UPDATE 9/27/20: Stomaching the feverish idolatry and worship accorded this flawed jurist and rather callous social activist in death is akin to the reaction all sane Westerners have customarily had to the wildly primitive rituals of underdeveloped countries one used to read about in National Geographic. Atheistic Leftism has always been a fanatic, fundamentalist religion in deed and practice, and now it’s officially on public view and record.

St. ruth

UPDATE 9/25/20: Additional halo tarnish on Woke Feminism’s Supreme icon: a glaring dearth [like almost Zero) of minorities among her staff. The old compassionate Prog Lib hypocrisy: Affirmative Action for thee, not for me.  Do as I say, not as I do.  Granting her some common sense, it’s possible she wanted the best person for the job, not the most politically correct. Clear instances of her judicial activism-going for her preferred outcome vs. what the law decrees-is further evidence of St. Ruth’s serious judicial shortcomings.

UPDATE 9/22/20: In refusing to retire in 2010 & 2o13 to make way for an equally Progressive replacement, even her Left-leaning advocates admit that Ginsburg put her personal politics ahead of the Supreme Court’s future. Hard to admit this “saint” was as into her own rock star status as mere mortals tend to be.

UPDATE 9/21/20: As suspected and amply demonstrated, Mme. Ginsburg was selective about her absolute fidelity to the letter of the law. Her now-celebrated “fervent last wish” regarding timing for her replacement was a Democrat speaking, not a principled jurist.

Re-examining her takes on abortion, motherhood and eugenics (“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of,”), one is chillingly confronted with a Margaret Sanger disciple.


UPDATE 9/20/20: She could’ve vacated for another female SJW during the Obama years, but in her wisdom, she was sure Hillary would win. Whoops. Now, playing on public sentiment, she imperiously orders from the grave through her relatives that she not be replaced until AFTER the election, presumably by a Biden nominee. With all respect due an accomplished individual, Ms. Ginsburg had her priorities mixed up, like most confirmed Leftists do. Right to the very end, a Leftist SJW first, an impartial jurist devoted to America and her Constitution last (with a lot of political activist mischief in between). R.I.P.


UPDATE 6/1/19: More and more RBG has become one of THE [ugly] faces of today’s Dem Party, declaring in her best legalese that an aborted, miscarried or stillborn baby is not a human and the pregnant woman carrying said ‘non-human’ is not a mother. “(A) woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a ‘mother.'” And what of expectant mothers & fathers who have lost children through miscarriage? They are not grieving mothers and fathers? All to advance a political narrative of killing innocent life for convenience, now an Orwellian cornerstone of the Democratic Party political platform.  As with virtually everything now emanating from the Left, one must ask, “How far down will they go?” and “Where is the comeuppance in this life?”

Not a human?
Not a human?

UPDATE 12/30/18: Now the subject of a slavishly worshipful feature film and  diagnosed with lung cancer, ailing opera-lover St. Ruth evokes Wagnerian shock and awe (and panic) as the American Progs ponder her likely retirement and replacement by a more Conservative figure. The reaction on the Left ranges from agonized Mad Scenes by self-eviscerating organ donors to weeping prostration, determination to keep her alive at any cost, calls for canonization and even sporadic attacks of realism from those who wish she’d skedaddled while Obama could replace her with another SJW.  Meanwhile, the rest of us eagerly ponder the imminent joys of another Kavanaugh-esque inquisition.   aa2493111a0da75582e6bdb7ed17af89[1]

UPDATE 8/2/18: Any comment from Her Eminence on the impending revision of her beloved South African Constitution? That is the Constitution which she prefers over our own as a model for the ideal society, now being further perfected in order to give Black Marxists the opportunity to model their country on their disintegrating neighbor Zimbabwe. RBG: go-to gal for the best legal advice.

UPDATE 7/1/18: The Left’s nervous breakdown over Justice Kennedy’s retirement and an impending Conservative majority on the Court has provoked  a plague of graphic, panicked, self-sacrificing tweets regarding organ donorship to the elderly RBG, by some accounts the greatest, most brilliant and irreplaceable woman in our history since Bill Clinton’s unpleasant wife. The imagery of Leftist entrails inundating the unfortunate old jurist-spleens, livers, hearts, lungs, intestines, brains-is best left to the collective imagination of her ardent fan base. The rest of us look forward to a Supreme Court guided and contained by the U.S. Constitution, not Marx-flavored political activism.

UPDATE 7/15/16 The legal genius who praised the amazing life offered to millions of South Africans by its constitution over the crummy little thing our forefathers wrought 2+ centuries ago now flaps her gums carelessly about the horrors of a Trump Presidency.  Some fans of self-admiring women like Ginsburg think of this as brave outspokenness. The rest of us see a tiresome old snob.


ORIGINAL POST 11/6/12: An impressive, busy legal career devoted in its entirety to Leftwing activism. The earliest arrival of what has become a fearsome female trio of predictably Progressive activists on the Supreme Court. Incidentally, the richest member of the Supreme Court, fittingly followed by fellow Progressives Sotomayor & Breyer.

Ms. Ginsburg’s most revealing Quote Of A Lifetime is on full display in an Egyptian television interview regarding the obsolescence of our U.S. Constitution. Like every good Jewish “Bubbe”  accustomed to offering sage advice to Muslim countries, Wise Nanna Ruth kindly steers Egypt away from our “too old” Constitution to those newer, fresher, presumably superior founding documents such as South Africa’s relatively new constitution or Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.     Curiously, she prefaces this suspect wisdom by saying that somehow, mysteriously, inexplicably the U.S. Constitution is “the oldest written constitution still in force in the world.” But, apparently, too old for a radical activist intent on scrapping the genius of our Founding Fathers for her Radical Chic revamping of America.





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  1. As usual, Dittoville is right on point. Twenty-five years later, it is amazing that RBG, a former general counsel for the uber-progressive ACLU, was confirmed by a vote of 96-3. RBG came six years after Robert Bork was tarred and feathered by the media as an “ideological extremist”.

    1. One standard for Progressives, another for anyone else. You’ll recall that spearheading the Bork smear was one Edward Moore Kennedy, that noted feminist hero, friend of women everywhere and champion of a young female campaign worker’s right to drown unattended.

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