Joe Biden

UPDATE 5/23/20: This poor excuse for a human being, the nominal Dem choice for the land’s highest office, previously has told Black audiences that his political opponents are “goin’ to be puttin’ ya’ll back in chains.” Now, going beyond mere lies to an assertion of absolute power, control and contempt, informs the same audience ” Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  In other words, “No uppity idees ’bout BLEXIT. You ain’t goin’ nowhere. You in OUR chains!”

If any declaration distills the Big Brotherly essence of Regular Guy Joe and his Party of Permanent Infantile Dependency (PID), nothing does.

blacks in chains
Don’ ya’ll be gittin’ no uppity idees ’bout BLEXIT.

Gretchen “Nurse Wretched” Whitmer

UPDATE 5/23/20: What is it with Michigan and its choice of leaders? Michiganders replaced the fiscal fiasco of Jennifer Granholm’s tenure as governor with Nurse Wretched. In addition to torturing old barbers and free-thinking Wolverine Staters in general, she’s jumped with both cloven hooves onto the mail-in ballot wagon, drawing the warnings of withdrawal of Federal funding from despised Orange Man. There is the not-so-little issue of taking a page from “President Andy” Cuomo’s book and by Executive decree condemning all those Covid-infected seniors to almost certain death in nursing homes.

One can only surmise Nurse Wretched is vying to be the most visibly corrupt, incompetent Dem Dragon Lady (and there are SO many-Hillary, Nancy, Mazie, Amy, Stacey….) in the surreal audition call for the role of Joe’s promised female Veep. No such thing as bad publicity. Ask Governor Stacey

UPDATE 5/18/20: Hat tip to Clarice Feldman who compared this dragon lady’s mean mask of a mug to one of cinema’s most memorably loathsome villains, Olivier’s Richard III. Behold.









Classless, Genderless, Raceless, Faithless:  ObamaWorld’s erasure of all defining lines.

UPDATE 5/23/20: And with the cooperation of a sheepish public in CoronaCrazed lockdown mode, a FACELESS humanity.


Americans Refuse Not To Work

UPDATE 5/17/20: Michigan defiance has the feel of Poland’s Solidarity from 30 years back. Enough people say no, and the abusive powers-that-be can pound sand.

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