UPDATE 9/16/21: A prominent member of the MAGA-averse journo-listers explains why AOC’s saucy socialist recent romp among the rich isn’t hypocrisy but, clearly, obviously, without question an expression of egalitarian principle! He forgets that she is among friends who are more than happy to have a media hog like her to broadcast their noble shared message of Equality For All!!!…although most of them are regrettably duty-bound to remain a little more equal than others in most things. But their hearts are all in the right place, just at a slightly higher level of compassion.

Lady Bountiful & Friends looking down. Don’t cry for me, Puerto Rico!! So nice the poor have a champion at the Met Gala. 

UPDATE 9/14/21: The clueless, disconnected Marxist Elite just raised their own idiotic Radical Chic threshold. We envious Little People looking on were treated to AOC herself sporting a garish, splashed-blood-red TAX THE RICH! on her undoubtedly expensive gown for this $30K a head benefit for the Met. The outrageous joke is apparently lost on her.


9/15/21: No there there. But there are his handlers, whoever they are.

UPDATE 9/14/21: Follow the chain of corruption.

Quoth First Brother Jim Biden: “We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.” 

Hunter’s “unsubstantiated” laptop (which the whole world has seen up close and way too personal) dares the world to believe the NY TImes and not its own eyes and ears.

UPDATE 9/12/21: It is more than reasonable to opine that the eminently dislikeable Biden has very little connection with the dictatorial gibberish he spews or the disasters he’s creating. If only one could chalk it up to his innate hypocrisy or a lifetime pathological habit of lying. What is certain is that remote-controlled  asylum out-patient Joe has demonstrated that he will keep us asking what fresh new depths of hell are we in for this week….and next week…and the next.






UPDATE 9/17/21: Some good conservatives opine that Trump should bow out because he’s too “divisive.” In fact, he is a uniting force for the genuinely conservative base uninterested in yielding yet more of our liberties to what has become a far-Leftist Democratic Party with now-unhidden Globalist/communist goals.

The real divisive force is  the Never Trump Republican establishment, now maneuvering within its ranks to erase MAGA (Trump/DeSantis) from the running. This has long been the stated goal of Nikki Haley for one among a number of others hoping for top spot on the GOP ticket in 2024.

When will conservatives and those sorta/kinda/in a way leaning that direction learn that undiluted conservatism-unimpeachable Constitutional liberties, unfettered free markets, low taxes, no-nonsense national defense and firmly controlled legal immigration-is what wins elections, not compromising or “reaching across the aisle.” We’re looking at four more years of the Biden regime if these scheming RINOS gain any real traction.

UPDATE 9/15/21: In the person and execrable words of GWBush on 9/1/21, we are faced with the “foul spirit” of those elitist Republican snobs who were comfy enough with Reagan’s vision while in the decades since adamantly advancing the Globalist/Marxist candidacies of Obama, HR Clinton and Biden. How cringe-worthy for us now to have voted and supported such ambiguously unprincipled people as Bush and his progressively more “progressive” successors like McCain and Romney.

It is becoming ever more obvious what a seminal figure Trump has proven to be, what a departure from DC business-as-usual he was in actually tackling real problems for the sake of solving them, not merely for political posturing and image. Strange how someone branded as being so grandiose and narcissistic has proven to be the most effective, accessible and generous presence conservatives have enjoyed since Reagan.

Meanwhile, the “dignified gentlemen” of the Bush ilk has proven themselves utterly detached from real people and real life, as much or more than their Woke socialist multi-millionaire counterparts on the Left. What an embarrassment and what dire consequences for America and the world that we are now experiencing and certain to compound in the coming years.

Just a little reminder of what an incestuous, elite world DC has been…and the consequences.

UPDATE 9/14/21: In response to Dubya’s outrageous comparison of supporters to the Taliban, Laura Ingraham clearly articulates the disenchantment with the Bush Family establishment that stupidly wishes to ingratiate itself with the very same Leftist/Democrat establishment that demonized Dubya as Hitlerian non-stop throughout his tenure. You see, the conservative base has found a new home in Trump and his can-do/will-do approach to preserving and enhancing the American Way. And the Bush legacy now, justifiably, finds itself rejected and headed for posterity’s dumpster.

Trump Derangement Syndrome at the highest levels. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Dubya’s “Fowl Spirit” that brings dirty birds of a feather together. 


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