Warren Buffett

November 5, 2012

One of American Left’s favorite Crony Capitalists, and a special favorite of America’s favorite Community Organizer.


Warren is one of those Wonderful Men who “care.” Take the Keystone Pipeline for example and its ominous environmental consequences. Or does it have something to do with the billions he’ll lose when it’s built?

4 Responses to Warren Buffett

  1. […] Warren Buffett, another one of Those Wonderful Men, termed as such by the clueless public bought off by what appears to be “compassion.” An uber- Capitalist supporting anti-Capitalist causes. How can that be? See Soros, George. Just another filthy rich CRONY Capitalist covering his Assets & image by funding some or the other Leftwing thing, all the while cutting huge Insider deals with politicos, raking in vast ill-gotten capitalist dollars while appearing to “care.” Mollifies them every time. For further verification, see “Gore, Al.” […]

  2. […] unions and (saving the most deserving for last), the Leftwing Fat Cats like Zuckerberg, Soros, Buffett, who just do it all for image. Their numbers are […]

  3. […] examples are the classic Fat Cats like Soros and Buffett and who cannily paint themselves with the thinnest veneer of political correctness and do-gooder […]

  4. […] George Soros, Tom Steyer (most recently lobbying for Trump’s impeachment) and Warren Buffett continue to enjoy the same cover and absolution coming out in a big way for the Obamas and the […]

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