UPDATE 8/7/21: It’s America, 2021. Do you know where your children are? The Creep-in-Chief is at it again. 

UPDATE 8/2/21: It’s astonishing that anyone, especially reliable conservative writers, take the disastrous Biden Presidency as anything other than surreal theatre starring a cast of extra-terrestrials. Try making sense of Joe  sticking his used mask into the hand of the Kentucky Governor’s young son greeting this nebulous life form that we’re supposed to believe is the honestly elected Leader Of The Free World. Lucky us to have not one but two Doctors in the [White] House, one the comically self-inflated Jill (D.Ed.) and Joe (D.C.), Doctor of Creephood  from DC.

The boy looks down with the same disturbed amazement that has gripped all rational Americans since last November.



UPDATE 8/4/21: All the wrong reasons. It’s pleasing to see this arrogant little punk sweat a little, but it’s coming down to the same absurdity of kindred Mafia scum Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion rather than murder. In Andy’s case, it’s partly CYA by DC cronies and partly the case of a political NY State rival going after him for being a garden-variety male chauvinist pig rather than for his cold-blooded extermination of Covid-infected seniors forcibly sent back into nursing facilities. 


UPDATE 8/7/21: Does it get any more outrageously surreal when it’s suggested that criticism of St Fouch is to be considered a Hate Crime? 




UPDATE 8/3/21: Reiterating Kirstie Alley’s opinion that this witch gives witches a bad name, Newt seconds the notion and suggests concrete action against this one-woman political plague.



UPDATE 8/2/21: Disappointing to see Noem not standing up for employees against employers demanding The Vaccine. Good to know now how she rolls in the crunch with yet another concession to Big Money. Her abandonment of the MAGA base is just another variation on suicidal RINO accommodation to its sworn enemies. In the bargain, she has forfeited any political future on the national stage.

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