John Kerry

November 5, 2012
We are the company we keep.

We are the company we keep.

UPDATE 7/23/16: As long as we’ve got ISIS on the run, John tells us that refrigerators and air conditioning comprise a much greater threat to us than ISIS anyhow! All such ecologically terrorizing devices and comforts have summarily been removed from all of the Kerry homes, yachts and cars….oh…they haven’t? No problem. We know he’ll get to it. Anyhow, we want to assure him that we have these diabolical cooling golems on the run, so he can tend to the minor business of finishing off those obsolete JV terrorists. Maybe he can airdrop all those turned-in killer fridges & coolers on them and do a double save of the planet! [cue in “Outer Limits” theme.]

UPDATE 7/3/16: John Fraud Kerry, stellar successor to Mrs. Bill Clinton as Secretary of State, reminiscent of Churchillian grandeur, reassures us that each successive attack by ISIS is a victory of the Obama administration over Islamic terror. This is blather too stupid, silly and ridiculous to even rise to the level of Orwellian Newspeak.

Poseur, fraud, fortune-hunter, snob, hypocrite, opportunist, liar, almost President. Thanks be to  God…and to those who voted for Bush in 2004. Supposedly, he lost because he was “SwiftBoated,” a term that the Orwellian Demo squads defined as slandering/smearing/lying.

Unfortunately for Kerry, SwiftBoating actually means telling the truth about someone as backed up by the testimony of a large number of very reliable, honorable men. Nice try anyhow.

We are the company we keep.

Savvy photo-op. Nice dog.

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