UPDATE 9/10/23: One needn’t be famous to be a Limo Lib, just rich and soulless enough to think spouting Leftists canards will save you from the tumbrils and guillotines. It doesn’t get much sillier than a wealthy, White Chicago country club staging a “poverty simulation event” to acquaint its members with being down and out. Two whole hours of being broke! (See invitation below). Perhaps hors d’oeuvres and sherry afterwards!?

Thanks to a viral tidal wave of  unsolicited publicity that was supposed to make the virtuous organizers feel even better about themselves, the blessed event has been aborted and quietly dropped down the memory hole.

Maaaahvelous idea, dahling!! Oh, let’s!!


UPDATE 7/6/23: Five years ago, I lamented having to give up Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Monkey” for whatever Haagen-Dazs had to offer and have reluctantly stuck with it every time passing the grocery ice cream freezers. But it’s no stretch to give up on the shameless hypocrisy of uber-rich capitalists preaching communist/collectivist twaddle. Now they’re telling all of us to give back the country to the Indians while mysteriously exempting themselves from making any move to do a deed transfer on any of their own extensive real estate holdings in Vermont and across the country. The reaction has been nothing less than comical. The same public outrage jettisoning Bud Light is doing the same to this pair of phonies and their brand, and their corporate bosses at Unilever are feeling the heat on the stock exchange. Alas.

Leave it to Jordan Peterson and the Babylon Bee (AntiFa-inspired flavors!!)

UPDATE 3/2/23: Remember when we (BabyBoomers) used to hear as kids from garden variety liberals, “Some of my best friends are Black”? Now, liberals desperate for love and amnesty from God-knows-what are now reduced to “Forgive me for being a privileged White Supremacist. And if makes you like me more, please believe me when I tell you how sorry I am for being born.”

Cutting the line to heaven on a grand scale, hopeful sinner Sally Field outdid her “You like me, you really like me!” bit and went down on her belly last week before what was presumably a properly Woke, interracial crowd of multimillionaires.

In a different setting, Ashton Kutcher provided his own stunning portrayal of a groveling fool. O, how we miss Old Hollywood.

UPDATE 2/7/23: Oh, great. We knew he was Green, and now we’re informed that he’s also DEI and Woke. The new King of England will be reading from the Koran at his coronation.  [Renaming the whole thing “Koranation” would be a nicely added, considerate touch.] To promote “diversity” of course. And no doubt, “equity” and “inclusion.”  Perhaps Meghan and Harry suggested this as a condition for agreeing to attend the big event where they will be chanting in unison with Charles from their prayer mats facing Mecca in Westminster Abbey.

Useful Idiocy/Silly Twitology 101. 

UPDATE 1/28/23: Rich, famous, empty phonies are a dime a dozen, but prominent super-Woke Beyonce’s willingness to take $24 million for a Dubai concert has drawn special attention. Predictably, this outrage is for a highly selective and properly Woke reason, Islamic homophobia, ignoring a multitude of other reasons equally deserving of outrage. Among the reasons ignored is that Islam itself treats women in general as chattel and thinks rich, free capitalists from the West like Beyonce are decadent infidels fully deserving of violent extinction. Other than that, no problem.

So respectful of her Muslim hosts, wearing that veil. But better cover that skin, and didn’t anyone tell her the proper fundamentalist veil material is opaque black-out curtains?

UPDATE 2/16/22: Wonder who are some of the noteworthy LimoLib celebs contributing to a fund that bailed out a BLM killer?  Surely it can’t be a surprise that they hail from the highest-paid strata of Hollywood/Broadway/Pop Music, and predictably, they are very proud and vocal about where their money and their support has gone. Or do they even know or care?

UPDATE 1/27/22: Take only a slightly deeper look at the most Woke rich celebs and corporate types wildly virtue signaling their Wokeness, and you’ll find a closet full of decidedly unWoke skeletons. Mars, Nike, Unilever are just a few examples of those financial behemoths posturing and pandering madly as Social Justice Warriors. Not surprisingly the conditions of their employees in Chinese or African slave labor camps are less than utopian.


UPDATE 11/13/21: The term “Limousine Liberal” hardly suffices when confronted with the Glasgow Climate Circus of Woke billionaires and silly celeb Cassandras, flying in on $ billions worth of private jets in service to spending $ trillions of other people’s money on…the weather. Marie-Antoinette and her fantasy peasant village and costumed milkmaid get-up amount to hardly a tiny droplet compared to this tsunami of ridiculous hypocrisy. Such self-absorbed decadence and detachment got Her Majesty the guillotine. Just saying…

UPDATE 9/16/21: A prominent member of the MAGA-averse journo-listers explains why AOC’s saucy socialist recent romp among the rich isn’t hypocrisy but clearly, obviously, without question an expression of egalitarian principle! He forgets that she is among friends who are more than happy to have a media hog like her to broadcast their noble shared message of Equality For All!!!…although most of them are regrettably duty-bound to remain a little more equal than others in most things. But their hearts are all in the right place, just at a slightly higher level of compassion.

Lady Bountiful & Friends looking down. Don’t cry for me, Puerto Rico!! So nice the poor have a champion at the Met Gala. 

UPDATE 9/14/21: The clueless, disconnected Marxist Elite just raised their own idiotic Radical Chic threshold. We envious Little People looking on were treated to AOC herself sporting a garish, splashed-blood-red TAX THE RICH! on her undoubtedly expensive gown for this $30K a head benefit for the Met. The outrageous joke is apparently lost on her.

UPDATE 7/1/21: Stacey Abrams, roaring up right up alongside Patrice Cullors, is moving rapidly into the LIMO LEFTIST lead with the sudden expansion of her own 7 figure real estate portfolio. Who says you have to be a crook to get rich in politics? Actually the answer is Harry Truman, not a rhetorical question, and he knew of what he spoke.

UPDATE 6/30/21: Previously visible but not notorious until now, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of RI has now attained richly earned fame as the paragon of the Rich, White, Elitist, Phony Snob using Woke ideology as a cover for being a Rich, White, Elitist, Phony Snob.

One recalls how deeeeeeeply troubled he was just a few years back by the presence of a former Catholic schoolboy with a past of [gasp!] drinking, swearing, “ralphing” and “boffing” being on the Supreme Court. And now the eminent Rich, White, Elitist, Phony Snob and perfectly named Sheldon Whitehouse now finds himself having to explain membership in ultra-Elite Rhode Island beach clubs that with his full knowledge…ahem…don’t include…er…persons of color. By invitation only, you know, and it happens new membership is currently closed. Oh my. One needn’t make up fictional characters like Thurston P. Howell III for “Gilligan’s Island when the Democratic Party and  U.S. Senate boasts the likes of a Sheldon Whitehouse.

UPDATE 1/20/19: For me, important personage that I am: walls, barriers, fences, private property, privacy, self-defense. For you? Nay, nay. “That’s not who we are.”

Paraphrasing Homer Simpson: “Entertainment Celebrities: Is there anything they can’t do?”

Alec Baldwin thinks he’s smart enough to be Mayor of NY or even POTUS. Why shouldn’t he think that after observing another pretty-faced, shallow teleprompter reader like himself carry it off for last four years? Unfortunately, Alec sits sadly by the phone that doesn’t ring, waiting for The Call that won’t come from the crafters of his brilliant political future. Then again, Al Franken is a U.S. Senator, and he’s neither pretty nor talented. In America, anything is possible.

Everything old is new again! There are still Commies in the movie business, only now they get to issue the Black Lists and be the Inquisitors!

Another bored denizen of the Hollywood wasteland: not being anyone worth hiring for anything, the unhinged, unlikeable psychopath/vulgarian Roseann Barr now spends her excessive free time pushing the revulsion threshold, figuring out new ways to shock, disgust and do harm if possible. No such thing as bad publicity for this attention glutton.

Barbra Streisand and George Clooney barely have time to pursue their respective bigtime careers due to the fulltime job of congratulating themselves in public on being….are you ready…Liberals! It’s one thing to have good looks or great vocal chords, but that’s just luck. It takes courage, nay character to be a Leftwing Democrat in Hollywood these days! What with Joe McCarthy and HUAC in full operative mode, a brave Tinseltown Liberal can barely go out of the house these days without being shipped off to the Cucamonga gulags.

For Barbra, George, Roseann, Alec and the rest of the Hollywood Left,  life is about Playing Roles, and being a certified Rich/Powerful/Famous Person Speaking Out for the Little Guy is the one role that makes these empty vessels feel good about themselves. Otherwise, they have to get up each morning, look in the mirror and face the grim reality of being wildly overpaid, overexposed, overadmired average (or less) Joes & Janes who read lines and look/sound good enough to sell to the masses. They must justify their obscenely pampered existences, so they courageously Speak Out even when no one cares a whit about anything they have to say. Shut Up And Sing, Babs!

Let’s start at the very beginning of the Obama administration, the Second Coming, the arrival of a photogenic black man with absolutely no qualifications beyond looking good on camera and being able to read a teleprompter effectively. Get this man an audition at the studio! Oh wait, he’s already a star, and we need him more than he needs us!

This video, produced by upper-level Obamatron and star magnet Oprah Winfrey, is the distilled, pathetic quintessence of Limousine Liberalism.

So, let us pledge allegiance….to the United States of America and its uniquely glorious history of freedom and unprecedented prosperity…..OR to some old Marxist manure in new bags named Obamania?

It’s four years later as of this writing, and one wonders how many slaves Demi Moore has managed to free? (One might ask how many lives has she managed to help enslave by supporting Obama’s socialist agenda of putting fresh new millions on the dole and destroying millions of jobs that might have freed those now-dependent millions?) How many lives has Cameron Diaz profoundly transformed with her self-sacrificing donation of…yessssss!…Her Smile? Was that gutsy girl(who knows the names of these “celebrities” any more?!) able to follow thru and save Mother Earth from Armageddon by drinking her water out of the tap instead of from a bottle?

Yes, O Loyal Servants of Your Newborn King Obama, four years have passed, and what do you have to show for yourselves and your empty, stupid, meaningless, risk-free Pledges? Hopefully, the guy who promised to be a better father followed thru, one of the few “pledges” with even a grain of potential value. Perhaps the spell has worn off: parents in 2013 Wisconsin demand an apology for the showing of this Red Diaper-flavored propaganda in a school. Writes the school principal to his students [which might be of interest to the know-nothing celebs spewing this twaddle] ‘The video conveyed a message that people serve  the presidency, when in fact our elected officials serve the people.”  Writes a mother on that Wisconsin town street, “It looks a little 1940s Germany.”

Herewith, an always-growing Rogue & Fool’s Gallery of loyal foot soldiers, low IQ cannon fodder for The Revolution: rich & famous Useful Idiots hoping to buy personal salvation in exchange for their on-camera, online endorsement of some vague “better world” promised by Obama’s Marxist nightmare. These wealthy busy-bodies have always been with us, and in the post-Obama world, they will continue to vie with one another for the media’s attention, hoping, hoping, hoping to discover (for the first time ever!) the same useless ways of making themselves feel worthy of their talent, wealth and fame.


Joan Baez

Beautiful voice, exotic look, old guard Bay Area 60s utopian always drawn to the anti-American Left. Obama! Occupy Wall Street! When will she ever learn, when will she ever learn?

Alec Baldwin

Right after 9/11/01, echoing Bill Clinton’s frustration at having missed being Prez at such a dramatic, star-turn moment, Alec Baldwin expressed a similar narcissistic fantasy. If there were to be another terror attack, he would want to be right there, in NYC, at the center of the action, not living a superficial life somewhere off in La-La Land. Alec has subsequently moved to NYC, still eagerly awaiting his starring role in “9/11, The Sequel.” In the meantime, he’s put out the word that he would be more than happy to pass the time being Mayor of the City. Who better to play Rudy Giuliani in The Sequel?

Alec’s distinguished place in the Obama Crime Family finds legitimacy in many ways, including his oft-quoted remarks about stoning [Conservative] Congressman Henry Hyde and his family to death.

Roseann Barr

Nothing endearing or safe about this mad woman on the lam. Now involuntarily retired from acting, she is the loose-screwed incarnation of idle hands being the devil’s playground. Here she is, memorably screaming the “Star Spangled Banner.” She does know how to get attention.

James Cameron

Gazillionaire director of “Titanic” and other billion dollar money trees, here’s yet another one of those Tinsel Town egomaniacs with a soft spot for every Leftwing cause floating by and, in classic Limo Lib fashion, a compulsion to tell everyone else that they must do with less.

George Clooney

A pampered actor braves the slings and arrows of fascist America and declares publicly, openly, without shame… “I am a Liberal. There I said it!”  Remembered unfondly in these quarters for his illiberal but typically Liberal remarks about Charlton Heston’s Alzheimer’s, George thinks free speech for people who disagree with him is a bit of a bother. He also finds himself in fashionable company damning the Super Rich and large capitalist corporations. Meanwhile, he hangs out with the Super Rich including heads of large capitalist corporations and raises Big Money for his favorite Big Government monopolistic politician. As Charlton Heston’s representative said of George referring to his much beloved Aunt Rosemary, “Sometimes class does skip a generation.”

David Crosby & Graham Nash

A pair of decrepit Rock relics, too much time & money on their hands, still wishing it was ’69 again.

Richard Dreyfuss

The “elegant” (his word) rationale by which proudly serious Hollywood Liberal-Citizen Richard Dreyfuss supports a leftwing demagogue’s wish that certain non-Liberals, VP Dick Cheney in particular, be…dead.

  Whoopi Goldberg

Talented, funny, now one of the great sages of The View, multimillionairess/Oscar winner/Deep Thinker Whoopi feigns concern about scary Mormons and the political Right sending her back to the slave quarters despite being one of America’s most obviously pampered, visibly privileged members of the Ruling Class.

Whoopi’s simple digs in Vermont recently(2012) on the market for $2.175 million, includes 745 acres.

Whoopi house

Spike Lee

So like Michelle-Antoinette herself, a professional Angry Black Man who would be out of a career without a permanent fan base of discontent and entitlement. ObamaNation’s fashionably “Angry Auteur.”


PR sorceress and less-than-Mensa political guru. However, she merits at least partial credit for saving Mother Earth by getting 70,000 rockers to jump up & down, thereby postponing the Planet’s meltdown…or new Ice Age…or whatever…

Bill Maher

“Barely a life form.” BM as described by Brent Bozell. One can only surmise what formative events  have made Bill so “difficult.” Try his name and the word “hate” on any search engine and take off the rest of the day getting through all the pages. Here just one vile sample of Maher’s contribution to our civilization, invariably at the expense of some Conservative personality or principle.

 Bette Midler

Bedazzling burlesque queen extraordinaire, alas The Divine Miss M lacks the brainpower and classy reticence to shut her mouth before expressing utterly irrational political opinions. Maybe it’s just because she waits to see what Hillary thinks before she weighs in on the world’s weighty matters.

Michael Moore

The ultimate anti-capitalist capitalist. Rich and productive Creator/Chief Profiteer of a multi-million dollar Hate The Rich & Productive cottage industry. Conniving hypocrite, serial liar, greedy fraud, wealthy Marxist propagandist. No discernible talent beyond mob manipulation and self-promotion.

Rosie O’Donnell

UPDATE 12/24/17: Famous for being accurately dubbed “a fat pig” by the shy Donald Trump, the madly impulsive former celebrity has tried to bribe two Senators to vote the way SHE would like. [Illegal by the way.] How else is a fanatical Lib going to get her way? It works like a charm on millions of welfare dependents expected to vote Dem, so what else is new?

Once likeable and funny, now as appealing as a rusty, stalled-out old steamer tub, belching smoke and run aground in the  mud, personal life mayhem and career ruination in her wake. A congenital bully, fanatic anti-gun advocate (with her own armed security detail) who longs to join the permanent ranks of poignant victimhood.


Sean Penn

Another sadistic bully/brat who somehow finds himself on the kind, compassionate, caring, generous, Leftwing side of the angels.

Always right there with a full camera crew to demonstrate proper philanthropy to the masses, Sean’s Hurricane Katrina Missionary Express yacht springs a leak on its first launch.

Not surprising that the famously petulant Mr. Penn finds himself very comfortable in the company of other tantrum tyrants, especially those who tyrannize whole nations. No sense hanging out with smalltimers.

Pete Seeger

Harvard-educated proletarian banjo plucker, Kennedy Center Honoree, head of his own corporation to manage his not insubstantial capitalist income, still lionized for being an unrepentant Stalinist.

Russell Simmons

A curious hybrid of crony capitalist, black radical leftist, grand scale street pusher of poisonous rap, cynical Occu-Pod subversive.

Bruce Springsteen

To these musical ears an unexplainable superstar. Supposedly THE Rock ‘n Roll Common Man,” a fellow skeptic opines with perfect accuracy that “nobody tries harder, and less persuasively, to be everyman than Bruce Springsteen.”

Barbra Streisand

The Grand Duchess of Hollywood Hypocrites. No doubt talented, no doubt obnoxious preaching to the rest of us to economize and sacrifice while living La Vida Barbra. Shut up and sing, Barbra.

 Barbara Walters

Long distinguished journalistic career highlighted by her skillful interviews, seemingly middle-of-the-road but an avatar/grande dame of today’s clearly left-leaning media… Disturbingly “impartial” when it comes to giving favorable air time to savage dictators.

8 Replies to “Famous Limo Libs”

  1. Joan Baez doesn’t belong on your list. Her belief in nonviolence is based on her being a Quaker, and she’s been very critical of human rights abuses by both right *and* left wing regimes. (Of particular note, she lambasted the Hanoi government, during the late ’70s, on their human rights record, earning the scorn of much of the Left in the process; she also publicly criticized the Soviet Union’s on human rights during the ’70s.) She has, of course, aligned with the left a great deal of the time, when she felt they were on the side of human rights, but she also has been vocal about not being blinded by ideology, and is not afraid to be critical of the left when she has felt that they were in the wrong.

    1. As you see in the commentary, it’s acknowledged that Baez, to her credit, gets it right on occasion. However, she consistently aligns with every socialist/redistributionist/anti-American scheme that comes down the pike, both domestic and foreign. Living in her exalted, well-heeled pacifist bubble in the Bay Area, Miss Baez refuses to see that the best prevention of violence and the use of military force is, unfortunately, the threat of violence and military force on behalf of FREE societies, not enslaved ones. America, for all its faults, is still a relatively free society though getting less so as she and her friend Obama have their Socialist way. At best, she is a Useful Idealistic Idiot; at worst, she’s a cocooned Radical Chic Elitist who loves her celebrity and all the romantic admiration it has brought her for decades. Whatever her skewed politics, she did have a rare, beautiful singing voice.

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