Khizr “Con ‘Em” Khan

March 12, 2017

In Khizr “Con ‘Em” Khan, we find the ideal Dem Party stooge: a genuine victim willing to lie, abase himself and be exploited for cheap political gain. Gore and Biden have unabashedly tried to use that ploy to be Commander-in-Grief over a devoted nation of commiserating sad sacks. In Khan’s case, he’s the [Sharia-loving Muslim] Gold Star father trotted out at Hillary’s convention, playing on people’s natural sympathy for a grieving parent. Who dares criticize him? How can we not cede absolute moral authority to him and the Party of Compassion he represents? But now, he’s gone a manipulative teardrop too far, lying about being restricted from traveling in the wake of Trump’s cruel, cruel, cruel call for rational enforcement of long-standing immigration laws.

Oh dear, what would the Dem Party be without a nation of Victims, pigeonholed by Identity Politics, here a victim, there a victim, everywhere a victim?  In fact, it would cease to exist. Could this possibly explain the degree of panic and insanity at work among the Obama/Clinton flock when faced with a voting public fleeing from victimhood, fired by the thought of “so much winning… you may get bored with winning”?



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