UPDATE 2/27/16: Missy has a hissy. Another race-baiting fit over bad ratings and being temporarily sidelined. Then, since she wants the gig, she reconsiders and decides it’s not about race. Um, except it is. Well, maybe, it IS after all just about her. And that nobody wants to watch her. But when in doubt, always play the race card first.

Don’t make her mad. If you do, you are a racist. And she always has 10 good reasons why.

Look at me/I’m on TV.

Another lesson in Leftist psychology: I speak for everyone whether everyone wants it or not. What I think, everyone thinks. What I feel, everyone feels. The collective always overrides the individual. A great deal if you happen to be one of the Great Collective’s Grand Anointed chosen to spread the One True Gospel to all those meaningless little drones out there.

For example: that whole lame outmoded Private Property thing. Your money, your kids, your personal autonomy. No way.

However: MY money, MY kids, MY personal autonomy. Waaay!

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