Hillary’s Post Mortem, 11/9/16, revisited

UPDATE 10/17/20: A fond, optimistic look back at the surefire prospect of a Hillary Presidency…that went somewhat awry.  The “gracious lady” wearing funereal mourning purple on November 9, 2016 has more than lived up to my cynical assessment [see Original Post ] of staging an endless Linda Blair impersonation…that goes on to this day…and will continue to her last pre-Purgatory day. Note the final words below: “Hillary: try telling the truth. It’ll never come back to haunt you.” 


Who is W.H.O. (World Health Organization)?

UPDATE 10/13/20: A high-up WHO official gives an interview to the Spectator and says maybe lockdowns are not a good idea, in fact, a terrible idea, not even a last resort option. Mass unemployment, a spike in worldwide poverty, psychological devastation. Now they tell us.

Kafkaesque-follow the experts
Follow the “Experts,” follow “The Science.”

Gretchen “Nurse Wretched Whitmer

UPDATE 10/12/20: Kidnapping this demonically possessed political dominatrix brings to mind the desperate dilemma faced by the perpetrators in O.Henry’s “Ransom Of Red Chief.” The BLM & AntiFa dregs carrying it off would be begging/pleading/paying someone(!) anyone(!) to take her off their hands.

whitmer, monster
Scarey Glarey. Halloween comes early.


American Spirit

A Trump caravan of 30,000 cars in Latino, anti-communist FLA! The heart leaps.

Latino caravan

Whatever it is (or Trump’s for), I’m against it!

UPDATE 10/14/20: Conservatives know what they’re for, in fair weather and especially in foul. Let’s start with America herself and the freedom of the individual she embodies…


UPDATE 10/13/20: That sticky glob of expertise known as W.H.O. (World Health Organization) changes its tune regarding mass lockdowns, declaring the results are far worse in numbers and devastating effect than the plague itself. No news to the millions and millions of ruined business owners, bankrupted individuals, people dead by their own hands or denied crucial treatment for serious conditions long preceding Covid.


UPDATE 10/17/20: What of those people in need of real, immediate medical help shunted aside to “save lives” HYPOTHETICALLY in danger during the Corona Lockdown? The magnitude of the crime committed grows as reality dawns on the willfully blind.

Covid-19 Corona Virus Rubber Stamps (Canceled, Postponed, Rescheduled, Delayed, Denied, Closed, Terminated, Blocked). Business, employment, public health, state of emergency, travel ban rubber stamps.

The sinister message of Mask Nation

UPDATE 10/14/20:  From the start, there have been tens of millions of us who bridled at the conditioned obedience driving the senseless, sinister mask charade. And if “the science” matters, perhaps the Virtuous Mask-araders might heed the very real health dangers of prolonged oxygen deprivation, particularly to children.

mask as obedience

UPDATE 10/16/20: So now it’s been decided by the NY Times that men’s reluctance to submit to the universal Mask Mandate is one more example of “toxic masculinity.” The best response to that is Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” approach: we’re despicable, we’re deplorable, so we leave them to their Woke socialism/communism. Inconveniently for them,  they are rejecting the American capitalist men and women who like MAGA hats and make the world run. They need us. We don’t need them. Bye.

atlas shrugged now non-fiction
To be worn without The Mask and interchangeable with your MAGA hat.

Abortion-That’s a person, AN INDIVIDUAL in there.

UPDATE 10/15/20: How bad has it gotten when roughly one half of the electorate supports a Party advocating abortion/infanticide right up to and even after birth? The answer is “Pretty bad. Horrific.” The photo accompanying this editorial on Trump’s recent signing of an order protecting babies born alive tells the tale of a nation’s adult population  that has, to a great extent, REALLY lost its soul.

Amy Coney Barrett

UPDATE 10/17/20: In the midst of the Congressional inquisition she faces, one can truly get to know her character and high level of genuine scholarship in this Hillsdale College speech, delivered May 21, 2019.

Blexit or Bleakness

UPDATE 10/13/20: It’s catching. A good, brave soul named Joe Collins is challenging Maxine Waters and the wildly hypocritical, long term permanent-poverty scam being pulled on urban Blacks by their so-called “leaders.” Is the worm turning? Is real Blexit in real numbers a reality? Votes will tell, one election at a time.

Ferguson Redux….the next one.

UPDATE 10/15/20: Shelby & Eli Steele’s documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?” gets memory-holed by Amazon. Hardly a surprise since the thorough Justice Department investigation exonerating the police under the Obama-Holder administration was predictably ignored from the start in favor of the prevailing BLM narrative of  Racist Cop Murders Innocent Black. The simple answer to the documentary’s title question (WHAT?)  is the Democratic Party political machine and its perpetuation of ongoing generational poverty and attendant crime culture. Next question beginning with WHO has the same answer. For an answer to WHERE? and WHEN?, simply insert BLM’s next American city and date of choice.

Refer again to Booker T. Washington above.

UPDATE 10/11/20: More of the real story of latest manufactured martyr/saint Breonna Taylor. Like the rest, living on the wrong side of the law in like-minded company is not a good choice if you have serious intentions to live out a full, decent life span. On the other hand, if you’re into losing your life for a possible 15 minutes of questionable fame(infamy), go for it!

St. Breonna

Orwelliana: The REAL meaning(and power) of words

UPDATE 10/15/20: Astonishingly, overnight(!) after a single sentence uttered in response by Supreme Court nominee ACB, the Merriam-Webster dictionary alters its definition of “sexual preference” as politically incorrect in favor of the acceptably Woke “sexual orientation.” Get it? In WokeWorld, people are not responsible for their choices, actions or “preferences;” they are hapless victims of their genes or environment….or what is deemed politically correct by the prevailing Orwellian Master Planners of the moment.

dictionary definitions

Venezuela: Socialist Paradise

UPDATE 10/15/20: They (Bernie, The Squad, The Rest Of The Dem Party Now As Far Left As They Are) all say they’re taking us to Stockholm or Copenhagen (capitalist economies with fat welfare perks and the astronomically high taxes on EVERYONE that those perks require). But really, they’re taking us to Caracas. A cautionary tale now much-more-than twice told.

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