Dr. Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel
Euthanasia Enthusiast, Fulltime Megalomaniac

October 29, 2013

UPDATE 3/9/18: Master Planner Herr Doktor Emanuel declares hospitals themselves a needless expense in his noble quest to streamline (and control) American medicine. But…but…doesn’t that mean lots and lots of untreated and/or dead human units?

UPDATE: 9/23/14 Everyone over 75 is useless and should not receive healthcare. Either shove them to the fringes of society or kill them outright…all for Zeke’s Greater Good.

It has been a basic playbook point of the Left to indiscriminately slander anyone they don’t like with a Nazi reference, so why shouldn’t that ugly epithet be lobbed right back when it truly, accurately,  verifiably fits Them? Behold the “interesting”  Dr. E., our era’s very own Dr. Mengele: God’s own self-appointed referee as to who lives & who dies, eugenicist, euthanasia enthusiast,  social engineer, ObamaCare architect & author, unblinking advocate of killing society’s “burdens” which include hopelessly sick toddlers, seniors who’ve outlived their usefulness and have used up enough of our resources, the incurably maimed, sick & crippled. Who needs ’em?

EzekielEmanuel-e1327675980178[1]One would assume an Israeli Jew might think twice about suggesting such things routinely, universally associated with Adolf & Friends, but evil insanity has never been the exclusive province of Austro-Germanic maniacs and their  Final Solutions. You too can be a cold-blooded, credentialed, respectable murderer when your politics intersect with the fanatical desire to create the Perfect Society…at any cost.

Doubtless if it came to Zeke’s own extra-special life and the lives of his family, a special exemption would be arranged. It is a central tenet that, in the Orwellian universe of Zeke Emanuel and his fellow elite Utopians, some animals are always more equal than others.

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Euthanasia Enthusiast, Fulltime Megalomaniac

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