UPDATE 2/16/22: Wonder who are some of the noteworthy LimoLib celebs contributing to a fund that bailed out a BLM killer?  Surely it can’t be a surprise that they hail from the highest-paid strata of Hollywood/Broadway/Pop Music, and predictably, they are very proud and vocal about where their money and their support has gone. Or do they even know or care?


UPDATE 2/17/22: The Demented One’s dead dog story is the latest admitted proof straight out of his mouth hightlighting his ugly essence and the typical inability of this senile creep to conceal it. As was wisely said, we do not become better with age but simply more ourselves, whatever that may have been throughout our lives. And in his case…


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 2/16/22: The Least Likeable Lady in politics continues to top herself as the greatest of her lower-than-low attainments approaches full transparency. She should be very worried, but compulsive liars and dissemblers like her are skilled in denying the reality of their situations and who they really are. And nobody on record remains so stubbornly detached from how rational people see her than this sorry case.

Peekaboo! We see you. And a whole lot more are just about to be forced into seeing what we’ve always seen.





UPDATE 2/18/22: The Kalamity is as cluelessly inert and, well, wicked as we thought. Her American-hating tweet released in Iran in their Farsi tongue is meant for a country that throws gays off buildings, shrouds women head to foot in black like packaged slaves, plans to wipe Israel off the map once they get enough cash and uranium from us to do it thoroughly. And we’re the rotten ones?

Translation: “The truth is: There is segregation in America. Xenophobia exists in America. Antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, all exist. Wherever injustice is dealt with, there is activity ahead.” Some wags have speculated this was written against her will by her captors, but more likely, by HeelsUp herself hoping to catch the eye of some Mullah looking for another moll for his harem. 




UPDATE 2/18/22: What makes these four RINOs think their refusal to defund the mandates is just fine with the Party’s political base? Is it the money they might lose from Big Pharma donors?  Whatever the motive, this is going to stick permanently on their records as surely as the spiteful McCain’s notorious thumbs-down on defunding ObamaCare.


SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act


UPDATE 2/19/22: Canada seems to have acquired its very own January 6, and it has its very own madman to instigate it. Sometimes rumored to be the product of a fling between his naughty girl mother and Castro, the Prime Miniature (h/t to Greg Gutfeld) has made his admiration for the Cuban tyrant well-known and is most definitely the ideological if not the biological offspring of Mao & Stalin’s Caribbean counterpart. It’s like father, like son, both the slick Gallic one and the one with the green fatigues & scraggly beard. Shooting and full violent confrontation seem ominously possible, but first comes cruel intimidation from El Despotito in the form of freezing bank accounts, the confiscation of funding, threats of impounding and liquidating pets, Any sympathetic media covering this outrage are equally subject to the wrath of the Boy King’s haywire regime. How far will this go? Will the Canadians stand up to this?  Or are we witnessing the onset of a Soviet dictatorship just North Of The Border?

UPDATE 2/17/22: The Little Boy King touts his “responsible leadership” and draws gales of contemptuous laughter from the Parliament he addresses. Helpless to resort to anything but projection of his own Nazi tendencies, let’s hope this loose cannon is allowed only to go as far as horrifying and waking up a nation. If the populace, police and military forces continue to support him, we are looking at a worst case scenario.

UPDATE 2/15/22: The little tyrant is seeking to have his decisive moment as Big Tyrant. Will the people of Canada acquiesce to him?

UPDATE 2/13/22: Dare we hope that the Freedom Convoy provides the spoiled Prince Justin with his Ceausescu moment? Or are we facing an unthinkable Tiananmen Square horror? We wait anxiously to see if the populace can look directly in the face of tyranny and overthrow it…or look the other way and let it do its worst. How about a third choice: that the empty little tyrant be forced to leave the public square and find out what it’s like to earn standing in this world on merit, not by force.

God willing the worst case scenario is avoided: resistant people killed, the surviving populace cowed into permanent submission. We are living in a world of multiple breaking points.

The Little Dictator is getting some very bad ideas, and the world is not amused. 

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