UPDATE 7/16/21: The newest raw sewage dump taken on America’s front lawn by the Biden Crime Family is Hunter’s “art” and its hard cash value on the international influence peddling market.


RIght. They’re just “peacefully assembling” to complaing about Covid. What else do they have to complain about?¬†

UPDATE 7/17/21: Could it be our own leadership is threatened by the rise of serious resistance to communism in Cuba? Is this bad optics for those on these shores intent on controlling us?


UPDATE 7/17/21: Stigmatizing “Covid Skeptics” provides the playbook for all those pushing straight-up Marxist scams¬† like Global Warming and any bogus “science” The Experts wish to exploit to frighten people into political submission. All that money and power to be had for those in the field eager to play along.


UPDATE 7/17/21: Kamala endears herself to the Little People of the American Outback expressing her concern for the absence of electricity, indoor plumbing, Dunkin’ Donuts and Kinko’s in their primitive settlements. As Newt politely inquires for us, “When was the last time [this clueless, out-of-touch Elitist fool] xeroxed anything herself?

Kamala Kinko Cackle




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