Nice prop except Khan is on record saying that Sharia Law has got our lousy old American Constitution beat all to hell.

In Khizr “Con ‘Em” Khan, we find the ideal Dem Party stooge: a genuine victim willing to lie, abase himself and be exploited for cheap political gain. Gore and Biden have unabashedly tried to use that ploy to be Commander-in-Grief over a devoted nation of commiserating sad sacks. In Khan’s case, he’s the [Sharia-loving Muslim] Gold Star father trotted out at Hillary’s convention, playing on people’s natural sympathy for a grieving parent. Who dares criticize him? How can we not cede absolute moral authority to him and the Party of Compassion he represents? But now, he’s gone a manipulative teardrop too far, lying about being restricted from traveling in the wake of Trump’s cruel, cruel, cruel call for rational enforcement of long-standing immigration laws.

Oh dear, what would the Dem Party be without a nation of Victims, pigeonholed by Identity Politics, here a victim, there a victim, everywhere a victim?  In fact, it would cease to exist. Could this possibly explain the degree of panic and insanity at work among the Obama/Clinton flock when faced with a voting public fleeing from victimhood, fired by the thought of “so much winning… you may get bored with winning”?



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