UPDATE 8/14/21: In a rational world, one look at this startled little girl (watch the video) having her nipple pinched by the wandering hands of The Hologram would be the end of his political career. The man is a predatory creep.

UPDATE 8/13/21: Not that it would be an improvement to have a President Kamala Walla Bing Bang, but hearing out Tara Reade’s accusations would give the moral universe a vast lift to see sniffy/handsy Joe Biden follow Covid Hero Cuomo to retirement. We don’t believe all women, but we do believe Tara. Just as we believe Juanita and would believe Mary Jo…if she could speak up on her own behalf.

The Grand Old Democrat Tradition of selective outrage.

UPDATE 8/12/21: Do the words “blackmail” or “extortion” regarding the Bidens and the ChiComs ever come up as a matter of concern in Woke Leftist circles? Or do they care, even knowing what the whole world now knows about Hunter’s well-documented wallow in sex-and-drug degradation?  

The Brits have the latest video for you featuring Hunter and his well-paid whore/confidante. Watch, listen, close your eyes, open them again, and ponder the world we inhabit that doesn’t blink at the blatant corruption of the family currently occupying the White House.



UPDATE 8/12/21: What? No more “President Cuomo” or “Cuomosexuals” or that cute-as-cotton-candy gumba gab between the two self-adoring brothers? All gone now for naughty grabsy handsy. But who doesn’t know that’s the small stuff? The big stuff is Andy’s unchecked Covid control mania, resulting in thousands of dead senior citizens.

Could be very messy if his record on that count ever  reaches full scrutiny in the courts, leading to a house of cards collapse involving the whole network of interconnected Democrat leaders throughout the country. For the last 18 months, we’ve suffered through all the fawning over “President” Cuomo and his “heroic pandemic leadership.” But if The Nation [prominent far Left rag] hates you and for the right reasons (ie. NOT the MeToo nonsense), you’re in deep doo-doo. May justice be served and this creepo be the first in line of Democrat dominos to fall.

Read all about Andy’s stunning long CV of malfeasance and incompetence marinated in arrogant power lust.


UPDATE 8/13/21: FAUCIISM and its banally evil namesake have unfortunately entered the American lexicon and history with a Norman Rockwell approach to BigGov totalitarianism.

The Luv Doc



UPDATE 8/11/21: Oh, that party. It’s just too easy comparing this shameless display with all those decadent Elites of history dining gluttonously on chocolate-covered lobsters and truffles as the masses starve. To borrow from leading Obamologist Jack Cashill’s newest book title, Deplorables need not apply. Will the real story of this manufactured wrecking ball ever be told?


UPDATE 8/14/21: Dan Crenshaw has sent a message to his staunch MAGA supporters that they’re fools to think Election 2020 was a fraud. “Don’t kid yourself…absolutely not a stolen election…”

Presumably, future elections (including those involving him) aren’t going the same mysterious way this one did with sudden new virus crises necessitating lockdowns and the urgent need for massive mail-in voting. Dan Crenshaw, RINO? Say it ain’t so, Dan.



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