BIDEN-PINO(President In Name Only)

UPDATE 10/19/21: It’s probably giving this pitiful laughingstock too much credit, but our PINO (President In Name Only) has become a tyrant or, more accurately, the limp ragdoll puppet of tyrants behind the scenes. Obama, perhaps? Soros? A sinister global network once thought only possible in James Bond novels? For certain we know it’s not feeble ol’ Joe.

EMPTY the head that wears the crown.



UPDATE 10/20/21: The movement over the last century to discard tradition and common sense for the centralized control of “experts” continues to cost us dearly. When will we as a culture begin to discard these frauds and assume responsibility for our own lives?

Fauci being only the latest in this deadly plague.




UPDATE 10/20/21: It’s not “She baaaack!” It’s “She’s won’t go away !” The real outrage is that this exposed, disgraced serial liar is allowed to remain in office and scamper on to her next self-aggrandizing power grab like a starving rat attacking rancid cheese.


UPDATE 10/19/21:  Colin Powell has died. Once considered Presidential material, he fell into RINO self-delusion and, ultimately, disgrace if authentic legacy means anything.  Without morbid gloating, it should be noted that we have here a fully vaccinated celebrity dying of Covid, spotlighting the foolish alliance of Never Trumpers of all stripes with the Holy Vaccine. 

Yet another RINO on the totally wrong side of what is best for the country he claimed to love. Another one for the psychologists to ponder.

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