UPDATE 12/28/20: “Oh dear, they might not like it. They might even riot.” So goes the prevailing excuse offered by some so-called “conservatives” and fair-weather Trump supporters for the most powerful figures in American law (the Attorney General and Supreme Court no less) refusing to fight with Trump against this obvious election corruption. As Churchill shook his head: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”


UPDATE 12/22/20: Lest there be any doubt about Bill Barr’s Swamp Creature DNA, look here (Voting machine fraud? Move along, nothing to see here.) and here  (Hunter Biden? BFD.) Lean and hungry this overfed, self-satisfied stooge isn’t. Dangerous and treacherous? Case closed.

UPDATE 12/20/20: Bar granted immunity cover to Biden & Obama for anything that might come up investigating the plot to depose Trump. Hardly the gesture of an impartial agent of the law. The plot thickens, and we find ourselves feeling “had.”

UPDATE 12/19/20: All indications are that benign teddy bear Bill Barr has been  a Deep State stooge sent in to grease the works for Trump’s political demise. History and God will not be kind to those mild-mannered epitomes of evil banality disposed to selling their souls at the expense of American liberties.

barr (1)

ORIGINAL POST 12/12/20: First up and inaugural inspiration [beyond RINOism] for a “conservative” Turncoats post is formerly trustworthy & jolly Attorney General William Barr. Apparently, he’s not an advocate of Trump-style government and has clandestinely operated as a devious mole for the Deep State spook network. The latest revelation in this rather shocking exposure is that he sat for months on the probe into the sewer that is Hunter Biden’s life & career. Barr’s ultra-passive approach to going after the Russian collusion hoaxers was only the beginning. Doubtless more to follow…not that it matters if he resigns and the election is handed to Biden. Dirty deed done, mission accomplished for this weasel. Who got to him?

Barr Durham, shady and shadowy

Georgia has become the epicenter upon which full Dem control of all major branches of government depends, and we are now learning Republican Governor Brian Kemp is heavily under the influence of the Communist Chinese, awarding a $107 million to Dominion shortly after a meeting with a top CCP rep. Why would he support a President whose policies threaten the power of what appear to be his masters? What do they have on him?

Nothing new under the sun: from 2016, here’s a video pundit’s lamentation about the same toxic strain of “conservative” turncoats operating from the last election.

So many questions, so much treachery.

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