UPDATE 10/8/20: Post-debate: the closer up one gets, the more glaring the contempt, the easy lying, the fluidly two-faced movement from one position to the opposite pole.  All things or anything to whomever or whatever gets #HeelsUpHarris where the  money and power are. What dark deeds lie ahead, given the full power she craves? Who know her better than Willie Brown? “That’s just Kamala being Kamala.”

Pope Francis: the Catholic Church goes full-tilt Progressive

UPDATE 10/5/20: A new encyclical from Pope Francis calling for an end to free market economies and the assumption of “world authority” with “real teeth” by nothing less than the UN verifies that the Communists have a full-time operative front in the Vatican. The rationale comes from the same lying deception that preaches Jesus catered to the poor and, therefore, was a “socialist,” so why not? The wily Pontiff just went up yet one more notch in the Left’s estimation.  How obedient to their Pope will world Catholics be?

Hmmm, now what have we here? “Cool!”quoth Il Papa Woke Progresso.


UPDATE 10/10/20: The winged monkeys are poised at her signal to fly. Is Donald her prey? Or is Sleepy Joe the obstacle to be removed at some hoped-for future date when he’s holding a certain position of power she covets?

Mask and constitution
The Founding Fathers are revolving at the speed of light in their graves, slapping their foreheads. But what could prepare them for this aberration?

UPDATE 9/25/20: There are demagogues, and then there are cackling witches, insan

Hanoi Jane

UPDATE 10/8/20: We know the Dems are a Party that never lets a crisis go to waste if it means acquiring more power and control over the populace. Now in a Come To Stalin moment, Hanoi Jane declares that “Covid is God’s gift to the Left.” She also said in an earlier fit of religious ecstasy “I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that someday we would someday become communists.”

Any more questions about the thrill experienced by Dem mayors and governors with lockdowns, masks and mass human rights violations? Any more questions about hard Leftists like Hanoi Jane and what is really a religious passion for totalitarian mass control?



The American Spirit

UPDATE 10/6/20: The flotillas, the parades, the unfettered display of American Spirit continues apace, even in De Blasio’s deep blue Manhattan. This is movement, free healthy life, the alternative to the chains of our opponents’ dark vision of a SafeNewWorld. If politics is about  permitting the best of humanity to thrive, bring it on.



UPDATE 10/10/20: “First was the belief that the coronavirus was so deadly that it called for an unprecedented and untested response. With the data now in, we know this was wrong. By far the most severe viral outbreak in U.S. history was the Spanish flu of 1918. It killed about 0.7 percent of the population, hitting healthy young adults particularly hard. COVID-19 has claimed 0.06 percent of the population, with deaths concentrated among the elderly with preexisting health problems. As the declaration puts it: ‘We know that vulnerability to death from COVID-19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young.’”

A formal declaration, from legitimate scientists, not the career bureaucrats and experts behind this crime of the century. Speaking for millions: stop the madness, stop the charade, resume the normal. We’re onto your plan to advance your totalitarian ends. Never again! The legal aspects and future ramifications of what is amounting to one of the worst crimes in history, the “Scamdemic,” are sobering at best.

Does it register that the ultimate cost of this “cure” has proven to be incalculably worse than the disease?

“The likely far greater death toll has not yet arrived from the six-month lockdown. And it could be terrifying when we eventually learn of the hundreds of thousands who were sickened or who died from missed medical treatments and surgeries, or from the stress of the quarantines or the spikes in alcohol and drug use, or spousal and child abuse.”

P.S. The Barrington Declaration has been censored by Big Tech. Seems this whole lockdown and mass control is something our Master Planners finds desirable, and anyone lifting of the restrictions must be blocked.

UPDATE 10/10/20: To the dismay of those in the despicable fear-for-political-profit business, Florida shows no signs of spiked Covid cases despite doing away with the Holy Mask charade.

Look ma, no mask

SAFE New World

UPDATE 10/6/20: In response to those on the infantilized SafeNewWorld Left who love their chains and wish them on the rest of us, Trump’s simple message from his Covid experience is a simple nose thumb and a model for real adults. Get on with it, live your lives in liberty, pursue your happiness, whatever the obstacles posed. To those Americans who can’t relate, “you [paraphrasing Sleepy Joe] ain’t Americans,” just legal occupants of this free nation wasting the greatest blessing life has to offer.

How they hate this. We love it.
How they hate this. We love it.

Voter Fraud

UPDATE 10/6/20: A continuation of all aspects of the free American way of life hinges on Trump’s re-election, and the usual suspects are focused entirely on thwarting that, whatever the means.

Abortion: that’s a person, an Individual in there.

From a most unlikely source, the most Woke of Hollywood Progs: an argument against routine abortion-on-demand, abortion as a Progressive sacrament, abortion as an expression of “a woman’s right to choose,” an argument verifying that a fetus is a person, a human with a name and a face and the right to live. Would RBG still insist that this isn’t a mother, that that wasn’t her child? Will this otherwise strident individual recant her aggrieved experience of lost motherhood under pressure from her fellow Pro-Choicers? Or will it be rationalized as  HER right to grieve and not necessarily applicable to others, that it’s all relative?


Gaslighting of America

UPDATE 10/6/20: The art of distraction, sleight of hand [Look! Over there!] has become so commonplace in the Dem/Leftist MSM that people are liable to believe….anything, however false. Today’s Democratic Party proves it.


Sinister message of Mask Nation

UPDATE 10/10/20: The Hideous Mask, pure virtue signaling prop for Biden & Co; “political theatre” as one cynical Dem poseur accidentally spills on an open mike.

UPDATE 10/7/20: The mask as High Virtue Signal and political prop hangs on. Easy money this farcical charade (and psychological instrument of mass control) played out by Dem hypocrites vanishes post-election. Follow the “science”…until its usefulness expires.

mask hypocrites

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