UPDATE 10/1/21: We are seeing “Animal Farm” in real time when our Elite Wokesters in DC & Hollywood make the old “anti-fascist” sounds of Stalinists while living, behaving  and being the fascists they claim to hate.

Translated to Orwellian: “four legs good, two legs bad.” Now, that the Elite four leggers have taken on the ways of  the enemy, it’s “four legs good, two legs better.”




UPDATE 10/2/21: Having Joe Biden as POTUS is so bad it can actually be comic.

UPDATE 10/1/21: Easy, casual corruption and serial lying is a way of life for the Bidens as demonstrated by Big Guy Joe and his sloppier alter ego Hunter, brought down from the attic for public view like Dorian Gray’s monstrous real self. The collective jaw drops at the reality of this (literally) braindead Nowhere Man publicly calling Afghanistan “an extraordinary success”  and his pride & joy Hunter “the smartest guy I know?” Some call it “genius criminality.” Those of us made from coarser fiber just call it criminality, amoral mediocrities allowed to get away unpunished for the only thing they know how to do and be.



UPDATE 10/1/21: Hopefully soon he and his toxic policies will be history for New York as common sense and reality replaces the battered wife romance New Yorkers have with their committed communist mayor. For the record, it’s interesting to note his background as revealed by the crimson Red FBI file of the former Warren Wilhelm, Jr.’s mother. So akin to the Obama story: communist parents, absent father, the assumption of a new “ethnic” name to get ahead in Leftist politics.


UPDATE 9/29/21: For those of us who don’t feel comfortable with serial liars totally versed in Orwellian Doublethink, help is on the way in the form of this video, compiling Fauci’s casual lies and ever-evolving views on things. This is the man who gave all those closet totalitarians worldwide the gift of Covid Panic and the fatal willingness of millions to be locked up and locked down for “safety.”

And why has there been so little mention of the obvious conflict of interest of Dr. Tony Fauci, the Covid scam’s most visible public relations mouthpiece making pillow talk with Dr. Christine Grady (aka Mrs. Fauci), the woman heading up the NIH’s bioethics department, regulator of….wait for it…which drugs, treatments, research are officially ok and which are not?

Presenting America’s Dr. and Mrs. Big Nurse. They decide what’s good for you, little Mr. & Mrs. Nothing Public …but more much more importantly, what’s good for them and the corporate and Deep State interests  behind the curtain.





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