Forceful, loud, big-mouthed Broadway leading lady Patti LuPone has joined the ranks of the smug, privileged Elite of the Great White Way by bravely taking a stand against…well…TRUMP! Pin a medal on this girl! Asked why she wouldn’t perform for the duly elected President of the United States, the free-thinking floozy bravely states what no one dares whisper in her polite circles: “I hate the m—–f—-r!”

Mercifully, the red carpet interview didn’t go beyond that to determine why her candidate Hillary could effectively solve the world’s problems better than TRUMP!! We await her next courageous, inspiring expression of conscience as it bounces like her shrill singing voice around the Elite Celeb tin-lined echo chamber of today’s Broadway. How far down we’ve come from Ethel Merman, Mary Martin, John Raitt, Alfred Drake, yesterday’s brightest lights of one of America’s great original art forms. A sad bellwether of our culture’s sagging fortunes.

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