UPDATE 9/11/23: The horseman of the apocalypse returns.

UPDATE 8/10/23: Rand Paul continues his quest in subjecting Fauci to full exposure. One honest doctor policing his own honorable profession and punishing those who have disgraced it. We are living through a tidal wave of outrages inflicted on free life these past few years, none more devastating than the Covid crime locking down the world and ruining countless millions of livelihoods and lives.  Fauci’s case is one that must be pursued, examined for all to see, taken apart piece by piece, and the evildoer at the eye of the storm be brought to justice.


UPDATE 8/2/23: Waiting, waiting, waiting for all spotlights to be focused on the wicked Fauci, once again exposed in emails doing preemptive damage control to cover up his direct Wuhan Lab connection and the “accidental” leak that made him so rich and famous.

UPDATE 7/20/23: Dare we hope that paragon of banal, low-key evil, Dr. Fauci, is finally going to be faced with the legal consequences of the murderous devastation he fronted?

UPDATE 7/9/23: The creepy case of one Dr. Anthony Fauci becomes more lurid as revelations emerge about his first-hand involvement in the AIDS panic decades before his Covid tour-de-farce.

Fauci and Madoff, separated at birth and destined to be remembered with equal gratitude for their service to humanity.

UPDATE 6/27/23: It was inevitable that the eminent fraud Fauci would have an eager host of successors, railing against any truthful account of Covid/Vaccines/Masks/Medical Tyranny. Among this foul flock is one male hysteric/publicity whore named Peter Hotez, impersonating Fauci but sporting his own distinctive bowtie, refusing 7 figure$ from Joe Rogan to debate RFK, Jr but giddily calling Kennedy and presumably anyone offering an alternative viewpoint…what else?…”fascists.” And “shirtless Putins.” Why take Rogan’s chicken feed when this medical demagogue hopes to reap celebrity, power and, yes, serious money like his role model Fauci? There is also the high likelihood of being exposed & mopped up debating RFK, Jr. or anyone solidly grounded in facts.

In the great tradition of Vesalius, Pasteur, Semmelweiss,  Jenner, Ehrlich, Fleming, Salk…

UPDATE 6/5/23: It’s becoming a pattern: damning evidence of Fauci’s crimes literally in hand, waiting patiently for accountability and punishment.

It is too kind to call 3 years of planned, realized hell on earth for billions a “mistake.” 


UPDATE 3/22/23: Good Dr. Tony had years of practice long before Covid (B.C.)  in using his power as the nation’s chief medical adviser to manipulate the masses for power and profit.  

UPDATE 3/19/23: It seems that the millions of ruined business owners and households and the billions of the starved in Third World countries haven’t forgotten what was done to them, against all common sense and decency. Neither have those of us lucky enough merely to have endured forced isolation and look on helplessly with horror at the social/economic/psychological devastation.

Who did it? By what authority? Who pays? Whoever. One by one, let justice be served, however long it takes.

This legacy of this Big Brother and his equally culpable Big Mommy wife is coming up a bit…um…tarnished.

UPDATE 3/17/23: Fauci is gone, but for our future survival, not forgotten. An object lesson in the dangers of an unquestioning world following “experts.”

UPDATE 3/6/23: In early 2020, Fauci was already in major CYA mode by commissioning a report disproving any path back to the Wuhan lab leak. We were treated instead to the bat-in-a-wet-market bs, and the lockdown/vax catastrophe was off and running. Let truth be told and severe, honest justice done.

UPDATE 3/3/23: Fauci became the “expert” who outdid everyone in both arrogance and damage done (going back to his key role in the AIDS scare), but he has company. The truth has a way of coming front-and-center eventually, but there’s no guarantee the public will be open to it after such prolonged, self-serving indoctrination from Mt. Olympus. Lately, it’s that, yes, the virus came from a lab, not a bat in a market. What else about the Covid carnival/catastrophe hasn’t gone mainstream? And what “expert” will be the source of the latest version of the story? Trust in government and “experts” in general remain the greatest casualty in our reality-challenged, Orwellian world. 

UPDATE 1/3/23: Why, you ask, this persistent cry for Fauci’s head? Like any deliberate, self-serving evil committed,  justice must be served to maintain moral balance in the world. There is also the monumental matter of a disgraced medical establishment he leaves in his toxic wake. 

And always follow the money.   Beneath that benign visage of the respectable medical man lies an empty, amoral soul getting rich at the expense of those millions he has harmed.

UPDATE 12/23/22: Perhaps the earliest bit of “science fiction” in Fauci’s history has been denial of any part in funding the “gain-of-function” research at Wuhan. Not incidentally and looking back with 20-20 hindsight, real scientists are reminding us that this Frankensteinian tampering with nature is never advisable. 

UPDATE 12/16/22: About that flow of funds to the Wuhan lab from the NIH for gain-of-function research… 

UPDATE 12/15/22: Biden’s hapless mouthpiece Jean-Pierre warns us how “dangerous” exposing Fauci would be, but she neglects to specify “dangerous to Fauci” and his destructive, daily onslaught of lies over two years that saved no one and ruined millions of lives and businesses.


UPDATE 12/11/22: Fauci’s deposition, as full of memory lapses and holes as Swiss cheese, brings us closer to finding out the whole truth of this nefarious character’s involvement in the Covid outrage. His part in this horror story is, as long expected, two-fold: there are first-hand witnesses now accounting for his direct part in originating the virus in China; and the entire world already knows too well his playing the role of the benign doctor from Washington sent to shut down the world in the name of protecting us from that very same virus. What a coincidence. Rhymes with “Munchausen.” Make the patients (the whole world) sick, then clean up treating them for it.


UPDATE 12/6/22: “I don’t recall.” 174 times. But he will eventually when the facts of what he did are displayed enough times to jog “The Science’s” suddenly poor memory.

Also posted above under VACCINEVILLE to drive home a certain point with the subtlety it deserves.


UPDATE 12/2/22: Judging by his recent non-answers to questions during a Louisiana court deposition about what he was doing to the country for two years, it’s hard for Tony to remember and so easy to forget.

UPDATE 11/28/22: Fauci’s final declaration as head of NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases) show that he will never admit to any wrongdoing or irreparable damage caused by his omnipresent “advice” that became social wrecking ball policies. So it must be spelled out in court, piece by piece, until all the pieces add up in full view to the machinations of a self-enriching, pathologically detached bureaucrat sedately drunk with power & influence.

UPDATE 11/25/22: The little monster posing as The Science who shut down the U.S. economy and upended countless millions of lives is in the spotlight again where he should be to stand both a trial of public opinion and the real deal in a U.S. Court. The quote of greatest interest is, “I have a very busy day job running a six billion dollar institute. I don’t have time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration.

In other words, he didn’t have any interest in what real scientists were saying about Covid and the hysterical, overkill response he actively promoted on a daily basis. On the contrary, he found perverse pleasure in being the self-enriching, soulless bureaucrat playing God with people’s lives like Harry Lime’s “little dots.” 

Some of us always knew it, and God willing, the general public will have to face their own complicity in granting authority to this moral dwarf.


UPDATE 10/18/22: At the center of RFK, Jr.’s THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI stands the BigGov figure of Anthony Fauci, the avuncular “good doctor” front man for this deadly fraud going back as far as the parallel AIDS/AZT days of the 1980s. Watch and connect the dots.

UPDATE 10/15/22: Fauci’s legacy is sitting there stinking up the place, and he is making it his latest business to cover his tracks in a most un-scientific way: hoping made-up facts will somehow exonerate him from made-up facts (ie lies) told earlier in this whole wretched story. He’s pushing the narrative that the virus HAD to come from bats…or something else in the animal world. You know, nature! Certainly, not from a Chinese lab and a project he himself had full knowledge of funding.

UPDATE 9/30/22: How does a salaried government bureaucrat and all-round mediocrity grow a personal net worth from $7.5 million in 2019 to $12.6 million at the end of 2021? By chance, this was precisely the period during which he and his government cronies exercised life-and-death control over the entire economy. At one thing he’s good: using what influence is stupidly handed him to reap massive in-pocket benefits. 

Will this be a topic of conversation the next interview he has with Julia Roberts or some similarly brainless sycophant? Perhaps his Potemkin rock star days are far behind him. 

9/16/22: Lest his central role in what is really one of THE crimes of all time be forgotten, Tony remains in the news and under closer and closer examination.

At the same time, the sensible, far-sighted and humane actions of his Swedish counterpart, Dr. Anders Tegnell, should be acknowledged, praised and kept front and center for when the tyrants decide it’s time for another lockdown.


8/28/22: His $350,000 pension is “an appalling sum, considering the lasting harm he has done to children and adults in America and the rest of the world. But it’s a small price to be rid of him.” 

UPDATE 8/28/22: Yet one more article announcing the “Twilight of the Experts!!” May time prove this understandable disgust with that decadent aristocracy of Little Big Brains to be the real end to them.


UPDATE 8/26/22: The little Big Brother of medicine has announced his retirement bankrolled by the largest government pension in our history. Countering this perversion of justice is a promise from responsible Republicans that he will remain very much in the public eye as Congressional committees thoroughly grill him on the monstrous scale of his poisonous legacy.

Not the least of incalculable damage done is a nearly total loss of trust in “expertise” once so highly regarded in medicine and science. “Trust the science” is now, literally, a sick punchline. Perhaps most galling  about this diminutive sociopath is he will NEVER admit to his unforgiveable, heedless incompetence and the evil “the good doctor” has blithely loosed on a naive, trusting world.

UPDATE 8/13/22: Until the last mask is burned and all the mandates junked permanently, one must keep looking at this nasty little bit of a guy who became the “expert” authorized to turn Americans into serfs.

UPDATE 7/31/22: Honoring him now with an official portrait in the National Gallery and fussing over him as they might still do, Fauci is still the benign, banal face of supreme evil. Let us count the ways and in as vocal fashion as possible.

UPDATE 7/29/22: Now in addition to distancing himself from the “vaccines,” Tony’s claiming he didn’t advocate lockdowns. On the other hand within the same week, he says he would’ve encouraged “MUCH, MUCH MORE stringent” measures to “flatten the curve.” Sounds like being the revered Dr. Science isn’t quite as glamorous as it was just a little while back. Can we hope for a glimmer of truth and accountability here?

UPDATE 7/27/22: How is it possible that the sneaky, snaky quality of Tony Fauci continues to morph into something more sinister with each utterance. The latest is his insistence that the whole Wuhan “accident” was just something “natural.” Even the former CDC Director had to call this for the disingenuous BS it is, coming from the dissembling little creature ruining millions of lives hiding behind the mask of “Science.”

Get it? Test tubes! Bunsen burners! All hail “The Science!”

UPDATE 7/25/22: Fauci’s pension, like his salary, will exceed that of the President. One more assault upon the decent public’s sense of truth and justice. We fear it is one more judgment that must be postponed until the Big One at the pearly gates.

UPDATE 7/19/22: Birx comes clean about the dirt and blood she has on her hands. Lockdown Lady will be recalled unpleasantly as one of the villains ruining millions of livelihoods and lives, and she has thoughtfully put it all down for head-shaking historians to digest.

UPDATE 7/19/22: The heart leaps at the possibility that we may be losing him…at last. Or not. He may decide that he’s just too important to completely vacate the premises. Then again with MAGA back on track, disappearing might be a way to avoid the total scrutiny his reign of destructive dissemblance demands. A future devoid of his benignly malicious ilk is key to the survival of America as we have known it.

UPDATE 7/17/22: The suicidal folly of “Follow The Science” is nothing new. The Eugenics movement was touted as the last word in perfect social engineering, the prodigious brain child of Experts. A few brave souls like G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis recognized the evil afoot and foreshadowed the resistance today that must become mainstream if we are to avoid the next disaster handed down by The Science.

Follow the money…er…I mean The Science. 

UPDATE /16/22: In the post-Fauci/Expert world, being a “scientist” no longer means anything. Talking truth will never lose its clout, but nowadays, in the minds of a skeptical public, truth and science have become two parallel lines that no longer intersect. 

Depends upon the honesty of the scientist.

UPDATE 7/7/22: If smart and famous EXPERTS like Supreme Court Justices, Presidents of the United States, heads of big Government agencies and other prominentos say things about Climate Change, Gender Rights, vaccinations, masks and other stuff, those pronouncements must be true. Right? Right??!!

UPDATE 6/29/22: Covid is still very much with us in the form of the fear and mistrust created by the “expert class” who managed to ruin exponentially more lives than any Chinese germs. 

UPDATE 6/17/22: Fauci’s affection for Rand Paul continues to swell to record levels as the latter relentlessly grills the former on the royalty payments coming his way from BigPharma. 

UPDATE 6/8/22: OpenTheBooks investigation reveals hundreds of $millions in royalties paid out to the Vax gang, including the beloved Dr. Tony.

UPDATE 5/31/22: In addition to being “The Science,”  Tony is also an entrepreneurial whiz kid: create the demand (develop deadly gain-of-function viruses, Monkeypox being the latest, let it loose on the world), then meet the need (throw together some untested concoctions pushed on the desperate public as “vaccines”).

Follow the science.

UPDATE 5/27/22: Like an unhealed sore, the damage done by Fauci & Co. in the name of “safety,” “health” and “the science” will haunt us far into the foreseeable future. With medical experts so infected by corruption and incompetence,   where is trust, where is reliable authority?

UPDATE 5/15/22: Will history provide ANYTHING legitimate to excuse the whole lockdown/vaccine/mask assault on the entire world as led by the likes of corrupt bureaucrats like Fauci?

UPDATE 5/14/22; Taking the new cool tack of calling the truth disinformation, Fauci continues to spread a poisonous tissue of lies more deadly than anything the Chinese let loose from one of their labs.

UPDATE 5/14/22: Major oops. The Acting Director of the NIH is admitting that those secret royalty payments by BigPharma to Fauci and his scientist cronies just might pose a conflict of interest. Remember “I am the science”? Let’s amend that to “I am the gatekeeper, and I need to be paid.”

UPDATE 5/8/22: Deborah Birx,  the female half of the Fauci nightmare  that suddenly descended upon America in 2020, has written a memoir. In her own dissembling Dance of the 7 Scarves, Dr. Deb serves up more of the same useless advice that ruined millions of businesses and lives.  She is well worth not reading, and we wish her a resumption of that retirement she suddenly took a year or so back after being caught breaking her own rules about family get-togethers. A horrible, hypocrite of a woman.

UPDATE 4/26/22: Ozymandias faceplant in the sand for Tony Fauci soon in the cards?

UPDATE 4/22/22: I am the Great Fauci. I am HE WHO MUST BE OBEYED. We shall celebrate the day we are guaranteed good riddance of this wretched little man behind the curtain. He seems to be suddenly silent after two years of crashing American life, but it is the dog that specifically does NOT bark which should alert our defenses.

Oh, wait! Breaking news! It’s reported that upon hearing of a Florida judge removing the mask mandate, Fauci has melted into a pile of fine white ash, screaming pitifully as he disintegrated, “How DARE you! I am Dr. Fauci! I AM SCIENCE! CURSE YOU, DeSantis! CURSE YOU Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle! You may have beaten me this time, but I will return! I WILL RETURN! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” 


UPDATE 4/15/22: Fauci’s inner Mengele is fast approaching full exposure in applauding the Shanghai lockdown of 25 millions because you can “use lockdowns to get people vaccinated…” and control their lives, choices and every breathing movement. Like a plague of experts and full-blown totalitarian dictators do.

UPDATE 3/23/22: This serial liar and calculating political drone is still desperately trying to deep six the testimony of real scientists and medical practitioners on the disastrous Covid response he spearheaded.

UPDATE 3/19/22: So long as no one focuses on the horrible consequences of this little saint’s missives to  the flock, his reputation will remain intact. Let us hope he makes good on his rather sudden decision to vacate the premises. Whatever he decides, we heartily cheer on Rand Paul’s move to eliminate this destroyer’s government position lest it be a bully pulpit from which Tony’s successor can also ruin millions of lives.

UPDATE 3/12/22: Are we done with this monster or was this all a practice run for more Faucist lockdowns and emergencies to take place at opportune moments?

UPDATE 3/4/22: We’re living through a world turned upside down by “experts,” and we look to our most basic inner resources and a Higher Power to show us the way back to Normal. The sudden absence of one Tony Fauci is a hopeful sign the return trip has begun.

UPDATE 2/22/22: Although Fauci is the most infamous poster boy for the dangers of high-status “expertise,” it’s a pandemic that has spread its cancerous poison across the world. Canada is only the latest country to make headlines demonstrating the consequences of so-called Experts from On High superseding and eliminating the most basic human rights.

UPDATE 2/11/22: A highly experienced research scientist named  Peter Duesberg who years ago posed serious challenges to Fauci’s way-off assessment of AIDS and how it should be handled was summarily shamed & hounded out of the scientific community. Here is yet another real scientist given the scientific “takedown” on the pretext of Orwellian “misinformation” that might in fact be highly beneficial to mankind. For financial hustlers on the take like “public servant” Fauci hiding behind his white coat costume of “science,” truth is to avoided at all costs.

UPDATE 1/24/22: Remember AIDS? We are reminded of Tony F. back then telling us all that everyone was going to get it just by being in the same room with those gay lepers. And yet, decades later, he’s the highest paid hustler on the U.S. Treasury payroll, and The Man Who Is The Science. And then there’s also the little matter of being a Covid profiteer. And why not? Create and perpetuate a crisis? What would be the point if you don’t make hay out of it?

Life is certainly not fair, especially when those who commit the worst crimes don’t pay for them. The moral universe will never seem right again in our lifetimes until the real origins and motives of Fauci/Collins & Co. are fully exposed and undeniable. 

UPDATE 1/20/22: We’re in for the long wait, but it’ll be worth it to see the protective bubble surrounding this dissembling little horror burst. 

UPDATE 1/13/22: The Little Big Creep has an equally sinister partner in life, Christine Grady, a dark daughter of doom extolling all the virtues of experimentation on both 2 & 4 footed subjects in her capacity as Big Nurse of the NIH’s Department of BioEthics.  What a charming pair. Small wonder they found each other. The voyeur in us imagines that their romantic pillow talk has to include such sexy subjects as debarked beagle pups eaten alive by bugs, aborted babies and organ harvesting, maybe a little grave robbery for kinky Gothic stimulation.

Partners in life and the detached dehumanizing of the faceless masses.

UPDATE 1/12/22: Projecting his own mendacity and destructive impulses onto his vocal critic Rand Paul, Fauci is just following the current Democratic Party tactical playbook that has made January 6 one big lying smear on any and all Trump supporters.

UPDATE 1/1/21: Fauci, the ultimate career bureaucrat and Kafkaesque nightmare, gifts all of us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by driving a newly crafted blunt fear wedge between the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated.”  The statistically verified likelihood that the Holy Vaxxed are the ones chemically set up to get The Terrifying Big O is lost on The Covid Faithful hanging on his every poisonous word.

Everything out of this diminutive monster’s mouth is well worth NOT listening to.

UPDATE 12/20/21: As reality dawns and facts mount up, Fauci’s destructive assault on innocent life worldwide now borders on evil of historical proportions. Will the gullible, willing public ever come out of their trance and admit they’ve allowed themselves to be the victims of lethally misplaced trust?

UPDATE 12/10/21: Fauci fatigue could easily settle in and give this little whitecoat phony cover. Instead, let’s keep him front and center for that moment when, like Jussi Smollett, he finds legal justice sinking its sharp teeth into his haughty little haunches.

UPDATE 12/5/21: Truly the world has gone bonkers when it lionizes a madman, and the Little Napoleon  declares himself “The Science.” Just a variation on the equally deranged Kiwi Queen-Of-The-Universe’s proclamation about being “the source of all truth.” 

A sinister cipher, a little man in all significant respects granted power to control the world. There’s a fable, an allegory here.

UPDATE 11/20/21: The same Fauci that authoritatively told the public decades ago that everyone, including children, can get AIDS from casual social contact is the same unimpeachable authority who has been allowed to shut down and reprogram the entire world to his random specifications of “safety” and “health.” Perhaps, barring severe punishment for one of the worst mass crimes against humanity within memory, it’s long past time for this conniving bureaucrat and mealy-mouthed fraud to be permanently banished to well-deserved obscurity.

UPDATE 10/26/21: Fauci is now in fully operative CYA mode, using semantics a la Slick Willy, to cover his direct involvement in development of the Wuhan Virus. How long will the MSM and the rest of the Swamp cover for him before the general public sees the connection clearly?

UPDATE 10/24/21: It used to conventional wisdom that, short of being caught on video torturing cute puppy dogs, the most horrible public figures could get away with anything. Now it comes to light that the esteemed Dr. Fauci has his already bloody fingerprints on funding for Tunisian “scientists” to stick live & conscious beagle pups’ heads in sealed chambers and observe them being devoured by sand flies. For good measure, we’re told their vocal cords are severed to mute the annoying sounds certain to emanate from any tortured soul, animal or human.

There seems to be plenty of understandable outrage for the pups from both sides of the political divide: but what’s the word from those double-masked & triple-vaxed dog lovers regarding Big Bureaucrat Fauci’s mass manipulation and experimentation on millions of humans over the last 18 months and the permanent destruction wrought?

UPDATE 10/20/21: The movement over the last century to discard tradition and common sense for the centralized control of “experts” continues to cost us dearly. When will we as a culture begin to discard these frauds and assume responsibility for our own lives?

Fauci being only the latest in this deadly plague.

UPDATE 10/11/21: Fauci is now a full-fledged Hollywood STAR! (and malignant, highly paid bureaucrat), complete with a Disney hagiography now in full Tinsel Town promotion mode, garbage-filled swag bag(box) included. There’s no business like show business especially when draping one of the most destructive conmen of our history in the holy garments of total fantasy and slobbering idolatry. Too bad that, contrary to baseless praise from MSM critic-stooges,  the viewing plebe public think this phony “hero” and his Hollywood lacquer job is one big steaming pile. 

Note popcorn and candy in the Disney swag bag for “FAUCI:THE MOVIE!!!” and try to forget that obesity has been a prevailing comorbidity of Covid fatalities. Such disconnect only adds to the surrealism of this whole horror story.

UPDATE 10/9/21: Experts in high places like Washington DC and Hollywood? Trust them…at your own risk.

UPDATE 9/29/21: For those of us who don’t feel comfortable with serial liars totally versed in Orwellian Doublethink, help is on the way in the form of this video, compiling Fauci’s casual lies and ever-evolving views on things. This is the man who gave all those closet totalitarians worldwide the gift of Covid Panic and the fatal willingness of millions to be locked up and locked down for “safety.”

And why has there been so little mention of the obvious conflict of interest of Dr. Tony Fauci, the Covid scam’s most visible public relations mouthpiece making pillow talk with Dr. Christine Grady (aka Mrs. Fauci), the woman heading up the NIH’s bioethics department, regulator of….wait for it…which drugs, treatments, research are officially ok and which are not?

Presenting America’s Dr. and Mrs. Big Nurse. They decide what’s good for you, little Mr. & Mrs. Nothing Public …but more much more importantly, what’s good for them and the corporate and Deep State interests  behind the curtain.

UPDATE 9//5/21: No curiosity from the world that one American bureaucrat responsible for funding the Red Chinese lab work that resulted in Covid is the very same man put in charge of driving the totalitarian response to it in America? What a happy “coincidence” for our Leftist enemies, inside America and abroad.

Are we sitting at THE historical turning point when one more great civilization succumbed to forces not from outside, but from within.

UPDATE 8/21/21: The credibility of our “public servants,” especially the highest-paid liars and dissemblers like Fauci, has sunk to a well-deserved zero. This is not necessarily a bad development if more of the public begins to rely on their own common sense rather than the bloviation of “experts.”

UPDATE 8/13/21: FAUCIISM and its banally evil namesake have unfortunately entered the American lexicon and history with a Norman Rockwell approach to BigGov totalitarianism.

The Luv Doc

UPDATE 8/7/21: Does it get any more outrageously surreal when it’s suggested that criticism of St Fouch is to be considered a Hate Crime? 

UPDATE 7/26/21: Fauci’s removal would have been long overdue even a year ago. If it happens now, it can only be worthwhile if his record and the ensuing damage done is openly, accurately documented and made fully accountable as a dire warning for the future. We’ll count ourselves lucky if this disastrous presence provides some pushback against the next round of war on America being waged by the full-speed-ahead Globalists operating from within the Deep State.

UPDATE 7/20/21: Rand Paul is Fauci’s nemesis, and freedom’s most articulate spokesman at the moment. Someone to keep in mind for 2024 and beyond.

UPDATE 7/17/21: Stigmatizing “Covid Skeptics” provides the playbook for all those pushing straight-up Marxist scams  like Global Warming.  Any bogus “science” The Experts wish to exploit can be used to frighten people into political submission. And all that money and power to be had for those in the field eager to play along!

UPDATE 7/8/21: The pearl clutchers are now grabbing hungrily at Fauci’s latest snake oil bottle re-labeled “DELTA VARIANT”  but we shall see if they’re really going to go through it all again.  One can only hope Dr. Doom is going the way all banally evil bureaucrats deserve. 

Note admirable DOUBLE mask. And cute penguins to keep the image soft and cuddly.

UPDATE 6/21/21: Follow the high holy priests of The Science  however it works to get rid of Trump and the MAGA movement. That could be accurately described as the shared goal of everyone on the Left pretending to give a damn about what policies and government practices serve people’s best interests, medical or otherwise.

The Experts of Science overlook physical reality; any means to an end, however evil. 


UPDATE 6/10/21: Pope Faucius  hath spoken. What he saith is truth and “science.” Should you dissent or differ shall be cause for punishment and permanent silence.

This slimy source of lockdowns, masks, a stalled economy, ruined lives and careers, a stolen Presidential election and so much more is all there for full examination in those emails. It’s probably too much to hope that this is the nail in the coffin of this Big Gov ghoul whose “expertise” has wrought such destruction. He is perhaps one of the  deadliest liars in history. Or to be kind to this disastrously inflated human Hindenburg, he has proven, in Senator John Kennedy’s words, that “maybe the experts are the idiots.” Better than being just plain evil, I guess,

UPDATE 6/5/21: Never let a crisis or the opportunity to create a crisis go to waste. And to cover a wide web of pure evil behind such doings,  never deny a worse-than-useless career bureaucrat the credit (in this case, the blame) for a crisis he helped create and prolong from start to finish. Hereby, we dub THE nightmare of the last two years, the FAUCI FLU.

UPDATE 6/1/21: Fauci Fatigue is at last settling in, dispelling the paralysis he’s inflicted on the public, really the world. His has been a career of little talent other than competent slithering up the ladder of Big Government bureaucracy to become, inexplicably, the highest paid individual (including the POTUS) on the U.S. Treasury payroll. As his emails have surfaced, we come face-to-face with this weapon of hapless mass destruction. This is nothing more than a hollow man awarded big responsibilities, all the while fully aware enough of his own considerable deficiencies to put himself in permanent CYA mode. His prerequisite self-glorifying little book due for early release has suddenly vanished as the curtains have parted, and the snaky little weasel behind it has been exposed, smiling sheepishly like the naughty boy caught in a lie that he is. Maybe they’ll really find out who and what I am, and now they have!

Never has the role of America as historically reliable world leader been handled with such detached, cold incompetence. What amounted to a bad flu with a 99% survival rate was morphed suddenly and deliberately into a global crisis, needlessly ruining countless millions of lives worldwide on the say-so of this bloodless bureaucrat with little to speak for himself other than the large club mistakenly placed in his tiny hands. Power corrupts, absolute power…well, you know the rest.

Trump followed poor advice in giving this cipher his omnipotent media pulpit and now painfully realizes, along with the rest of his supporters, the costly error made. The dire consequences are apparent to all except those who fancy Big Government and centralized totalitarian control as keys to a happy human future. To those of us still holding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as fundamentals goes the task of fighting our way out and back.

UPDATE 5/28/21: All the devastating carnage of this past year involving needless lockdowns, masks, ruined businesses, ruined lives lead back to this wicked little bad seed. In addition to his inexplicable media influence driving the DemPanic, it appears he may have directly overseen the funding of the lab experiments in the Chinese lab where the virus was let loose…or escaped, depending upon one’s level of cynicism.

This deceptively diminutive character responsible for such gigantic devastation is long overdue for his big fall, and yesterday would be too soon.

“My theory is that Anthony Fauci is a sociopath. He knew full well that virus came from the lab. He knew full well that he was the one who reauthorized gain-of-function. And day after day, for nine months leading up to the election, he did not level with the American people….and now he’s about to get into trouble.”  Finally.

UPDATE 5/9/21: A sobering reminder how all roads lead back to this piece of evil banality.

UPDATE 3/28/21: Perhaps an Emmy is in order for this high priest of the Cult of Covid for portraying a avuncular role model for brainless movie stars and the like. Pretty good acting job for a seasoned political operative and phony who  long ago sold his soul to the devil. Dr. Fauchstus, I presume?  

UPDATE 3/21/21: A little man in all respects on an oversized pulpit. Despite consistent, considerate reminders from people that he has no say about what American citizens choose to do with their lives in big or small matters, the naked little emperor continues to squeak out his confused, destructive mandates through the  megaphone he’s been handed. Meanwhile, real scientists recognize a world-class Know Nothing when they see one. UPDATE 2/23/21: It never was about your health and wellbeing, isn’t now, never will be. masks

UPDATE 2/1/21: The depth of Deep State depravity goes lower still in revealing Fauci’s parallel history of  feeding AIDS panic ginning up outlandish funding to the detriment of funding for MUCH greater threats to public health. Cancer & heart disease account for more than 50 times the mortality rates of AIDS yet have received a fraction of the federal funding that AIDS has garnered through Fauci’s scare-tactic influence. Follow the money and the latest crisis (Covid) ripe for exploitation in service to mass control by the Globalist Left. We have this paragon of evil banality to thank for making this totalitarian dry run successful beyond the wildest imaginings of America’s most determined enemies.

It should be noted that previously noted criticism of Fauci by Leftist AIDS activist Larry Kramer (see 8/9/20 post below) was just the old story of the impulsive radical element lambasting the calmer, more measured faction for not going to further extremes…. until he actually did go all the way and then some. Their aims and goals of centralized control could not be more  in sync philosophically. Kramer would have no problem with Fauci’s use of his position to paralyze the country to advance the latest Leftist crusade.

Old pals and comrades.
Old pals and comrades.

UPDATE 1/31/21: It appears that the amount of money annually pocketed by federal employees is INDIRECTLY proportional to the value they have to the country and humanity in general. The highest paid federal employee? Glamour puss wrecking ball Tony Fauci, at $417K, surpassing even the salary of one POTUS Donald J. Trump whose $400K totally bypassed his pocket and went directly to private charity. Fauci, worse than worthless, utterly destructive on an unprecedented, worldwide scale. Trump, against all odds his accomplishments benefitting Americans more immediately and directly than any President within memory. In politics and show business (among other overpaid fields), one does not necessarily get what one pays for.


UPDATE 1/5/21: It turns out Julia Roberts’ “personal hero” is an incompetent hack/quack who happens to have a medical degree and a nose for bureaucratic self-positioning. Never having practiced medicine or attained any training in any specialty, he has been a career Organization Man since the beginning of his professional life. Inexplicably, his every empty utterance is considered  Revealed Scripture, and the country and world burns. This mild-looking nerd is, based on his various pronouncements and their destructive effect, a monster from hell. fauci monster maskUPDATE 1/3/21: With further promises of viral mutations and more lockdowns, The Good Doctor Faucist further enhances his already established credentials as the great menace of our times, destroyer of countless lives, corrupt bureaucrat and perverse love object of glamour magazines and brainless Hollywood celebrities.

Mini me

UPDATE 12/22/20: The Colorful Scarf Lady, Deborah Birx, pulls at our heartstrings when caught doing the usual Thanksgiving large family gathering the rest of us like to do…but aren’t allowed to because of nasty scolds like her.  “Not for thee, but yes for me.” Catching flak  for the rank hypocrisy now run amok among the Ruling Class, she cluelessly lodges the old how-dare-you-bring-my-suffering-family-into-this complaint, conveniently forgetting the suffering of countless millions of families she’s caused from her preachy pulpit. For nice effect, she even wears a mask announcing her sudden decision to retire. Good riddance…but too late for the millions of lives laid to waste by her benevolent “expertise.”


UPDATE 12/6/20: Expert of Experts, “Lockdown Louie” Fauci gets invited to continue his ongoing crime against humanity (Fauciism!) in a Biden administration. “…accepted right on the spot!” No surprise considering how fatally effective this little crisis monger has been to the Left.

Are we there yet

UPDATE 11/30/20: FauciCuomoAOC: Time Magazine’s Persons Of The Year. Perhaps, we don’t share the MSM’s premises of what constitutes a good person or a good deed. Just as the definition of “Glamour” got a major makeover a few years back.

Leftists=The Good matter how provably bad they are.
MSMSpeak: Leftists=The Good Guys…no matter how provably bad they are.

UPDATE 10/26/20: Beware “Experts” indeed, especially those allied with a Leftist agenda of mass control. Fauci knew full well about HCQ and approved of it years back. Yet worldwide lockdown and adamant propagandizing against HCQ for common use was “the good doctor’s” prescription for what should have been a manageable epidemic. Think of the lives needlessly shattered and lost, the businesses ruined, the non-Covid patients left untreated, all still in force. Repeating: this is no mistake; this is a crime. Will things change once we are past the election when Trump can exert his full power to fully open the country again?


UPDATE 10/24/20: Will we ever recover from what the “Experts” have done to America and the world in response to CoronaCrazed! hysteria? For those “scientists” too indolent to be bothered and too doctrinaire to be open-minded to real scientific inquiry, lying and/or reliance on useless models is the way. This amounts to Affirmative Action for those hidebound types with an Establishment agenda, giving the touted “experts” the job rather than to those who have done the work and have authentically earned credibility.

UPDATE 9/20/20: When will it become common knowledge that the “experts” have lied to us all, the cure miles worse than the disease?

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 29: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks as National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci listens during a news conference at the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House February 29, 2020 in Washington, DC. Department of Health in Washington State has reported the first death in the U.S. related to the coronavirus. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

UPDATE 8/15/20: The polling results are in, and on the basis of smarts and reliability, it’s Dr. Pepper by a mile.

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Pepper

UPDATE 8/10/20: Zeke Emanuel, aka Dr. Death, now Sleepy Joe’s chosen Expert on Covid,  prescribes American euthanasia in the form of another long, even more Draconian shutdown. As if any rational, freedom-loving person needs it, yet one more reason to vote Trump in November.

UPDATE 8/9/20: The late AIDS activist/writer Larry Kramer has some posthumous disgust for The Good Doctor from decades back in regard to this career bureaucrat’s standing in the way of possible drug cures for   THAT health crisis (“You monster!”). And along precisely the same lines, a Texas physician from  the current front lines championing Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) testily inquires when was the last time HCQ opponent Tony actually treated a patient.

Meanwhile, our wee, unwitting Il Duce looks a tad hypocritical yucking it up in the ballpark while most of the nation is compelled by his directives to mask/social distance/Not Go Out For A Good Time Anywhere. Not so different from Nancy showing off her designer ice cream collection to a nation of the bankrupt unemployed.


UPDATE 7/20/20: The quiet villainy of The Good Doctor creeps eerily, slowly into prominence as he perversely praises New York’s disastrous handling of the virus. Do Cuomo’s off-the-chart death rates (per capita) not register? As of 7/20/20: for New York, 32,570, 1675 per million; for New Jersey, 15,781 deaths, 1777 per million. Next closest per million capita figures: 232(Florida), 195(California), 140(Texas). Is Julia Roberts’ new “personal hero” just another Deep State liar, doing his bit to keep the CoronaCraze DemPanic going thru Election Day?

UPDATE 7/19/20: A distinctly unglamorous high-level bureaucrat is given the whole glam makeover. First, Hollywood intellectual-with-glasses Julia Roberts breathlessly gushes over her newly acquired “personal hero.” Then, a diminutive Cover Boy star is born for a fashion magazine that wouldn’t deign to feature Melania Trump. How better to whitewash the devastating  damage done to millions in the name of “Saving Lives” and “The Science?” And to think it all really started with Hillary losing to Trump. Just the latest in the American Left’s descent into demento-destructo mode.

Fauci in style JULIA-FEATURE UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-on whose sage advice we have needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them? Fauci-says-coronavirus-likely-to-keep-Americans-home-for-several[1]Ferguson

UPDATE 4/12/20: The worm is turning, and fingers are pointing. Will anything have been learned about the folly of relying totally on “experts” instead of simple numbers and common sense?

ORIGINAL POST 4/12/20: It is high time to call out the anointed “Experts” in all fields and ask, “What do you really know?” and “Is it worth knowing?” Granted, one would be wise to respect and utilize genuine expertise from any field, assuming the expert has proven he/she has it. One can’t overstate the value of a good electrician, plumber or car mechanic. Or physician. Sadly, an overabundance of those granted “expert” status in all fields have often proven to be woefully ignorant and mistaken at best, and conniving face-saving frauds at worst.

“Experts” in their chosen fields. Would you take advice from either of these two old pals?

Which brings us to CoronaCrazed America and most of the rest of the world, currently held hostage by a handful of  individuals who have proven once and for all that “experts” are not to be trusted, especially when motivated by politics and power.  The simple recognition by average individuals that tens of thousands of people succumb routinely to the flu every year should have fended off this disaster. In a sane world, no panic would have occurred, just basic preventive measures should’ve carried us through yet another bad cold season. Life would go on as it does in a healthy society, accustomed to unavoidable bumps in the road.

Unfortunately, the average person (joined mindlessly by millions upon millions of other “average” people)  has been  browbeaten into believing that his/her own perfectly good common sense, experience and rational faculties amount to nothing compared to what “the experts” might say.

The “experts” suddenly announced, “Panic!” and we were off onto what has proven to be one of the most senselessly destructive episodes in American history. Millions of lives, businesses, careers, personal finances and family lives have been upended, and the entire country has been given a taste of life in a totalitarian society, fueled and prolonged by an unending barrage of media-induced terror.

The nightmare has been the viral hysteria and its results on American daily life, not the infectious biological virus.

Progressives and Leftists have a thing about identifying and empowering the “experts” of our world because they are in the business of top-down crowd control. For years, Paul Krugman has been hailed as THE seer of Economics, awarded a Nobel Prize and a permanent soapbox at the New York Times. Unfortunately, he was/is/always will be wrong about just everything that matters with regards to money and healthy economies. Apparently, he missed the real-life lesson that would’ve taught him the proven superiority of  free market capitalism above all other approaches; but don’t tell that to him or his faithful, ignorant following.

Today’s Expert du jour is the highly esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci whose political affiliations  (including the real-life Dr. WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus) have of late become the subject of close scrutiny. Apparently, politics have come first, not “first do no harm.”

One would be wise to rely on one’s own senses in all matters, not those of “the experts.” Let’s hope that our down-to-earth, bottom-line President Trump puts an end to the nightmare and calls upon his own common sense to go around Fauci & Co., and re-open the country, contrary to the lethal advice of his “experts.”

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