UPDATE 4/15/22: Restating the obvious: Hunter and his ill-gotten gains have been a financial mainstay of this humble, blue-collar family of distasteful grifters, including Big Guy Joe. I mean, c’mon man! You can’t live an 8 figure lifestyle on a Senator/Veep/Potus’ crummy 6 figure salary!

Humble Delaware digs, 1996. Not doing too bad on a Senator’s paycheck.

And about that “full professorship” claimed this week by Dr. Joe? A $700K+ honorarium from Penn requiring zero (none, nada) teaching hours in exchange for the illustrious Biden name on their masthead. What a buy!


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 4/10/22: Like the Obamas, the Clintons are always busy rewriting history portraying themselves as prophets dedicated to saving us from a Putin or Bin Laden. For the truth, try Phyllis Schlafly’s account of Bubba’s excellent China adventure and his handling of NATO. It’s still too early to give a full accounting of Mrs. Bubba’s poisoning of our body politic. Like the thing that wouldn’t leave that she is, her deadly legacy may not yet be completed.

That bitten lower lip, that COOOOOOOld level gaze. Every gesture, every word, every syllable a lie.



UPDATE 4/15/22: Fauci’s inner Mengele is fast approaching full exposure in applauding the Shanghai lockdown of 25 millions because you can “use lockdowns to get people vaccinated…” and control their lives, choices and every breathing movement. Like a plague of experts and full-blown totalitarian dictators do.





UPDATE 4/16/22: One more serial fraud disgracing the term “expert.” At what point will the sophisticates of the NY Times and the Nobel Committee realize they’ve been had in the case of the utterly nonsensical Dr. Paul Krugman? What Tony Fauci is to “the science,” Krugman has been for decades to economics. For commonsensical facts about dollars and cents, check the Krugman meter and confidently spin the dial 180 degrees.

Magnificent physical specimen wearing his overestimated, upside-down brain on his buff chest.




UPDATE 4/15/22: A persistent riddle of recent times is the (no longer surprising) revulsion of NeoCons for Trump. What exactly were these so-called “conservatives” objecting to when Trump delivered on his promises to restore freedom-based policies to everyday life? Not least of those promises kept was a real free market in practice that literally restored the American Dream to everyone rich or poor while simultaneously shoring up our national defenses. Could it be that both the Lib intelligentsia and these RINOS share an essential snobbery, secure only in the notion of patronizing superiority rather than any devotion to an America that welcomes ALL people of ALL persuasions to the feast?


SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act



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