UPDATE 1/28/23: Rich, famous, empty phonies are a dime a dozen, but prominent super-Woke Beyonce’s willingness to take $24 million for a Dubai concert has drawn special attention. Predictably, this outrage is for a highly selective and properly Woke reason, Islamic homophobia, ignoring a multitude of other reasons equally deserving of outrage. Among the reasons ignored is that Islam itself which treats women in general as chattel and thinks rich, free capitalists from the West like Beyonce are decadent infidels fully deserving of violent extinction. Other than that, no problem.

So respectful of her Muslim hosts, wearing that veil. But better cover that skin, and didn’t anyone tell her the proper fundamentalist veil material is opaque black-out curtains?



UPDATE 1/27/23: We have implored the gods to mete out justice to the Clintons. Alas, in vain. Now with the Bidens, what’s it going to take? How much corruption is too much? Garagegate seems like an answer, but then again, it may be just an occasion for getting rid of incriminating evidence from China and the Ukraine.


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)








UPDATE 1/28/23: Video of the attack on Paul Pelosi is now public and hard to refute what our eyes tell us. Has it been ascertained that the attacker really broke into the house and was not an invited late-night guest?

UPDATE 1/25/23: Purged of demons, Nancy has become a MAGA moll!


UPDATE 1/27/23: German Cardinal Gerhard Muller speaks for millions in a new book about Pope Francis and the Pontiff’s penchant for championing Leftists and their Progressive causes while studiously ignoring corruption within the Church. His politicized papacy is almost certainly the most visible expression of that corruption.

UPDATE 1/23/23: Does the Catholic Church really believe it can survive by denying corruption in its midst? Unsurprisingly, Baltimore/DC seems to be a particularly fertile petri dish for this rot, boasting both the defrocked ex-Cardinal McCarrick and the now-infamous case of Father Maskell’s serial molestation of both male and female students (convincingly documented in the series “The Keepers.”) The close sequence of recent deaths of prominent Catholics distinctly unaligned with the current Pope-investigative reporter George Neumayr, wrongfully smeared and pontiff critic Cardinal Pell, even ex-Pope Benedict-should ideally draw attention and some resolution to the mounting self-destruction taking place within an ancient institution that could and should be a universal moral authority in this lawless world, not a sick reflection of it.


UPDATE 1/23/23: In 20/20 hindsight, Bill Barr’s credibility and integrity never existed. It comes out now that behind his adamant insistence of NO election corruption in 2020 was precisely NO investigation, only a subjective personal statement helping along the Deep State desire to eliminate Trump.


UPDATE 1/23/23: It just doesn’t seem fair for one guy to hog all the credit for dismantling the free world. But only ostriches and Woke fools would deny that is the essence of Soros’ life’s mission. In service to that mission, there is the steady flow of untold million$ to subversive groups and ties to media figures eager to indoctrinate the public and especially the young & impressionable with his message. Quite the weaver of deadly webs, our George.

SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act




UPDATE 1/25/23: The greatest threat to America comes from within, from those Americans who hate freedom and think nothing of transforming us into a monolithic, totalitarian slave state. Is this not treason, a betrayal of all those- present, past and future-grateful or longing to live as free individuals? Sadly, the word traitor now accurately applies to millions of malcontents, ordinary folk wholly dedicated to a totalitarian future, not just Benedict Arnold or that stray spook in government selling military secrets for money and/or glory. 


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