UPDATE 3/12/24: De-banking the truckers gave us more than a hint, and now the proposed online storm trooping officially elevates the little Prince Justin to the full tyrant status he so admires in his hero Fidel. 

Be careful what you say and be equally careful what you think before you even say it. 

Twin turds wrapped in a maple leaf. 


UPDATE 11/21/22: Some say he’s the heart throb of a lot of homely, brain-dead Canadian females, but to ChiCom Big Xi’s, he’s “Little Potato,” and his Beijing Boss has recently baked and boiled the Maple Leaf French Fry in public. Chit-chat between totalitarians should be confidential, not made public, scolds the Big ChiCom. We live in a frank and open society, lies the Canadian commissar in reply.

I am merely Bad, O Worse One. Perhaps in solidarity, we can become the Worst.


UPDATE 8/29/22: What on earth has happened to Canada to appoint The Little Snot as its resident Dr. Kevorkian?

Looks like Dr. Kevorkian in front of his cheery artwork, but it’s really Justin.

UPDATE 6/1/22: Emulating his communist heroes like Fidel, Justin is going all out to suspend any and all rights of a formerly free people up north. Now all 9mm handguns are deemed dangerous in general to the well-being of peaceful society and overdue for confiscation. Note in reading his proclamation he includes “sport shooting and hunting” but neglects self-defense as legit reasons to own a gun. And certainly excludes his own armed details from such restriction.  Surely just an unintentional oversight of a tyrant ever on the rise.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Justin’s longing to turn Ottawa into his own Little Havana continues apace.

What’s the difference between Canada and North Korea? One country is a police state under the boot of a young tyrant scion of his father’s dynasty who brutally crushes opponents, free speech, and liberty, and the other is a country in Asia.

“A wannabe emperor, a haircut with an ego like Justin Trudeau…” (at 8:40).

UPDATE 2/22/22: Poor Mad King Justin informs us that it’s our fault he has been forced to do what he is doing to all of us inferiors and will continue indefinitely to do. This is one sick 50-something Bad Seed with a whole team of professionally planted syncophants enabling him. If and when those giving him his Great Reset marching orders are forced by full exposure to desert him, we will see a puddle where this out-of-control little tyrant used to be.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Optimists look beyond the Prime Muenster’s current malevolence and see an arrogant fop permanently tarnished and disgraced, his public life ended. Let us hope.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Tears are falling like rain for police complaining about too many calls excoriating them for tyrannizing the public on behalf of the Pouty PM.

UPDATE 2/19/22: Canada seems to have acquired its very own January 6, and it has its very own madman to instigate it. Sometimes rumored to be the product of a fling between his naughty girl mother and Castro, the Prime Miniature (h/t to Greg Gutfeld) has made his admiration for the Cuban tyrant well-known and is most definitely the ideological if not the biological offspring of Mao & Stalin’s Caribbean counterpart. It’s like father, like son, both the slick Gallic one and the one with the green fatigues & scraggly beard. Shooting and full violent confrontation seem ominously possible, but first comes cruel intimidation from El Despotito in the form of freezing bank accounts, the confiscation of funding, threats of impounding and liquidating pets, Any sympathetic media covering this outrage are equally subject to the wrath of the Boy King’s haywire regime. How far will this go? Will the Canadians stand up to this?  Or are we witnessing the onset of a Soviet dictatorship just North Of The Border?

UPDATE 2/17/22: The Little Boy King touts his “responsible leadership” and draws gales of contemptuous laughter from the Parliament he addresses. Helpless to resort to anything but projection of his own Nazi tendencies, let’s hope this loose cannon is allowed only to go as far as horrifying and waking up a nation. If the populace, police and military forces continue to support him, we are looking at a worst case scenario.

UPDATE 2/15/22: The little tyrant is seeking to have his decisive moment as Big Tyrant. Will the people of Canada acquiesce to him?

UPDATE 2/13/22: Dare we hope that the Freedom Convoy provides the spoiled Prince Justin with his Ceausescu moment? Or are we facing an unthinkable Tiananmen Square horror? We wait anxiously to see if the populace can look directly in the face of tyranny and overthrow it…or look the other way and let it do its worst. How about a third choice: that the empty little tyrant be forced to leave the public square and find out what it’s like to earn standing in this world on merit, not by force.

God willing the worst case scenario is avoided: resistant people killed, the surviving populace cowed into permanent submission. We are living in a world of multiple breaking points.

The Little Dictator is getting some very bad ideas, and the world is not amused. 

UPDATE 2/12/22: This seems to be the big moment for the Canadian Snot-In-Chief to display the vicious nature he shares with all spoiled brats who are handed the power to be tyrants. Not surprisingly, his own brother knows him too well. Considering the glowing admiration expressed for “El Commandante” at the Cuban monster’s passing, the comparisons to Fidel are not unreasonable.

Rumors have flown about for years that the two are related by more than a nasty personal tendency toward totalitarian tyranny.


UPDATE 9/24/21: The silliest self-anointed tyrant on display these days is the French smarty pants Woke Boy King  north of the border, Up Canada Way. And he’s right in character these days, taking advantage of the newly created apartheid of The Holy Vaccinated vs The Untouchable, Selfish BAD UnVaccinated. Vaccine passports are rewards for “good” people who “do the right thing.”  Everyone else is BAD and due for punishment.

UPDATE 2/27/18: The sensible world continues to gape in shock as the silly Boy President dons Halloween costumes in India, consorts with the local terrorist (Sikh) element in giggling, gleeful hopes of turning Canada into Sweden.

UPDATE 1/9/18: Our Man In Ottawa continues to roll out the welcome mat to Islam. Are Canadians totally unaware of how effective “peaceful coexistence” is in such multicultural paradises as Sweden and Germany?

UPDATE 10/17/17: Canada faces its severe Sinatra Factor testotosterone shortage in high places as fully demonstrated by it’s boy PM’s open-door policy. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/11/16: Heartwarming display of a Special Relationship between not Canada and America but two Progressive boy puppets posing as world leaders. Weighty affairs will just have to wait.

Canada now has its very own Obama. No mystery to his background, no mystery to how he plans to “transform” Canada. The only mystery is how masses of Canadian adults (by virtue of their legal voting age, not worldly wisdom) can be so hopelessly stupid and hell-bent on self-destruction. One need only hear the very photogenic new PM’s sympathetic assessment of those otherwise-nice Boston Marathon bombers to get the full measure of what his country and our northern border can expect with regard to defense from Muslim terrorism: “…there is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society.” Spoken like the typical elitist at war with reality: the old Leftist moral equivalency thing. It’s really our fault, you know.


Oh well, as one linked writer sighs, we don’t have to worry about being called racists when we accurately describe the very white,  spoiled Justin as the juvenilemorally bankrupt, arrogant brat he is.

Prince Bonehead[1]
Doofy Dauphin, also referred to by some of his loyal subjects as Prince Bonehead.

O Canada, you’ve really stepped in it this time.


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