Dem POTUS hope Kamala Harris: right color, right (lack of) character

April 15, 2018
Dark skin, xx chromosome arrangement, content of character? Whatever her beloved Party decrees.

Beige skin, xx chromosome arrangement. Go right to the front of the line.

Ethnic sounding first name, Jamaican father, East Indian mother. Eureka! The next big Dem Thang! Meet Kamala Harris, a female Obama, ruthless political ambition, the ideal Black/East Indian/Female/Dem Party dream child. Content of character? Feh. Attribute her quick rise through the Donkey ranks solely to all the aforementioned. Naturally when questioned, our Dem Party ID Politics Poster Girl plays coy. Presidency? Nah. She is beholden to the sacred charge granted her, to serve the people of the great state of California…while she makes the frenzied rounds of meet-and-greet DNC cocktail parties in the most unCalifornicated places.


We are the company we keep.

In this age of #MeToo, Kamala has lived the soul-searing difficulties of being a “vulnerable” young woman in a field of exploitive males. On her way up, wide-eyed Kamala inadvertently accidentally against-her-will found herself bedding down (married) SF Mayor Willie Brown, just a guppy girl’s way of surviving in a sea of predatory male sharks. When it works and gives a dewy-eyed lass a shapely leg up on that big career, it’s robust, lusty feminism. When it backfires, it’s The HandMaid’s Tale, and the male hierarchy must atone.


Good fun in public with all their clothes on!

Now somehow sitting pretty in the U.S. Senate (thanks in part to the backing of fellow “ethnic” & Fake Bay State Indian Warren) and making a name for herself as the August Body’s biggest bully, our Girl-On-The-Go is in full positioning mode, playing the whole range of notes on the political spectrum like a manic xylophonist. The eye-rolling image of her “tough questioning” of Facebook’s Zuckerberg should be kept in mind in the not so distant future when we will surely happen upon her in bed with him (metaphorically speaking of course) currying certain voter data favors that only the owner of Facebook can provide a POTUS wannabe.

Add to her roster of qualifications a great sense of humor as when she laughs riotously on Ellen’s talk show about killing Trump, Pence and Sessions in one fell swoop. Don’t miss her invocation of the Spirit of ’76, Americanism and the Founding Fathers within seconds of wickedly contemplating this side-splitting triple assassination.

As she understands the purposes of government, a President Kamala would be Head Nanny. Gun owners should be on high alert. Ditto anyone countering the expansion of welfare rolls,  open borders and heading off all those New Dem-voting Dreamers. The girl’s a killer, and she’s just what the Dem Donkey Doctor ordered.

“Don’t crowd Kamala,” warns wary Willie Brown who should certainly know. In response to criticism for her grandstanding bully turns on the Senate floor, Willie adds, “That’s just Kamala being Kamala.” Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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