UPDATE 9/24/21: The silliest self-anointed tyrant on display these days is the French smarty pants Woke Boy King  north of the border, Up Canada Way. And he’s right in character these days, taking advantage of the newly created apartheid of The Holy Vaccinated vs The Untouchable, Selfish BAD UnVaccinated. Vaccine passports are rewards for “good” people who “do the right thing.”  Everyone else is BAD and due for punishment.




UPDATE 9/24/21: Conman-in-Chief Joey continues his war on Americans while suspending any un-Woke hostilities toward our real enemies. As Voltaire observed, “Those who make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  Verifying that observation, a dimwitted public is now brainwashed to believe that The UnVaccinated and Global Warming are scarier than Islamic terrorists or the permanent civil war of ID Politics/CRT.

Would you buy a bag of used, moldy lies from this man?

UPDATE 9/23/21: Laptop cinematic auteur and pharmaceutical porn performer/artist Hunter Biden is to be the subject of a film biography (“My Son Hunter”) from Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, the un-Woke, un-PC producers of the decidedly un-Woke, un-PC  Kermit Gosnell story (“Gosnell”). It also stars Laurence Fox, the un-Woke, un-PC actor canceled for being un-Woke and un-PC in one too many instances in the estimation of the Woke/PC mafia.

Actor Robert Davi will be directing and humorously notes that he’s particularly thrilled to have snagged not only a great actor but a smart one to play the title role: “One of my biggest concerns was in the casting of Hunter. For Hunter we needed someone who is not just a great actor, but a brilliant mind.” After all, Joe has told us, Hunter is “the smartest guy I know.” 

Congratulations to all involved for the courage to exercise free speech and, just incidentally, shining the light of truth on one very dark, dirty, gaping black hole of The Big Lie we are living through.






THE SQUAD-Anti-Semites Go Mainstream

UPDATE 9/24/21: A penetrating analysis of anti-Semite Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, American-born, self-identified as “Palestinian,”  determined to Islamize America. Misery loves company, and to her dying day this hater will seek to re-make the whole world in her own wretched image.


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