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November 3, 2012
Brilliant. Now why again should we keep borrowing and spending?

Brilliant. Now why again should we keep borrowing and spending?

UPDATE 12/31/17: Magical Seer PK again misses his cap and has another unsightly feather sticking out of his nose. Remember his amazing foresight last November in predicting a collapsed Trump economy and stock market? When will this fraud be finally cut loose to be opening act for Hillary’s annual Nostalgia Comeback Tour? Note his failed bromance for Donald in 2015 (see below) before the latter cut loose to be himself?

UPDATE 11/26/16: All-Wise Yoda Paul’s despondency over the meteor that’s hit him and the rest of the American Left exemplifies what Les Deplorables loathe in a Barack or Hillary: laughable arrogance, entitlement to power, the very un-American notion that we are subjects of Superiors like BO, HRC, PK needing to be “protected” and manipulated like annoying serfs.

UPDATE: 9/7/15-Paul Krugman likes Donald Trump’s economics (Tax The Rich! Socialized Healthcare!) but stops abruptly short of endorsing his candidacy. Can this be an alert that The Donald might not be what Conservatives really want?

UPDATE: April, 2014-Income “Equality” advocate Paul Krugman scores $25,000/month “consulting fee” to show up for a few hours now and then at CUNY to awe young mushheads with his disapproving views on Income InEquality!  Presumably, the fat honorarium affords PK the scholarly perspective of being one of the evil One Percenters. In so being, he is in a much better position to explain the agonies of Inequality to the rest of us.  To date, no word on how much of that easy cash this Avatar of Equal Income plans to donate to full-time teachers scraping by on modest annual salaries. Equality for thee, big bucks for me.

He has much to teach us.

He has much to teach us.

UPDATE: 1/16/13-Stop The Presses! Unfairly smart Visionary/Seer Paul Krugman still wrong! Touts MORE spending as The Answer!! When in doubt, spend! When not in doubt, spend! When Paul Krugman, spend…Other People’s Money.

UPDATE: 1/8/13-Grandly turns down the job of U.S. Treasury Secretary which nobody ever bothered offering him anyhow. Why kneepad it for Obama in the public sector when there’s so much more money & freedom “doing it” in the private sector? Only a Conservative champion of the free market like Paul Krugman could figure that one out, but apparently only when it comes to his own best interests. So stop the presses(again)! The fearless Outsider is staying put…at the radical Fox News/Talk Tadio affiliate NY Times.

UPDATE: 12/11/12- Still a hopeless Obama shill, the Nobel Prize Winner can’t stop campaigning for the Democratic Party and start discussing basic economics familiar to anyone who’s ever balanced a checkbook.

Krugman Zone

UPDATE: 6/7/12- Little Estonia, practicing austerity, teaches the boundlessly smug Paul Krugman a basic lesson in Economics 101. How humiliating to see a whole country thriving by standing diametrically opposite everything Krugman proposes. “Now Paul, if you’re in a hole and you keep digging, it doesn’t get you out. It gets you in deeper.” How humiliating to find oneself looking like a silly nerd next to someone who actually does things in life, not just writes about them.

Totally unfair distribution of brains and practical experience.

Totally unfair distribution of brains and practical experience.

Breathtaking: on a scale of 1-10, Paul Krugman assesses his own brilliance, and comes up with a modest 457! He wishes he could be wrong about something, anything…and, lo and behold, to anyone with a scintilla of common sense, he gets his wish! Basically, his pat solution for boundless debt: More Spending, More Debt! Obamacare? Juggle a few bogus numbers. A winner!   Naturally, he’s not going to pay for it out of his own ample wealth. Presumably, his evil whipping boy Plutocrats(excluding himself) will foot the bill.

Money, always Money on the brain. And he gets paid lots and lots of Money for all those worthless ideas and wins all sorts of prizes! What a country!


No ivory tower necessary for shy Wonder Boy: life is good and very profitable hiding behind the skirts of the Old Gray Lady. Hell, you don’t even have to be right about anything. You just have to pontificate and be Paul Krugman.


Life is good when everyone thinks you’re a genius, brilliant, “unceasingly smart.” [Well, not everyone.] The President calls, the Nobel Committee salavers, religious NY Times readers swoon, and all Paul has to do is repeat: Spend! Spend! Spend!

Every time it rains, it rains Obama Trillions; Take a hint from J.M. Keynes, more Obama Trillions…


I can’t believe all the people who’ve fallen for this thing. Go figure. Maybe I’ll really start believing that the way out of a hole is to keep digging down. Like in Detroit! Like in Greece!

paul-krugman[1] (2)

OMG! Paul Krugman!!!! It’s like the Paramount, 1943!!! I’m gonna faint!!!


At least Mitzi will love me when my cover’s totally blown, and the gravy train dries up.


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    […] If the goal is an increasing prosperity for the poorer among us and NOT taxing the rich & successful, “well-intentioned” Leftists might consider lower taxes. But that would be “tax breaks for the rich!!!” [Oops, there they go again. Just can't help themselves. Reflexively hating the rich much more intensively than loving the poor.] Since Obama & Co. haven’t [yet] outlawed people moving to where jobs & potential prosperity are, people are doing just that. And for numbers, compare Maine & New Hampshire for two contrasting economic histories. Maine has penalized the private sector with high taxes, New Hampshire hasn’t. The coffee mug & tote bag for guessing which one has the higher per capita income and larger private sector. Thankfully for Maine, they now have a governor who understands Economics 101 and doesn’t waste his precious time reading the very silly Paul Krugman. […]

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