Ginsburg, Ruth Bader

Radical Leftist Supreme Court Justice, in the throes of encroaching senility openly lets us know that the U.S. Constitution is outmoded and not nearly so good as that of several Third World countries. Blessedly soon to retire, hopefully to be replaced during the Romney administration by a legal advocate of freedom.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

November 6, 2012
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

UPDATE 12/30/18: Now the subject of a slavishly worshipful feature filmĀ andĀ  diagnosed with lung cancer, ailing opera-lover St. Ruth evokes Wagnerian shock and awe (and panic) as the American Progs ponder her likely retirement and replacement by a more Conservative figure. The reaction on the Left ranges from agonized Mad Scenes by self-eviscerating organ...
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