of people succumb routinely to the flu every year should have fended off this disaster. In a sane world, no panic would have occurred, just basic preventive measures should’ve carried us through yet another bad cold season. Life would go on as it does in a healthy society, accustomed to unavoidable bumps in the road.

Unfortunately, the average person (joined mindlessly by millions upon millions of other “average” people)  has been  browbeaten into believing that his/her own perfectly good common sense, experience and rational faculties amount to nothing compared to what “the experts” might say.

The “experts” suddenly announced, “Panic!” and we were off onto what has proven to be one of the most senselessly destructive episodes in American history. Millions of lives, businesses, careers, personal finances and family lives have been upended, and the entire country has been given a taste of life in a totalitarian society, fueled and prolonged by an unending barrage of media-induced terror.

The nightmare has been the viral hysteria and its results on American daily life, not the infectious biological virus.

Progressives and Leftists have a thing about identifying and empowering the “experts” of our world because they are in the business of top-down crowd control. For years, Paul Krugman has been hailed as THE seer of Economics, awarded a Nobel Prize and a permanent soapbox at the New York Times. Unfortunately, he was/is/always will be wrong about just everything that matters with regards to money and healthy economies. Apparently, he missed the real-life lesson that would’ve taught him the proven superiority of  free market capitalism above all other approaches; but don’t tell that to him or his faithful, ignorant following.

Today’s Expert du jour is the highly esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci whose political affiliations  (including the real-life Dr. WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus) have of late become the subject of close scrutiny. Apparently, politics have come first, not “first do no harm.”

One would be wise to rely on one’s own senses in all matters, not those of “the experts.” Let’s hope that our down-to-earth, bottom-line President Trump puts an end to the nightmare and calls upon his own common sense to go around Fauci & Co., and re-open the country, contrary to the lethal advice of his “experts.”

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