A reasonable request from a most reasonable lady.
A reasonable request from a most reasonable lady.

UPDATE 1/30/22: The amazing Mazie has decided that she wants a new Justice  on the Supreme Court who isn’t confined by the law. In other words, she wants a Social Justice Warrior like herself, empowered to impose her own foul notion of “justice” on hundreds of millions of people however and whenever she feels like it. How like a totalitarian Leftist rewriting the rules of the game to suit her own self-centered view of a world she longs to rule. And she’s too dumb to know that this doesn’t fly with people possessing even a spark of knowledge about how our government works.

The Leftist Supremes just outed themselves as intellectual cretins with their totally false statements on The Virus.   Surely the shrinks have a word for this personality disorder they all share, something on the order perhaps of “megalomania” or “narcissism” or maybe just plain “bossiness.” There’s the au courant new term “Karen” which could be defined as a female with a less-than-average IQ and stunted personality development who wishes she could be Queen Of The World like a Mazie or Sonia or Hillary.

UPDATE 12/9/18: Apparently, Crazy Mazie yearns to get herself into the news, so she outdoes herself [again] in reaching for the highest levels of Stoopid: “But we have a really hard time doing that [connecting to voters] and one of the reasons– it was told to me at one of our retreats– was that we Democrats know so much, that is true. And we have kind of have to tell everyone how smart we are and so we have a tendency to be very left brain.”

The smartest, most kinda sorta left brain remark from a prominent public figure since Hillary, in vain pursuit of being Queen Of The World, called half of the American electorate “Deplorables.”  Of further interest: the brilliant, smart, ‘very left-brained’ (and how!) “future of the Democratic Party” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves to be SO brilliant she can’t conceal how she plans to use her newly acquired political power to tyrannize anyone uncharmed by her routine ravings.

Aspiring Dems in search of effective strategy for “connecting with voters” and winning electoral office: take note!

Cumulative IQ levels here reaching almost room temperature.
Cumulative IQ levels here barely reaching room temperature: 1 Hirono + 1 Hirono + 2 Hillarys=Not A Lot To Work With.

Until recently, Mazie Hirono  was a fairly obscure member of the Senate. Given a chance during the Kavanaugh witch hunt to shine as one more grandstanding manhater and race baiter was not a career opportunity Ms. Mazie would miss. Encouraging public assault on her political opponents is a-ok, especially those guilty of being White and male. As she articulately justifies it, “This is what happens because when you look at white supremacists and all that…”

This is what happens when you’re a hardened Leftist and political whore on the make…and all that.

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