Smile and the whole world smiles with you...unless you're Bill de Blasio (nee Warren Wilhelm, Jr.).
Smile and the whole world smiles with you…unless you’re the charmless Bill de Blasio (nee Warren Wilhelm Jr.).

UPDATE 10/1/21: Hopefully soon he and his toxic policies will be history for New York as common sense and reality replace the battered wife romance New Yorkers have with their committed communist mayor. For the record, it’s interesting to note his background as revealed by the crimson Red FBI file of the former Warren Wilhelm, Jr.’s mother. So akin to the Obama story: communist parents, absent father, the assumption of a new “ethnic” name to get ahead in Leftist politics.

UPDATE 12/19/20: The Mayor of what was once America’s (and the world’s) greatest city now makes no secret of being a communist. Perhaps those New Yorkers wishing to keep their own money and property might re-think the wisdom of their choice of leadership.

No longer just a "communist past" but an unabashed communist present & future.
No longer just a “communist past” but an unabashed communist present & future.

UPDATE 5/2/20: The Big Apple Stalinist who eschewed his uber-Germanic real name for a more ethnic (and electable) moniker goes Full Nazi and  issues a viciously direct threat to observant Jews defying his unreasonable lockdown edicts. Not a good look for the elected boss of a city boasting 1.5 million of those uppity big-nosed Christkillers.

UPDATE 4/26/20: Taking a Stalinist stab at being the most hated man in America, the NY Mayor Formerly Known As Warren Wilhelm offers New Yorkers a snitch hotline to turn in those NYC counter-revolutionaries stepping outside, going to the park, walking  for some fresh air, a little relief, attending church, all the “non-essential” things Kaiser Bill wouldn’t dream of depriving himself. Like being chauffeured daily to his gym avec private trainer. Essentials for me, not for thee. Luckily for the inert voters who put him where he is, his little bit of jackboot Communism with a Nazi flavor hasn’t flown. What other totalitarian fun is next for the Big Apple’s Biggest Little Dictator? Meanwhile NYC murder rates have suddenly jumped during the Big Apple Lockdown, but what’s a few dead New Yorkers that don’t merit headlines or grandstanding?

The response has been thoroughly positive!
The response has been thoroughly positive!

UPDATE 7/10/18: An image to cherish-selfless socialists Bernie & Blas, relaxing lakeside at Bernie’s 3rd residence, his vacation home on Lake Champlain, casually planning their next assault on income inequality and the greedy One Percent. All for the Little People!

“Bill de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm Jr. on May 8, 1961 in New York City and grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Shortly after graduating with a bachelor’s degree from New York University in 1983, he legally changed his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, adding his mother’s maiden name to his identity. In 2002 he changed his name for a second time and became Bill de Blasio.”

UPDATE 8/4/16: Apres Bratton, le deluge. Minus a Police Chief standing between them and chaos, dense Gothamites may feel the full consequence of a De Blasio New York.

A leopard can’t change his spots, but a hustler with Progressive political ambitions can always change his name to sound more PC “ethnic.” Smart move on his part because that non-Teutonic name, the fashionable mixed-racial family, and the unabashedly radical history are apparently just what New Yorkers want. Ah, bring back the good old pre-Giuliani days of getting mugged in broad daylight on dirty, garbage-strewn streets and fighting off the squeegee men!   No more “racial profiling,” no more Stop ‘N Frisk! Don’t trust the police, he sagely tells his own half-black son ( not to mention the subverted cops and everyone else)! Happy Days are here again as the vile One Percenters flee the City with its exorbitant taxes bankrolling that promised “free” diamond-studded chicken in every pot! He even hops over to Rome to lecture the world on “Modern Slavery and Climate Change” (?). And impolitely late as usual!

Hey, Big Apple! You want a fanatical Socialist parasite attacking its host from every possible angle, the host without which it can’t survive? You got one for Mayor! Welcome to the de Blasio era! And very happy landings off that cliff.

Bill embarrasses his family by wearing a suit and tie to his swearing in.
The new Mayor embarrasses his family by wearing a suit and tie to his swearing in.