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UPDATE 10/11/21: Tell a lie or inflict assault enough, and the jaded observer becomes numb to shock or outrage. So it is with repeated revelations about the Pelosis and their transparent, lifelong grift.

UPDATE 9/8/21: Good, “hearts full of love” Bride of Christ and Democrat communicant [first things first!] Nancy may find herself excommunicated at the recommendation of her own local SF Archbishop. Sure bet that this seriously religious Leftist will respond underwhelmingly with a big yawn.

UPDATE 8/22/21: Pelosi continues to come out firmly in support of Jello Joe and his “clarity of purpose” in abandoning Afghanistan and thousands of stranded Americans eagerly anticipating all the great things in store about to arrive with the Taliban.

UPDATE 8/20/21: That profoundly ugly & twisted Frisco sociopath masquerading as a devout nun with benefits always has a wise, serious take on everything. One fondly recalls her good counsel about passing ObamaCare to see what was in it. About rioting in the cities, tearing down statues? “People will do what they do.” About billions of dollars of American military hardware being left behind for the Taliban (and their Chinese advisers) to use against us? “This is what happens when you withdraw.” 

To borrow from another principled female in power dodging ANY sense of responsibility for the consequences of her own evil intentions: “Oh well, what difference does it make now?”

WTF does it matter? Not my problem.

UPDATE 8/3/21: Reiterating Kirstie Alley’s opinion that this witch gives witches a bad name, Newt seconds the notion and suggests concrete action against this one-woman political plague.

UPDATE 4/25/21: Competition is fierce determining who is the most dangerous politician operating these days. But the ruthless determination of Madame Sprecher to remake our entire electoral process into One Party Rule stands out as about as scary a prospect as we’ve seen. The House under her foaming-at-the-mouth rule has now passed the Orwellian named “For The People Act” #H.R. 1, effectively eliminating the autonomy of the States from the Fed.

Goodbye, Electoral College. Hello, Popular Vote about to be enhanced by 10-20-30 million U.S. Treasury-subsidized New Democrats about to be imported from abroad and naturalized.

Also just passed is  H.R. 51, the move to add Washington D.C. (and eventually Puerto Rico) as respectively the 51st and 52nd States meaning 4 more Democrat Senators and however many new Democrat House Reps their gerrymandering can create. Goodbye, any future opposition to far Leftist Democrat government.

UPDATE 1/31/21: While the usual hyenas continue to howl for Trump’s blood and his tax returns and whatever might totally ruin or. ideally, end his life, their selective outrage bypasses the blatant corruption of one of their own Beloved Leaders. Where is the shock at Nancy “Hearts Full Of Love” Pelosi and her shyster hubby investing heavily in various markets while simultaneously using government influence and privileged information to wipe out that market’s competition? Hardly the first time. It’s called crony capitalism and/or insider trading. Anyone in that camp over yonder asking how these career politicians, particularly those anti-capitalists on the Dem Left, have accumulated multimillions on a politician’s salary? Martha Stewart, a private citizen minus any official political power like The Designer Ice Cream Italian-American Princess,  went to jail for much less.

Why? Because I can.
Why? Because I can and no one stops me.

UPDATE 12/29/20: A Mafia protection racket continues to be the best existing model for describing today’s Democratic Party: destroy people’s businesses, then come to their rescue with a few crumbs…in exchange for permanent ownership, body & soul. Behold Nancy Pelosi’s magnanimous offer to “feed” a few crumbs to the very people she has kept out of work. She even backhands her uncharacteristically uppity interviewer Wolf B. by sarcastically thanking him for HIS “sensitivity.” We are commanded to acknowledge HER “sensitivity.” So many words come to mind: loathsome, odious, evil….


UPDATE 10/10/20: The winged monkeys are poised at her signal to fly. Is Donald her prey? Or is Sleepy Joe the obstacle to be removed at some hoped-for future date when he’s holding a certain position of power she covets?

Mask and constitution
The Founding Fathers are revolving at the speed of light in their graves, slapping their foreheads. But what could prepare them for this aberration?

UPDATE 9/25/20: There are demagogues, and then there are cackling witches, insane with power and the fear of losing it. Cheering the BLM/AntiFa destroyers on, the Speaker of the House, firmly establishes herself as an active force of pure evil. The politics of extortion, give us our way or the cities burn. How very reminiscent of Dem strategy the last election cycle. Do they know, will they admit, do they even care that there are terrible consequences to their violent rhetoric for average Americans across the country?

and your little dog too

UPDATE 9/7/20: Like Blake’s aphorism about seeing the world in a grain of sand, here we can observe the whole nasty Leftwing Universe of politics through a filthy, clotted, stinking mass of sludge just removed from a certain San Fran septic tank.  Typical White, Leftist champion of the Little Guy, compassionate crusader Pelosi comes out post-Hairgate squarely for the most publicized victim of the week: HERSELF! She was set up!

Now through her $1000?/$2000? an hour lawyer, she offers up veiled threats of a looming lawsuit against the salon owner whose establishment was not allowed to function during the Corona “crisis”…except for the rich and privileged like Nancy. The owner is wisely packing up and leaving unfriendly Blue Pelosi country, hopefully taking up Kristi Noem’s personal invitation to set up shop in South Dakota where she can “run your salon in a state that respects freedom and won’t shut you down.” One on the scoreboard for politicians specifically in business to keep the path clear for their constituents, zero for the hypocritical power gluttons of Pelosi’s vile ilk. Kinda illuminates everyone’s choice in the voting booth these days. 


UPDATE 9/3/20: Let them eat Clairol! Queen Nancy goes full Michelle-Antoinette to get her hair done privately in a salon forced to stay closed by Blue-state mandates. As usual, these Special Ones ignore their own rules, utterly indifferent to the ruinous consequences those arbitrary edicts have for the Little People. Madam insists it’s a “set-up”…just like being secretly forced to show off hoarded designer ice cream to millions of the suddenly jobless in front of one’s $20k freezer. Some animals are more equal than other animals.

Meanwhile, send a few bucks to Shelly Luther,  now running for office after being jailed for defying shutdown of HER Texas hair salon.


blow out, blow back

6/28/20: To the best of their collective recollection, Nancy and her fellow “hearts full of love” can’t seem to recall the name of the man who’s given them their latest crisis to exploit. That’s CARING!

Are the cameras still rolling? How long do we have to wear this friggin' mask 'n schmatte get-up?
Are the cameras still rolling? How long do we have to wear this friggin’ mask ‘n schmatte get-up?

6/21/20: Odious Pelosi goes full grave desecration and presents George Floyd’s brother with a folded American flag, an honor traditionally reserved for real wartime heroes, fallen military veterans who have died in service to their country. However, since the unfortunate (and very flawed) Mr. Floyd’s exploitable demise has proven useful in their own subversive war on America, he is, to the increasingly perverse Democrat mind, a wartime hero too!


UPDATE 4/26/20: As if born to define the  role, Nancy goes full Michelle/Marie-Antoinette with her now infamous “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” appearance on trendy late-night television. While making no secret of stalling financial relief to desperate American small businesses, she stands arrogantly in her opulent pantry before full-stocked $20K+ freezers, bragging about how much designer ice cream she hoards.  Does the word “clueless” come to mind? The words cruel and heartless most definitely.

Looking more closely, one should note the singular enthusiasm of Nancy & Co. for mail-in absentee voting that the CoronaCraze crisis has  brought to the fore. Surely it has nothing to do with facilitated vote tampering.

ice cream (2)

UPDATE 3/30/20: And no, once again, she doesn’t hate anyone, least of all Donald Trump. Baselessly accusing a political opponent of mass murder doesn’t not constitute hate, just good politics mixed with a  touch of power madness.

UPDATE 3/28/20: The very picture of Catholic/Christian concern, the Pelosi Crime Family‘s mother and daughter act goes all out Sopranos: Mom not letting this crisis go to waste by trying (unsuccessfully) to mega-pork (1400 pages!) her end of the Coronavirus Stimulus bill, daughter Christine advocating physical assault on her Mom’s political opponents. Remember “hearts full of love”? (See below).

UPDATE 2/5/20: No, of course she doesn’t hate the President. She doesn’t hate anybody. This good little bride of Christ morphed to Rumplestiltskin was brought up with a heart full of love. Really. She says so.

Wheeeee! Mme. Speaker enjoying the HIGH PRIVILEGE AND DISTINCT HONOR of carrying out the sacred traditions and protocol of her station & high office.

UPDATE 12/11/19: Be especially wary of this or any other phony demagogue prefacing the usual pious remarks with “As a Catholic…” or “As a Jew…

Pelosi first communionUPDATE 12/7/19: After announcing “with a heart full of love for America” that she is gunning for Donald Trump’s head, a former white-frocked first communicant representing a certain deteriorating American city named for St. Francis is asked by a reporter “Do you hate the President, Madam Speaker?” This nice little Italian mother & grandmother snaps, “As a Catholic, I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. I don’t hate anyone. I was raised in a way that…heart full of love [sic],  and always pray for the President…so don’t mess with me…! Recall that this is the mother described boastfully by one of her admiring daughters as someone who’ll “…cut your head off, and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.” Hateful? Political assassin? A Mme. Defarge for our times? Rank hypocrite? Nah.

Posted by a prominent member of The Heart Party Full Of Love.
Posted by a prominent Pelosi fan & member of the Party Full Of Heart Love.

UPDATE 7/14/19: Playing the long game of Permanent Dem Majority via open borders/unchecked immigration, Our LAWLESS Lady of Sanctuary gives a kindly heads-up to millions of illegals targeted for deportation by those nasty ICE men. Why enforce laws when you might lose those future Democrats? Keep ’em coming!

You're breaking the law too, Sister. Just sayin'...
You’re breaking the law too, Sister. Just sayin’…

UPDATE 6/16/19: Nice  Catholic girl Nancy, playing to her vicious base, prays for Trump’s soul…and wants to “see him in prison.” Just political posturing perhaps, but rather Stalinist in tone. Not Grandma’s Democratic Party.

UPDATE 1/13/19: Of late, there is a long-range Democratic Party strategy of opening our borders wide, flooding America with untold millions of illegal immigrants, hooking them all on the heroin of “public assistance” thereby buying their votes, ensuring a permanent Democratic voting majority. President Trump, heartily endorsed by his basket base of Deplorables, proposes we enforce our existing immigration laws, allowing immigrants in on the basis of their willingness to become Americans in the true sense: freedom-loving, hard-working, self-reliant, English-speaking. Such people are anathema to today’s Democratic Party since real WORKING people prefer liberty to the all-consuming government control of taxation & regulation that defines today’s radically Left-leaning Democrats. Nancy & Chuck will not subsidize controlled, legal immigration that runs contrary to their vote-harvesting plans.

SO, hard-driving dealmaker Trump shuts down the government until he gets the money for The Wall, persuasively making the case to the American people in a televised address. It goes well. There are a lot of Deplorables out there who want The Wall.

And the Democratic response? No money…YET…but priceless all the same. As the President would say, “Sad.”

Hat-Tip Hilarity courtesy of The People's Cube.
Shining Twins hip-hop hilarity courtesy of The People’s Cube.

Nancy & Chuck reversed

UPDATE 12/16/18: Newly reinstated Speaker of the House and self-appointed castrater-in-chief resorts to high-falutin’ talk about Trump’s manhood when he dares oppose her. Certainly delicious cackling to the ears of the pussy-hat brigade but just a Big Tell when it comes to ALL the good things Mommy Nancy and her fellow Dem/Progs have in mind for ALL of us, male and female.


UPDATE 2/15/18: As a matter of Democratic Party policy, Mme. Speaker has dispensed with MLK’s noble wish for an America that counts character content entirely over skin color. Character is irrevelant when color alone might add millions of illegal immigrants to the Dem Party voting rolls. Pandering overtime while sadistically inflicting 8 hours of her drivel on anyone within earshot on the House floor last week,   the increasingly odious Nan recounted the dubious story of her blonde, blue-eyed grandson, about to blow the candles out on his birthday cake, wishing to be brown all over like his Guatemalan friend Antonio. Other than the brainwashed spawn of political fanatics (and certifiable lunatics like Rachel Dolezal), privileged young children do not wish to be brown, poor and living in impoverished Third World countries. But then, Dem Party notables have a long history of  lying about and exploiting family members  for political purposes.

Can you maybe give me something a bit darker? This one’s not selling.

UPDATE 8/26/17: Whole lotta howlin’ goin’ on as Nutty Nancy the meme mixer warns about the dangers of “crying wolf in a crowded theatre.” Quite so. Crying “racism” at any sign of opposition to their agenda has somewhat diminished the credibility of the Dem Party and its affiliates all up and down the Left. Clearly, racism matters not so much as silencing all voices but their own in our political life. But that’s what totalitarians and fascists of all stripes do: that…and calling themselves “anti-fascists.”

ORIGINAL POST 6/25/17: So Nancy Pelosi has suddenly been deemed  toxic by her own Party, all those million$ and million$ flushed away in Georgia and nary even a peach pit of acquired power to show for it.


The naïve amongst us might suggest that, perhaps, just maybe, the Donkey brigade might have seriously reviewed this charmless scold’s painfully long-running record of corruption, lies, slander and astonishing hubris. But of course they did. No mistake or misstep here. Who better as the face and voice of the 21st century’s Democratic Party?  Who could shamelessly go before the cameras all these years, spew acid and lies with such cold, comfortable ease? Fortunately, she and her agenda are not selling as they once did.

If genuine human progress remains the ultimate end of any politics, how long can a smug, power-gobbling Party endure when it lays exclusive claim (among many things) to championing women…and produces female impersonators like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi as its figureheads and prize trophies?

To sell anything, one must have an attractive product, and these hollow creatures are estrogen Edsels.  Power as an end in itself corrupts, and these females prove nothing more than that they can be the rotted-out equals of their male counterparts. Does not Lady Macbeth make the same satanic bargain in pursuit of power when, about to murder the King, she goes against her own nature to beseech a Higher Power to “unsex me here?” Females like Nancy Pelosi (and Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren) can never be women. Real women contain and civilize. Females like these voracious political automatons only consume and destroy.

Perhaps the Dem Party might consider a major facelift.


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  1. These folks aren’t subtle, they aren’t even shameful. Pelosi inserted $75M in the corona virus bill for NPR, the radio arm of the Democratic Party, to boost propaganda in an election year. This is necessary, of course, because left wing talk radio, where issues are aired in public discourse, has invariably been a public embarrassment. (Remember the Joy Behar disaster on WABC?) Sound bites that Drill the faithful in the worn out mantras of the left are the essential medium.

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