Cancel Culture

UPDATE 7/24/20: There are no limits of evil to which the Left won’t go to ruin anyone challenging their march toward totalitarian control. Mike Adams’ academic career was suddenly cut short last week after a snarky tweet directed at the Covid Control Freaks in public office that, like virtually anything they choose, revealed “racial overtones” deserving the professional  death of “cancellation.”


And now he’s suddenly… dead. Really dead. Suicide perhaps precipitated by piled-on doxxing threats of embarrassing revelations from his personal life? Or just a heart that gave out under decades of stress. Why not? He was already a target for murder of one sort or other for having a prominently un-PC career and mindset. It’s said that a substantial majority of Americans are afraid to reveal their political stances for fear of serious reprisals that ruin careers and lives. The only bright note of hope here is that the Silenced Majority will roar in rage in November despite every attempt underway to disrupt the electoral process itself.

UPDATE 7/20/20: Seems the forbears of the Ochs/Sulzberger clan who own the NY Times were bigtime Confederates and slave owners. And all their faithful Woke readers have cancelled their subscriptions….Oh, they haven’t?!

Anthony Fauci

UPDATE 7/20/20: The quiet villainy of The Good Doctor creeps eerily, slowly into prominence as he perversely praises New York’s disastrous handling of the virus. Do Cuomo’s off-the-chart death rates (per capita) not register? As of 7/20/20: for New York, 32,570, 1675 per million; for New Jersey, 15,781 deaths, 1777 per million. Next closest per million capita figures: 232(Florida), 195(California), 140(Texas). Is Julia Roberts’ new “personal hero” just another Deep State liar, doing his bit to keep the CoronaCraze DemPanic going thru Election Day?

UPDATE 7/19/20: A distinctly unglamorous high-level bureaucrat is given the whole glam makeover. First, Hollywood intellectual-with-glasses Julia Roberts breathlessly gushes over her newly acquired “personal hero.” Then, a diminutive Cover Boy star is born for a fashion magazine that wouldn’t deign to feature Melania Trump. How better to whitewash the devastating  damage done to millions in the name of “Saving Lives” and “The Science?” And to think it all really started with Hillary losing to Trump. Just the latest in the American Left’s descent into demento-destructo mode.

Fauci in styleJULIA-FEATURE


Bill Ayers

UPDATE 7/19/20: Bill and his 60s Weatherman plans to raze America now suddenly very Leading Edge in the mainstream Democrat Party. Hopefully, not for long, but definitely worrisome that it’s gotten this far again.


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