Joe Biden

More than a few “clean, articulate” Blacks have a few words in response to this business about “you ain’t Black.” Perhaps more than a few other Blacks may wake up to what these pandering Democrats really think of them, particularly since LBJ’s glee about having those “niggers voting Dem for the next 200 years.” Our votes matter, not our Black lives? Say it ain’t so.

clean articulate

Gretchen “Nurse Wretched Whitmer

UPDATE 5/31/20: Nurse Wretched’s restless hubby caught ignoring the wife’s draconian stay-at-home orders and tries to take his boat for a ride. He was just kidding, explains Lady Lockdown. A perfectly innocent “failed attempt at humor.” Ha. Ha.

Andrew Cuomo

UPDATE 5/31/20: The incompetence and fraud of the Democrats’ most touted “spare” for this election year is breathtaking.



 UPDATE 5/31/20: Before staging  phony mass grief counseling for (reputedly) 100,000 Covid dead, check out the inflated numbers. We go back to the REAL numbers of those dead of the flu in years past and ask, again, what warranted killing the economy and sending millions of American lives (and billions internationally) into chaos?


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