UPDATE 2/26/22: We sit on the edge of our chairs, leaning forward anxiously, awaiting with bated breath what this demented disaster has to say about the “state of the Union” and his part in creating it.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Somehow, some way, we’ll muddle our way out of this one. These are not Americans. These are poisonous, parasitical barnacles who have attached themselves to our ship of state.

D.C. corruption is nothing new as Johnny Mercer, a political conservative, knew well.


UPDATE 2/21/22: Fidel is still dead, but his little island remains a hotbed of plotting and conniving for Global Revolution. Its strategic proximity to America and the rest of Latin America is a plus. Now add a newborn totalitarian dictatorship just Up North, and lacking resistance, you have a whole North American continent invaded and itching to go a bright Red.

CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)



UPDATE 2/22/22: Although Fauci is the most infamous poster boy for the dangers of high-status “expertise,” it’s a pandemic that has spread its cancerous poison across the world. Canada is only the latest country to make headlines demonstrating the consequences of so-called Experts from On High superseding and eliminating the most basic human rights.







SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act

UPDATE 2/26/22: It’s a great day for Intersectional Politics and all celebrants of “Inclusive Diversity” as the Brandon Transformationists (Supreme Court division) add another Weird Sister SJW to go with the two already installed (Elena & Sonia) replacing that Leftist White guy with the troublesome Anglo-sounding name. For those pushed to the head of the line in WokeWorld like Kamala, Sonia, Elena, and now Ketanji, being ethnic and female would never have been enough. When Biden promised a Black woman for the Court, he failed to mention that she must also be gung-ho on unchecked immigration [check!], pro-abortion as her judicial record verifies [check!], an Obama supporter [check!] and generally an all-round Leftist [Check! Double check!!!]. Black female jurists with a conservative bent who most definitely do exist need not apply.

Worked for Sonia, works for Ketanji.


UPDATE 2/25/22: Justin’s longing to turn Ottawa into his own Little Havana continues apace.

What’s the difference between Canada and North Korea? One country is a police state under the boot of a young tyrant scion of his father’s dynasty who brutally crushes opponents, free speech, and liberty, and the other is a country in Asia.

“A wannabe emperor, a haircut with an ego like Justin Trudeau…” (at 8:40).

UPDATE 2/22/22: Poor Mad King Justin informs us that it’s our fault he has been forced to do with he is doing to all of us inferiors and will continue indefinitely to do. This is one sick 50-something Bad Seed with a whole team of professionally planted syncophants enabling him. If and when those giving him his Great Reset marching orders are forced by full exposure to desert him, we will see a puddle where this out-of-control little tyrant used to be.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Optimists look beyond the Prime Muenster’s current malevolence and see an arrogant fop permanently tarnished and disgraced, his public life ended. Let us hope.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Tears are falling like rain for police complaining about too many calls excoriating them for tyrannizing the public on behalf of the Pouty PM.

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