Ricky Gervais: the most dangerous (and smartest and most talented) man in Hollywood
RICKY THE IMPALER, the most dangerous (and smartest, most honest & most talented) man in Hollywood.

The supreme triviality, the deep-down, bottomless superficiality of today’s “woke” celebrities defies description. What is the precise word or words that capture, in all fairness, the banal utterances of these people?  “Useless” is accurate. “Mindless” works. “Clueless” is clinically accurate. “Dumb” is to the point. “Hypocritical” says it all.

We do have the pampered, noisy movie stars like George Clooney and Emma Thompson, always “on,” grandly holding forth regarding one great social concern or other, sacrificing precisely nothing of their own while acquiring a little gravitas among those followers as profoundly empty as themselves. One has to admire Meghan Markle for her cunning and finely honed gold digging skills, but her Prog pronouncements are as drearily dull as that of any Rich Young Socialist in the news. Silly songstress Taylor Swift can’t take wise Dolly Parton’s good advice and just Shut Up! about her feathery political fancies. Alas, Jane Fonda, an old (82) hand at having every worldly advantage imaginable, still sounds like the not-too-bright, nervous ex-debutante she was 50 years ago, calling for Revolution Of The Masses after her  first protest march.  It remains a source of wonder, this jaw-dropping lack of self-awareness, prominent morons oblivious to how they come off to us Normals who must actually think and speak correctly to survive in the real world.

Behold the recent declaration of principle by professional Famous Person and newly-minted activist Nicky Hilton. We quote this well turned-out Social Justice Warrior  declaring with a straight face: ““I am here in support of [sustainable fashion brand] Maison de Mode … So I pulled out an old Alice + Olivia skirt and wore a vintage Chanel bag, and I took the subway here,” she told us at Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Awards at Cipriani 42nd Street. “I took the 6. I feel like I am doing my part.”

Apparently, she’s added “Rothschild” to her already molto-moneyed name, so the idea of throwing good dollars at this  serious mental deficiency is out. Won’t someone tell her that the whole Global Warming/Climate Change thing is a hoax, so no need to make these sorts of painful sacrifice. Buy a whole new collection in Paris! Take a limo next time! Enjoy!

One need wait only a day or two, perhaps an hour until the next gossipy news cycle provides the next new low in meaningless gestures. The Poor will always be with us as will The Bored, Boring & Stupid, the life’s blood of today’s Democratic Party.  One can never be too thin, too rich or too dense, and the demagogues of the Left pushing social engineering over freedom are counting on it.

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Wear an old Chanel!
Take the subway!””

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