Louis Henry “Skip” Gates, Jr.

November 5, 2012

Harvard luminary, PBS personality, highbrow race hustler  best known for his Do You Know Who I Am confrontation with a Cambridge policeman and the universally healing WH beer summit that followed.

2 Responses to Louis Henry “Skip” Gates, Jr.

  1. […] Gates, Harvard honcho/Cambridge resident & PBS star. Remember when it turned out that the Cambridge cop arresting him breaking into his own house was responding to a burglary report (ju… and, most inconveniently of all to the white-on-black-racism narrative, an Obama supporter! […]

  2. […] of violent race relations began in earnest soon into the Obama Era with the blown-up case of Harvard snippy snot Louis Gates breaking into his own Cambridge MA house and being questioned about it by a White police officer […]

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