Distress call: radical chic knee and a future crisis in the House Of Windsor.
Warning: a radically chic distressed knee and a distress call from the House Of Windsor waiting to happen.


UPDATE 7/6/23: The rise and fall of Meghan and Harry, just another pair of greedy grifters, remains instructive. It’s amusing and often fun to gossip about the rich and famous. It’s another to attribute any significance or value to them because they claim to care and speak out about “important issues.” The Queen, to her great credit, was a pleasant lady and reassuring presence, just as Wills and Kate appear to be. The lead weights currently plopped on the throne are anything but stabilizing.

The only reason there’s a future for the Windsors. 

UPDATE 6/29/23: Finally, finally, finally Meghan and Harry have fallen below that line below which even the most gullible fool might find them interesting or worthy of any attention. One astute epitaph claims it’s because Americans don’t identify with lazy, useless socialites. Perhaps it’s also because they are liars, cheats, homewreckers, selfish, soggy with self-absorption that would make the wettest sponge jealous. They are low-class grifters and yes, entitled snobs who, like so many of those Leftward-leaning types claiming great philanthropic motives, actually care not a jot about anyone who can’t pay them big bucks or boundless admiration. They will only continue to be interesting to watch as their joint marriage/enterprise/boondoggle comes apart at the seams, and the morally balanced breathe a sigh of relief that at least some phonies and bad actors these days are suffering a little “karma.”  

UPDATE 5/18/23: Latest “Oh jeez” moment from the Sussexes. What, no crash in the Lincoln Tunnel to go out in a blaze like Mom did in Paris? Of course not. Who wants to be remembered for running into a wall on the way to New Jersey?

We want our privacy!  [DON’T YOU DARE] stop chasing us! 

P.S. This was all about Megs being presented with a “Woman Of Vision” award. The only things in this woman’s field of vision are “Where are the cameras?’ and “Show me the money.”

UPDATE 1/13/23: Tears of sympathy worldwide now at flood levels. [By the way, this is satire although it’s gotten hard to say what is and isn’t these days.]

UPDATE 12/16/22: The only reason two spoiled Tinsel Town phonies like Meghan & Harry matter is their over-publicized Woke war of lies on the British monarchy and the healthy, stabilizing traditions of Western Civilization it represents.

UPDATE 7/28/21: Excitement grows over the announcement of not one, not two, not three, but four little golden books forthcoming from Prince Harry. 

From the same country that gave us Shakespeare and Dr. Johnson emerges a 21st century literary giant….

UPDATE 7/8/21: As evidenced over the last year or two, this silly pair are significant only in the damage they are capable of doing to decent social norms as symbolized by the Royals. Their lying accusations of racism and psychological torture are nothing more than the chic Wokeness of two nasty brats trying to score the big bucks and attendant perks offered only in Hollywood. She’s sociopathic trash, and he’s famous and dumb. That can add up to a lot in La-La Land that wouldn’t fill a thimble among normal people elsewhere.

Hollywood brats.

UPDATE 6/22/21: No surprise these two opportunists registered baby Lilibet Diana in a variety of domain name combinations well before informing Great Granny that she could like it or lump it. For upstart Royals parleying family connections into a King’s Ransom living, even babies are business.

UPDATE 6/19/21: Naming their baby girl Lilibet Diana is a good business decision  for a couple of budding, big-time merchandisers. Some have sighed over the sweet sentiments on display while overlooking what would have been the kinder, more balanced gesture of naming the baby after both the new baby’s grandmothers: Daria Diana or Diana Daria. But they didn’t. It is obvious that there is a vast difference in dollars and magazine covers to be had between a “Baby Daria Diana” and a “Baby QE2.” One suspects Grandma Daria isn’t grumbling, considering all the major perks coming her way with her daughter’s savvy choice of malleable groom.

Way more than mugs and tote bags to be hawked!

UPDATE 3/28/21: This silly duo have moved beyond being a pair of ridiculous tabloid fools. They are just two more irresponsible liars, contributing to the further poisoning of a seriously fragmented social order. For a third-tier Hollywood type of our era, this sort of malicious mischief has become routine career advancement.

UPDATE 3/10/21: Old and getting moldier by the second. Four letters, one acronym. IAVT. The message to the young, stupid and generally impressionable: even a Royal can be a Victim too!

A cup of coffee, a sandwich and you-oooo…

UPDATE 3/7/21: On a blog devoted mostly to politics and the preservation of freedom, why waste time and print on vapid celebrities, particularly  those accurately typed by Candace Owens as the “Hollywood-kind?” The reason is crony capitalism, the inherently corrupt, often illegal alliance between the corporate and political worlds to the mutual advantage of both (and distinct disadvantage to a free, competitive market). Both seek power and money without limits, and what is Woke Hollywood but Leftist Big Business buying absolution and cover for their unfettered greed? Like their counterparts in politics, the Hollywood Elite Left promote the empty cliches of their political cronies-global harmony, Green New Deals, shared wealth-as they hop about the world on their carbon-spewing jets to the far-flung opulence of multiple estates hidden behind walls and personal security details while preaching austere global socialism, gun confiscation and the chaotic perils of Open Borders for the rest of us proles. What else explains the special fascination the Duchess of Sussex inspires in tabloid readers and those of us who study the acquisition and uses of power? Behold a total operator (and basically  dull personality)  getting away with it on the grandest scale.

P.S. Harry The Prince was just the ticket in for this adventuress and has no other real significance to the saga.

oprah, meghan

UPDATE 8/28/20: Ms. Fish-Without-A-Bicycle Gloria Steinem plumbs new depths of irrelevance in an earthshaking sit-down summit with erstwhile Royal-At-Large/Hollywood Activist/Global Humanitarian Meghan in the garden of the latter’s spanking new $11 million Santa Barbara estate. Funny the VERY upscale settings where these poseurs of Universal Equality position  themselves. As Concerned Elite, they’ve earned it. The big takeaway? Harry’s a feminist! And Gloria approves!

UPDATE 2/13/20: The Royal Consumption has begun. Not a pretty sight.

UPDATE 1/14/20: Oh, my. It’s happened. The distress call predicted early on. The world’s two most pampered, cossetted, spoiled, privileged Victims have just played the Victim card (IAVT!) and declared their independence from the Royal Motherlode (who has just weighed in with proper, predictable class). Naturally, they’ve bravely chosen to keep the perk$$$$ of being Royals while eschewing the boring stuff, all the while being the Radical Chic, Trump-hating darlings of All The Right Rich Lefties. We should all be so put upon.

ORIGINAL POST 9/22/19: A Progressive friend recently asked in a troubled tone of voice, “Why do the British dislike Meghan Markle so much?”

For this particular purveyor of the conventional dumb Leftist litany-Global Warming, Green New Deals, Open Borders, Medicare For All, Hate Trump, Hate Trump & Hate Trump-the answer has to be upsetting: basic British common sense. After all, these are the people who gave us Western Civilization, Shakespeare, Churchill, Ealing Studios & Carry-On films; and a nice cup of tea to sort things out.

Hapless Harry, the spare heir, has made the marital choice of a vacuous social climber with radical chic Progressive pretensions. One social commentator ascribes to her the lofty role of revolutionary royal party-crasher on the House of Windsor, the outspoken modern Woman Of Color With Opinions.

More like it, she has recently been prime party to one of those chic lists on which no one with more than a thimble-full of brains and/or class would ever voluntarily appear. In the rather worthless estimation of “The Duchess,” anyone who has an ethnic, unpronounceable name,  loves Jane Fonda & Greta Thunberg, hates Donald Trump and all who voted for him, is “cool.”

The rest of us, eschewing those who feel qualified to force their Progressive poison down our collective throat, would “rather not” when it comes to anything pertaining to Little Miss Markle. One eagerly awaits Meg’s Grandma-In-Law to weigh-in on this world-class lightweight but will not be putting aside breathing and eating in the interim. The Queen has always exercised admirable self-restraint, and we would be sensible to do likewise.