Dr. Al-Sayed

UPDATE 8/5/18: Lest anyone doubt that Islam Is The New Black (Progressive hue), how else to explain the hearty joint endorsements of DemSocs It Girl Ocasio-Cortez and multiple home owner Bernie?! And for an extra dab of whipped cream and cherry on top, Michael Moore!! Himself a close ally with fellow Marxist millionaires Sanders & Pocahontas in the noble fight to eliminate income inequality!!! Who wouldn’t want an unsurpassingly ugly hypocrite in his corner?

ORIGINAL POST 7/27/17: Looking to hype a young up-and-coming political candidate for national office? Black? Been there. Done that. Let’s try Islamic. They’re going for it in California, a doctor. And in Michigan, the biggest up-and-comer is another doctor. This one’s named Abdul el-Sayed, and he’s for governor of Michigan, a logical locale considering the beachhead non-assimilating Islam has established there. All this is doubtless strategized as a springboard to national office since he’s being sold as The New Obama. His first major qualification for political stardom is that he’s part of The Resistance, diagnosing Trump’s America as suffering sea-to-shining-sea “buyer’s remorse.” Then, positioning himself as the one man who can cure  Michigan’s severe environmental crises, a moribund Dem Party has found its desperately needed transfusion of new blood! Read all about it in a drum-beating Al-Jazeera interview.

In much less than a thousand words, the campaign website photo above messages, “Kindly public health physician who loves children of all creeds and colors.” Unlike the Deplorables who hate children, animals, and anyone who isn’t Rich and White. Very saleable indeed. Granted, a young M.D. who has actually done Something for Somebody is a major step up from the vain, empty, self-centered Community Organizer recently pawned off on those gullible and guilty  Americans seeking their next savior. It still comes as news to the Left that there are many millions of us wishing to be left alone to make our way independently through life’s gauntlet without the divine deliverance of BigGov Messianic Master Planners.

We shall see. One’s kinder nature hopes for the best, but realism must trump sentimentality. Many of us felt a twinge of optimism upon the accession of a new Pope with the attractively critter-friendly name of Francis. That one has proven a major disappointment as his Progressive Marxist stripes have now indelibly stained through his pure white Papal robes.

Similar cynicism seems very much in line here with regard to Dr. El-Sayed. Hopefully, the people of Michigan are vaguely aware of the dire consequences of Islamic non-assimilation in Europe, Identity Politics as terminal cancer. Not to mention, thoroughly empty, insincere promises of Hope and Change. If not, caveat emptor, big time.


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