Meghan Markle, Dimwit Dem Duchess

September 22, 2019
Distress call: radical chic knee and a future crisis in the House Of Windsor.

Warning: a radically chic distressed knee and a distress call from the House Of Windsor waiting to happen.

A Progressive friend recently asked in a troubled tone of voice, “Why do the British dislike Meghan Markle so much?”

For this particular purveyor of the conventional dumb Leftist litany-Global Warming, Green New Deals, Open Borders, Medicare For All, Hate Trump, Hate Trump & Hate Trump-the answer has to be upsetting: basic British common sense. After all, these are the people who gave us Western Civilization, Shakespeare, Churchill, Ealing Studios & Carry-On films; and a nice cup of tea to sort things out.

Hapless Harry, the spare heir, has made the marital choice of a vacuous social climber with radical chic Progressive pretensions. One social commentator ascribes to her the lofty role of revolutionary royal party-crasher on the House of Windsor, the outspoken modern Woman Of Color With Opinions.

More like it, she has recently been prime party to one of those chic lists on which no one with more than a thimble-full of brains and/or class would ever voluntarily appear. In the rather worthless estimation of “The Duchess,” anyone who has an ethnic, unpronounceable name,  loves Jane Fonda & Greta Thunberg, hates Donald Trump and all who voted for him, is “cool.”

The rest of us, eschewing those who feel qualified to force their Progressive poison down our collective throat, would “rather not” when it comes to anything pertaining to Little Miss Markle. One eagerly awaits Meg’s Grandma-In-Law to weigh-in on this world-class lightweight but will not be putting aside breathing and eating in the interim. The Queen has always exercised admirable self-restraint, and we would be sensible to do likewise.

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