UPDATE 12/22/18: Much too long since last update on Michelle-Antoinette’s heart-stopping fashion scares, but out she came last week, looking like a slow-moving caisson of regurgitated lemon pie filling. Add to that sartorial coup-de-grace a pair of glittering $4000 hip boots by Balenciaga…

The Girl's On Fire!
“The Girl Is On Fire!/Looks like a girl/But she’s a flame so bright/She can burn your eyes./Better look the other way.” Good advice.

The occasion for the sensational boots ‘n canary wrap combo was a grand finale in Brooklyn for her $65 million book tour, a cozy follow-up to that $50+ million Netflix deal. Recall this is the couple who incessantly have counseled their millions of mindless followers to forego the soulless, profitable corporate world for a life of sacrifice and public service. Just like the Obamas. As Barack scolded the greedy amonst us, “I do think that at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.” They just haven’t quite reached that point yet. As our nation’s most prominent Grifters (now just pulling ahead of the Clintons), the Obamas remain object lessons in what money can’t buy…which includes taste, honesty and character.

UPDATE 7/2/17: When it comes to prominent women & fashion in DC, something’s changed since last Fourth of July. Hard to pinpoint just what….


UPDATE (1/8/13): So sensible, so practical, so like you and I and the rest of us taking $7 million Christmas vay-cays in Hawaii courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer…

Michelle Obama Wears Same Target Dress Traveling to and from Hawaii Vacation!!

“… If the FLOTUS is cool with wearing the same dress twice on vacation, we are definitely going to start packing light. There’s no need to cram loads of wardrobe options into an overstuffed suitcase when you can look this good over and over again in the same dress.”   Riiiiight?! Right. 


Lovely to look at…


Delightful to know…


And heaven to kiss…


A combination like this…


Is quite my most impossible scheme come true….


Imagine finding a dream like you…


You’re lovely to look at…


It’s thrilling to hold you terribly tight….


For we’re together…



The moon is new…



And Oh! It’s lovely to look at you…




And here she is, shockingly chic and feminine…and totally inappropriate. With a sharp, conscientious eye to the solemnity of the occasion, our casual couple begrudgingly strolls for the cameras through Arlington National Cemetery on the 10th anniversary of 9/11: he sans tie, she in frills and carrying a cell phone in case her travel agent happens to call.


Reminiscent of her other stand-out appearance at the Arlington Tomb of the Unknown Soldier two years before where she takes a cue from Scarlett O’Hara by having her outfit made from the blue dacron curtains at Motel 6.


Not to be outdone by her American graveyard fashion coup, she wows London at another wreath-laying ceremony at Westminster Abbey.


Heading to a glamorous dinner party? A Beyonce command performance at the White House? A luau honoring the Hawaiian geeks who doctored Barack’s birth certificate? Almost. The get-up you, I or anyone would pick for a Medal of Honor ceremony posthumously honoring a hero killed in Afghanistan. Oh, maybe she’s on her way to a big night out and is being held up by the annoying Medal to-do. All that for a dead soldier!


Here’s  that good old Obama-In-Your-Face thing of reminding us that some members of the great socialist brother & sisterhood are more equal than others. After all, somebody has to be queen, and it might as well be Mois-chelle-A! Only $2700.00 for a casual cardigan, and it probably comes in several different colors.

 Lavin Cap Toe Sneakers with grosgrain ribbon laces. A steal for $540. Both left and right shoe included. Toe covers extra.


Marie-Antoinette got her kicks slumming as a common shepherdess while our Michelle-Antoinette gits down & dirty in “her” White House garden.


Live naturally, do without, have simple tastes, cultivate your garden, eat healthy and  wear old sensible shoes…currently only $950.00 at Jimmy Choos’ website, including stamped plaque on the back and “available without the fur lining.”


I show up at my kids’ PTA confererence, and all I come home with is this lousy $1,000 tote bag.


An appealing look.


Some individuals are described as colorful. Others are better described as loud.


The Italian widow/pious Catholic school girl Look, complete with trademark high corset belt. The shiny patent leather cinch perfectly coordinated with her Mary Janes(that reflect up).


Something requiring serious forethought. Here she bonds sartorially with Gulf oil spill victims. Genuine empathy is a must for effective First Ladying!


The difference is that the poor poodle had no choice in the matter.

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 16: U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama watch a judo demonstration during an event on the South Lawn of the White House promoting the city of Chicago?s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics September 16, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama joined Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, members of the USOC, and representatives from the Chicago2016 group during the event. Also pictured are Olympic athlete Jackie Joyner Kersee (white top) and April Holmes (red top). (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Imagine the unfairness of  “an image that people have tried to paint of me since the day Barack announced. That I’m some angry black woman.”


The Natural Symmetry of an Un-angry black woman: half argyle preppie, half blue sparkle Italian wedding bridesmaid.


The Inner City Look: paint-spattered graffiti pants: only $695.


She ran into my paint brush. She ran into my paint brush 10 times. Another unfortunate Sherwin-Williams encounter…and no time to change.


Bound for the White House Thanksgiving dinner table, this ample turkey is pulling all available strings to attain a Presidential Pardon.


Special thanks to Moonbattery.com and Hillbuzz.org for a goodly portion of the fashion show. Do not miss Hillbuzz’s entire “Who’s Dressed Better” montage. And then there’s “Class vs. Crass.”


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  1. True. The hamstrung press was required to fawn over the wonders of Mrs. O’s FABulous fashion sense. Paroxysms of extacy abounded, and woe to the one who noticed that the empress’ new clothes were *nothing to look at*! Today, we have a former fashion model and businesswoman, who knows how to dress appropriately for any occasion, and the MSM must cat-call over a non-faux pas. Here’s an idea: Have two people with similar builds – but switched ethnicities – wear outfits like what Mrs. O and Mrs. T do, and see what response you get as to which one is better dressed. The inherent racism of the MSM will show quickly.

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